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/12 February 2000

WWF Metal UK by Kirk Wagstaff




Welcome to WWF Metal! Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Tom Prichard.

PRINCE ALBERT VS CHESTBANGER MOSH. Albert has not changed at all this week. Kick. Right. Right right right right. Kick kick kick kick kick. Remember folks, these guys are the best in the world! Whip to the opposite buckle. On the rebound - spinning back suplex! Splash misses. Mosh in control with rights. Albert with rights. Whip. Press slam... Mosh slips out and counters a slam of some sort with a DDT. Whip to the buckle. Choke with the boot. Thrasher gets in a cheap shot. I think a whole minute was dedicated to choking by Mosh. Mosh misses a turbuckle splash - Albert with a spinning DDT! Albert manages another splash in the corner. Slingshot. Thrasher gets in another cheap shot - which allows Mosh to venture to top rope and deliver the vertical splash. 1, 2, 3 (3:48).

Now Way Out hype! It's 2 weeks yet guys!

Sexual Chocolate faced Kurt No Angle this week. In a "horrific" incident, Kurt Angle delivered a firemans carry takeover on Mae Young. Which, coming to think of it, wouldn't be such a big thing if Rock or Cactus Jack had done it. Did they want Angle to get lose the match and let him stand there defenceless?

RATINGS MIDEON VS A JOBBER. Turns out we weren't even given the name of the jobber folks. Mideon with a knee. Rights. Irish whip. Jobber comes back with two dropkicks, one of which sends the ex-Godwinn to the outside. Mideon with more rights. Jobber misses a clothesline and hits the steel post. Mideon throws him back into the ring. Backbreaker. Clothesline. 1, 2... Head to the buckle. Choke with boot. Whip. Jobber manages a sunset flip for 2. Mideon with a clothesline. Rights. Jobber gets more control, but Mideon, the technical genius he is, counters with rights. Rope choke. That's FOUR TIMES Mideon has said "Shut the hell up". This guy has as many catchphrases as The Rock! Clothesline. Knee drop. 1, 2... Mideon pulls him up not allowing the three. Jobber counters with rights. Goes to top rope - CLOTHESLINE! Off the ropes - shoulderblock. Vertical suplex! This guy is on a roll. BUT - Huracanrana turned into a short powerbomb. Boot to midsection. SLOP DROP! 1, 2, 3 (4:09)!

As you probably already know, "The Radicals" (Three quarters of The Revolution and one quarter of the Filthy Animals - to you and me) turned their backs on Cactus Jack. Let's have all the stuff from last week. It was a war in the main event on RAW - where just about everyone comes out and interferes in what was otherwise a decent match.

GANGREL VS BIG BOSS MAN. Bossman goes straight for Luna - but Gangrel soon starts the beating. Head to table. Back in the ring, rope choke. FLYING elbowdrop! Another! 2 count. Whip reversed - Gangrel feels the buckle. Bossman counters with a kick. Clothesline. Knee to the chest for 2. Rights. Whip to buckle. Gangrel counters a splash with an elbow. Gangrel tries the Impaler, Bossman counters with a back body drop. Gangrel gets up, off the ropes, ducks a clothesline by Bossman - but walks straight into the SIDEWALK SLAM this time round. 1, 2, 3 (2:28).

Kane/X-Pac & Triple H results from RAW. Paul Bearer is in red!

Viscera faced Y2J. Don't you just hate the way they had Jericho lose to guys like Gangrel, but as soon as they realised the talent this guy has, they have him beat everyone?

VAL VENIS (w/HIS PAL... PENIS) VS JOEY ABS. Venis with rights. Kick. Whip. Back body attempt countered by a kick. Venis with a clothesline. Venis throws Abs to the outside. Kick to Abs. Whip reversed into the steel steps. Venis is OUT - this allows the MSP to add cheap shots. Abs with rights. Venis with kick. Neckbreaker! Irish whip reversed. Venis face first into the buckle. 1, 2... Venis counters with rights. Abs with a sleeperhold though. Venis with rights and a clothesline. Kicks. Russian leg sweep. Punches to the forehead. 1, 2... Abs slips out of a slam, DDT! 1, 2... Powerbomb by Abs coming up... Venis... JUST... slips out. Full nelson by Gas on the outside. Hey stop that! But Venis ducks, clocking Abs. Fishermans suplex! 1, 2... Rodney pulls him out. Venis with a spinebuster. MONEY SHOT! 1, 2, 3 (4:48)!

That's me out! See you again next week!

Kirk Wagstaff
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