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/6 May 2000

WWF Metal UK by Kirk Wagstaff





It's WWF Metal time again folks. Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Tom Prichard.

Well thanks for the mail I got regarding WWF Backlash. Not a bad event at all. If you didn't read my coverage - I'm sure CRZ still has it somewhere on his pages.

DEAN MALENKO VS THE MOST FAMOUS JOBBER IN THE WORLD STEVIE RICHARDS. Malenko with an arm bar straight off. Elbows by Stevie. Whip reversed to the buckle. Richards elbows. Bodyslam. Elbowdrop. Whip, reversed. Samoan drop by Malenko. Elbowdrops. Suplex! 1, 2... Rope choke. Rights, followed by a winged submission manoeuvre of some sort. Back suplex. Hey, stop standing on that guys hair! Irish whip, splash in the corner CONNECTS. Stevie counters with rights. Back suplex. Side russian leg sweep by Malenko - kick by Stevie. I just have to say - what FANTASTIC COUNTERS! Sunset flip... Malenko manages to turn round and turn in into a texas cloverleaf. He's tapping out! He's tapping out! (3:48) That wasn't a light heavyweight championship match by the way (how good of me to say now).

Hardys faced Too Cool in a passable bout. After months of getting the Hardys over, they lose to goofs like Too Cool. Even worse, Tazz is jobbing to the likes of Crash Holly. Smashing! Well, Tazz faced Benoit this week and was laid to rest with a (COUGH) fisherman's suplex. Holy crap.

"WASTED TALENT" VAL VENIS VS JULIO FANTASTICO. Venis with arm twists. Headlock, off the ropes. Venis with a hiptoss. Arm twist - eye poke (wow!) by Val. Rights. Julio with rights now. Bwahahah - Val with rights. Will this never end? Val with kicks (wow!). Irish whip, Val throws him outside. Thrown into the barricade, back in the ring now, 1, 2... DDT! And his head ACTUALLY hit the canvas. Right. Whip to the buckle, splash completely misses, spin kick counter (that WAS good). Suplex. 1, 2... Bodyslam. Elbowdrop missed. Rights exchanged. Neckbreaker. Whip to the buckle - inverted atomic drop. Dropkick. Whip, back body drop. Soviet slam!?! Springboard splash - missed. Well, it was good for a while anyway. Roll up for 2. Whip reversed - spine buster by Val. To the top - MONEY SHOT! 1, 2, 3 (4:48).

Jericho faced Benoit in a great match at Backlash, and faced him again on Smackdown. Jericho is now turning into the Hulk Hogan of the WWF. 'Cos this is the WWF, the place where the 70%+ marks don't appreciate decent technical bouts, they bombed Benoit with "Benoit sucks" chants. Great. Even worse, Jericho is the new Intercontinental champion thanks to a double-standards finish. But cheatin' ain't allowed! Even worse, Edge and Christian are now heels.

JOEY ABS (w/ pete Gas & Rodney) VS PERRY SATURN. Rights on the outside by Saturn. Whip into the steps. In the ring - rights in the corner. Whip to the buckle, runs into a boot. Clothesline by Abs. Powerslam! Wave splash for 2. Whip reverse... Eh? MY DIGITAL HAS SCREWED UP! Well, we missed that bit. When we return, Saturn has Abs in an arm lock. Abs counters with elbows. Clothesline. Whip reversed. Suplex by Abs. Abs is looking good for once. Irish whip, swinging neckbreaker by Saturn. Waistlock. Rights to the back. Rights by Abs. Whip, back body drop! Whip... powerslam! Fisherman's suplex (which NOW works), but Abs lets go of the leg at the last second. Powerbomb? Saturn slips out... TKO! On top turnbuckle, elbowdrop! Brainbuster! 1, 2, 3 (4:03). I guess that's Saturn's new finishing move.

Big Show and Rikishi faced Edge and Christian. It ended with a DQ for the new heels which I believed finally got over. I guess they didn't hear the response they were getting at Backlash.

Rock faced Shane McMahon in a poor cage match. In the end, just about the whole roster came down and got involved. The Dudleys are now faces, just what we don't need. These guys are only good as heels for gods sake. Needless to say, the marks love 'em. The WWF need to do some serious rethinking about their tag team roster, what with The Hardys losing to Too Cool, Christian and Edge as heels, and now Dudleys faces.

BULL BUCHANAN VS MOSH. Clothesline by Bull. Rights. Irish whip to the buckle. Elbow misses. Mosh with two dropkicks. Punches in corner - he gets thrown off - now thrown INTO the corner! Whip to the opposite buckle. Rights. Kick by Mosh. Clothesline off the top rope. Rope choke. Rights. Off the ropes, sunset flip and lands on his feet - hurracanrana!! Eh? No, that's NOT a misprint. Bodyslam. Off the ropes, elbowdrop. Irish whip, Mosh counters with a DDT! Mosh gets no crowd response whatsoever. To the top... eh? Powerbomb counter? Something went seriously wrong there. Bull to the top - legdrop! 1, 2, 3 (3:05).

Well, that wraps it up for another week - see you again next time!

Kirk Wagstaff
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