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/11 December 1999
WWF Jakked by Marc Taylor




Welcome everyone, to another edition of everyone's favorite Jakked report. Hey, are there even any other Jakked recappers out there?

Gangrel w/Luna vs. Bulldog
A bit of weird looking, sloppy technical stuff to start, and then we get into the standard 1999 Bulldog type match. Bulldog loves chinlocks. While Gangrel plays 'run the ropes and duck clotheslines' Bulldog catches him in a powerslam for the pin. 3:13

On Raw, HHH decided that if Vince McMahon manages to win at Armageddon, he'll sign the anullment papers to free Stephanie, but if Helmsley wins, he gets a title shot, and all the hot sex from Stephanie that he could ever need or want. On Smackdown they had a contract signing for these stipulations, and aftyer signing, Helmsley threw Shane McMahon off the stage.

Dvon Dudley w/Buh Buh Ray vs. Christian
Christian is pegged as the underdog by the Announcing Michaels. Nice dropkick from Christian, looked like it hit Dvon right in the face. Of course Buh Buh Ray grabs the ankle as Christian comes off the ropes, but he dispatches Buh Buh with little trouble, and then hits a nice dive onto both Dudleys. Back inside, and Christian's reverse ddt gets the pin. 3:42 The Dudleys give Christian 3D post match.

There's a 4 corner evening gown match at Armageddon.

Handicap match: Kaientai vs. Mark Henry
Hey, Taka gets the stick! "Japan is number one! We number one! Mark Henry loser!" Henry pushes them around for a little bit, but then Taka and Funaki each dropkick a knee and knock him down. Henry catches Funaki out of a crossbody attempt, but Taka leaps with his own crossbody attempt, and both members of Kaientai cover for the victory. 1:14 Henry chases Taka and Funaki to the back, making me think this isn't quite over.

Headbangers vs. Knuckles Nelson and Dukes Dalton
When picking your ring name, be sure to go with as much alliteration as possible, kids. Stagedive on Nelson gives the 'bangers another victory. 3:55

Armageddon hype closes the show.

Marc "the Mark" Taylor
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