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/24 July 1999



Guest columnist: Roadsign


NWA Worldwide/Formally MCW TV report 7/24/99

Before I get into this report, some info. My name is Roadsign. I'm a big fan of the WWF, ECW, and All-Japan Pro Wrestling. You can email me at if you have something you want to say about my report or anything.Without further boring details about me, here is the report...

We open with the "opening montage" and go to Bert Prentice who says he has "alot on his plate to talk about".Hmm...:) Thanks the fans for coming out to Nashville last weekend and being loyal. He had everything scripted out for what he wanted to say/show on TV today, but Terry Taylor left a court injunction with the sheriff so he can't show it. And the court date isn't until September 11th. My my. We find out it's a "cowardly act" and Prentice wants him to face The Colorado Kid August 17th. Prentice says "this is really bullBEEP! and it really "pi$$es"him off. Says he can't show what Lawler did to Fargo. Says he's tired of everyone taking potshots at him/NWA Worldwide. Not talking bout "local indepent idiots." Then he takes a shot at Paul E. Dangerously getting TNN deal,etc. Sick and tired of being kicked in face by everyone in town and country. Wants Paul E. to send some people to the Riveria Hotel to face some of his people. Shoots more on TNN. Pretty good promo if a long one.

Hype for card July 24th...little late for that:)

Match 1(NA Tag Title Match)
We return after ads with the New South(Ashely Hudson and Corey Williams, a African-American and Austrialian tag team with Rebel Flag tights.weird gimmick)vs. Bart Sawyer and Chris Michaels, who are the NWA North American Tag Champions, but who also don't get along all that well. New South does the Southern heel shtick with punches,illegal tags. Michaels is thrown to the outside where the rabid redneck fans of the Nashville Sports Fairgrounds Arena await. Michaels is back in ring, whipped into turnbuckles, does Flair flip, comes back off, Corey Williams with a spinning heel kick. Nice one at that. Combination superkick/Russian LEGSWEEP BY NEW SOUTH! You don't exspect good moves in Southern wrestling:)Michaels gets back with a sunset flip, but Williams does a "clothesline from hell"the commentators say, after he kicks out. Hudson chokes Michaels with a boomarang while the ref is distracted. Kneelift by Hudson. Michaels gets back on offense with a crossbody and has a "7 count"before the ref notices cause Williams distracts him. Michaels clotheslined to the outside. Williams with a sidewalk slam. And...a people's legdrop/New South legdrop. Almost as bush league as Kaz Hayashi doing it:) We see southern heel tag team tactics...Hudson misses a headbutt off the second rope. All 4 men in, Michaels nails a superkick on Williams for a nearfall before Hudson saves. Williams slams Michaels(who's been in the whole natch),but misses a second rope leg drop. Michaels FINALLY tags Sawyer who's a houseafar with drop kicks,elbows,etc...Sawyer pulls a chain out of his tights and nails Williams while the ref is gone, but Ashely Hudson brings in a chair and nails Sawyer, and the ref calls for the bell. Announcers say double DQ. No idea why:)
Winners:No one
Ratings:Decent match, 2 stars

Match 2(A match to hype the WNWA Women's PPV August 29th, a tag match)
Team America(Misty Blue and Heid Lee Morgan) vs. the Glamour Girls(? Lealani Kai and Judy Martin)

I really don't want to see this one, but...TA is faces of course. Kai with bodyslam...TA ends up getting most of the offense in but we see a dq for no apparent reason.
Rating:Dud, this was too long

Match 3-NWA WorldwideTV title match
"The Prodigy" T.J. Gray(champ) vs. "Sex Pistol"David Young w/Savannah

They stall alittle bit before locking up. Then they stall some more. Then alittle more. Young gets a advantage before a T.J hiptoss and bodyslam overtakes him. Savannah is huge. Prentice:"That woman could breastfeed sewer workers". Young is on outside. Stalling some more. Urgh. T.J gets in some offense, working over Young's arm for awhile. Young with a vertical suplex. Savannah chokes him over the ropes. Some old lady named Sara Lee chases Savannah around before security takes her away. Young with a headlock for awhile...Young then stays on offense with headlocks and such until T.J elbows his way out and gets a crucifix roll-up for two. Young with a cartwheel elbow onto T.J in the corner, T.J comes back with a dropkick and a Michinoku Driver~, but Savannah sticks the referree's head into her large chest while T.J had the pin.Young comes back with kicks to the legs and a spinning toehold/leglock type move. Gray gets the advantage again and nails a Death Valley Driver~ but again Savvannah does the distraction AGAIN! Young nails a lowblow and a very nice spinebuster for the win.
Winner and new TV champ:"Sex Pistol"David Young w/Ms.Savannah
Rating:I'll be generous and give it 3 stars by southern wrestling standards, T.J is pretty decent.

Match 4(More hype for WNWA PPV)
Malia Hosaka vs. Linda Dallas
They hype Anna Nicole Smith and Stacy Carter being at the women's PPV. Hosaka dominates at the start.. they do some stuff..Hosaka wins with a roll-up/pinning combo remincent of Bulldog pinning Bret at Summerslam 92. "Cat Leroux"attacks Hosaka. This sucked.
Winner:Malia Hosaka

Sheryl Russo vs. Cat Leroux
-And the show cuts off, maybe they ran over..

Overall:A decent show, if they stayed away from the WNWA PPV hype, woulda been better. "New South",Bert Prentice, and T.J. Gray were pretty entertaining.


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