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/15 January 2000

WWF Metal


Guest columnist: Kirk Wagstaff



Lee straight off with an arm twist. Taka reverses, Lee pulls out. Drop toe hold. Headlock, irish whip, reversed, Lee slips from the shoulder of Taka. Taka runs off the ropes, Lee counters with a shoulder block. Off the ropes again, Lee blocks a hiptoss, backslide for 1, 2... Kick to the corner. Jason Lee shows off this (lack of) muscle. Rights. Whip to the opposite corner. Another right. Pushes Taka to the top, Lee follows. HURRICANERANA FROM TOP ROPE for a 2 count. Tag to Holiday. Twisting the arm, countered with a rake to the face. Kicks. Head to his own corner and tags in Funaki. Grapple, rake to the face, off the ropes, hits a shoulderblock. Irish whip, reversed, Holiday misses a chop, but gets the clothesline in. Suplex! Tags in Lee. Face to the buckle. Irish whip... reversed, Taka gets a cheap shot in whilst Lee hits the ropes, enabling Funaki to get a clothesline. Head to his own buckle. Yep, you guessed it, that ALWAYS seems to happen when Kaientai make a tag. Double irish whip, Taka with a drop toe hold, Funaki quickly follows with the camel clutch. Taka applauds, but the crowd are less impressed. Funaki with a full nelson on Lee. Taka misses his clothesline, nearly hitting Funaki with it. Lee sorts this out with a dropkick, sending Taka into Funaki. Lee with an inside cradle, 1, 2... Irish whip, Taka ducks a chop... DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Here comes Holiday, who clocks both Kaientai. Taka tries a hurricanerana, but he gets powerbombed. Funaki with a whip, reversed, Holiday with a powerslam! Tags in Lee, modified fishermans suplex. Taka is OUT. Lee going to top rope. Moonsault.... no one in the pool. Funaki tags in Taka, who gets a dropkick from top rope. MICHINOKU DRIVER! 1, 2, 3. (3:25)


Prichard: "Jacqueline is all protein." This is a rematch from last Sunday Night Heat. As you'll remember, Ivory got the win after rolling Jacqueline up following a top rope move. I bet there's going to be a few snapmeres, right? Headlock by Jacqueline, off the ropes, hiptoss. Dropkick! Rights, followed by a whip into the turnbuckle. Jacqueline with a kick, followed by a clothesline out of the corner. Hey, she's pulling the hair! Snapmere (1)! Snapmere(2)! Kick to the shoulder blades! You can almost hear the "OOH!" of Scott Hudson. 1, 2... Head to the buckle. Ivory with a rather sloppy bodyslam. 1, 2... Right. Chop. Jacqueline on the shoulders, driven to the canvas. Kick. Right. Whip to the buckle, approaching Jacqueline. Climbing the turnbuckle, CROSS BODY/PINNING COMBINATION. 1... Ivory reverses the roll up, then Jacqueline rolls it up a final time for the 3 (1:51). Ivory storms off.


Armdrag by Abs. Arm bar. Knees to the midsection. Suplex! Right to the back. And there's about five more. Tags in Rodney. Yep, there's another knee to the midsection. Flip suplex. Rights. Double teaming. Whip. Back body drop into Abs, who follows it with a powerbomb. Rodney is forced to make the cover. He is the legal man after all. PETE GAS WANTS TO FINISH IT! Tags is Gas. Irish whip... POWERSLAM! Interrupted by BJ Pain. Things are breaking down in the ring now, ref is trying to split these two men up. Hey, KAIENTAI make an appearance! BJ and Rodney grapple, as Taka goes to the top and delivers a dropkick to Gas. BJ covers. 1, 2, 3 (2:40). Hey, the jobbers won!


As you'll remember, Gangrel ended the Brood, as he was jealous of Christian's downwards spiral, and possibly now because he was involved in the match of the year. Here they go head to head! It goes to the outside where Gangrel depends on Luna to interfere in the match. Christian with rights, Luna pulls Gangrel out the way of an ax handle, sending Christian into the barricade. Short back body drop sends Christian into the barricade one more time. Back in the ring, Gangrel applies a rear chinlock. Christian escapes after a few elbows. Off the ropes, Christian tries a fall forward reverse DDT, but Gangrel escapes. Double underhook suplex! 1, 2... Gangrel throws him to the outside, where Luna applies more damage and throws him back in the ring. Gangrel covers twice, but he gets a 2."Gangrel sucks" chant. Stomps. ANOTHER 2 COUNT. Does this guy do anything else but cover? Off the ropes, big flying elbowdrop. Twice. Oh, you betcha, another cover for 2. Irish whip to the buckle. A splash is countered by an elbow. Christian with a victory roll attempt? Couldn't make it. Push to the buckle. Christian whips Gangrel into the opposite turnbuckle. Comes off the buckle dazed, BIG back body drop. Two clotheslines by Christian send Gangrel down. Off the ropes... Luna grabs the legs. Christian with rights on Gangrel, and there's one for Luna. Scoop and a slam (with a wham). Christian goes to the top. Luna doesn't even ATTEMPT to pull the leg? Ax handle blocked, Gangrel attempts the Implant DDT, but Luna tells Gangrel she just put a chair in the ring. Gangrel grabs the chair, but Christian kicks it into his face. Chair on the floor - DOWNWARD SPIRAL ON THE CHAIR. Ref now decides to make a move. 1, 2, 3. (5:12)

This was overall an excellent show. See you all next week!

Kirk Wagstaff

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