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/4 December 1999

WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




I did manage to find my stopwatch since last week's report, so match times are back, baby.

Joey Abs w/Posse vs. D'lo Brown
Abs has no heat. A 'Don't do it Test' sign in the crowd reminds me that this was actually taped before Raw. Abs hits a nice move when he runs into the corner and jumps out with a springboard splash. Joey gets D'lo up for a tigerbomb, but they're too close to the corner and D'lo pushes off, grabbing Abs and hitting the SkyHi. Pete Gas distracts the ref and D'lo, which allows Joey to connect with a nice clothesline. Joey holds D'lo in position while Rodney comes in off the top rope with what looked to be a Blockbuster type neckbreaker, but of course, D'lo moves, so Joey takes it instead. Rodney is easily dispatched, and the referee is back on the job for D'lo's snap legdrop, 1, 2, 3. 4:23

We take a look back to Stephanie McMahon's bachelorette party and the fateful drink, and then the wedding from Raw, when HHH showed us all that he's a delightfully tricky sumbitch of a top heel. CRZ covered all this quite nicely in his Raw report, available on this very site.

Headbangers vs. Kaientai
Both these teams will be in the (I think 16 man) tag team battle royal at Armageddon.This is a rematch from Heat, when Kaientai 'stole' a win from the Headbangers. 'Bangers completely dominate Funaki with some cool doubleteams in the early goings. Taka gets in and they do the chinlock/dropkick to the face move, which I love wholeheartedly. After a bit of success on offense, Kaientai mocks the Headbangers' little dance. Headbangers manage a comeback, and Taka gets knocked outside, giving the 'bangers free reign to hit the Stage Dive on Funaki for the victory. 4:20

Recap of Al Snow hating the Rock these past couple of weeks or so, then intefering in the Rock and Sock/Kane vs. DX match on Raw, which pissed off the Rock enough that the two had a match on Smackdown. Rocky won that match, but Al beat on him afterwards, and helped the New Age Outlaws whomp him a bit, until Mankind made the save, brandishing a chair.

On Smackdown, Stephanie said that she wants t handle the matter with HHH 'her way', but Vinnie Mac was reluctant to promise not to interfere. Speaking of Vince, his match against HHH at Armageddon is now 'anything goes', thanks to a stipulation put forth by Helmsley himself.

Mideon vs. Shawn Stasiak
Since Mideon used to be the Undertaker's loyal cretin, this was the perfect opportunity for Michael Cole to say that the Undertaker had been suspended and "I haven't seen him in awhile". Hmm...ya think good ol' Taker will be back at Armageddon or will they save him for the next night on Raw? Mideon's inverted ddt is now called the H-bomb, and it blew up before Stasiak had a chance to, giving Mideon the win. 1:46

Matches for Heat: Val Venis vs. Prince Albert, Godfather vs. Bossman.

Adios papas fritas.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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