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/27 May 2000

WWF Metal UK by Kirk Wagstaff




Hey, I finally got off my two year college course, so I think I can leave WWF Metal late for at least one day, right? Well, maybe...

This is WWF Metal! Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Tom Prichard.

"THE RATINGS KILLER" GANGREL -vs- JOEY ABS (w/ Pete Gas & Rodney). Hey, looks like the two other posse are staying at ringside this week. Abs in corner, rights. Gangrel blocks and back with own rights. Whip, hiptoss! Bodyslam! Off rope, flying elbowdrop! Second one gets screwed up thanks to Rod. Posse stomping away. Suplex by Abs. 1, 2... Gangrel counters with rights. But Abs with a flick suplex! Powerslam. Prichards and Kelly are talking about Shawn Michaels instead of the damn match. Wave splash! Rights. Gangrel elbows. Abs rights. Knee to the midsection. 1, 2... Rope choke. Teddy Long gets distracted and the posse interfere, again. Belly to back suplex. 1, 2... Overhead belly suplex by Gangrel for 2. Irish whip, both off the ropes - DOUBLE CLOTHESLINEEEE!!!! Posse on Gangrel, Gangrel crotches Rodney on the top. Abs whips to the corner, Gangrel slips out of a slam of some sort - IMPALER DDT! Eh? Who's chanting for Gangrel then? 1, 2, 3 (4:04). Gangrel is a face I guess.

Too Cool faced Edge, Christian & Kurt Angle this week. Angle clocked Scotty with the belt and rolled him up for the three. The Dudley Boys beat Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan with 3D. Those pesky marks have made The Dudleys faces, now they just FINALLY realised they put people through tables.

THE BRITISH BULLDOG -vs- MIDEON. Rights by Mideon. Hiptoss blocked, Bulldog hiptoss. Dropkick! Mideon with rights on the outside. Bulldog whips Mideon into the steps. Exchanging rights. Head to the buckle. "You shutup" - that's Mideons catchphrase. Backbreaker. 1, 2... Right. Right. Chin crusher. Bulldog pulls him up on the shoulders and suplexes him. Throw to the outside. Head to the steps. God, I wish I could be as good as this guy! Stomp. Axe handle. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Bloody hell. I give up. Bodyslam. "You shutup" (2). Axe handle from the top completely misses. Forearm to Mideon. Clotheslines. Suplex. Who's cheering for Bulldog then? Inverted DDT by Mideon fucks up, Bulldog finds this opportunity to get the running powerslam. 1, 2, 3 (5:02).

Hardcore Holly is finally getting a push into the Intercontinental championship. Well, I'm sick of Jericho and Benoit fighting over it.

CHESTBANGER MOSH -vs- STEVIE RICHARDS. Kicks in corner by Mosh. Whip to buckle. Splash misses. Richards with rights. Whip, back suplex. 1, 2... Throw to the outside. Whip to the barricade! Stomps x 20. Throws him back in. Tears off the shirt. Something was edited there. Rope choke. 1, 2... Stomps. Rights in corner. Choke with the boot. God, can this match get any better? Whip, ducks a clothesline, sunset flip - 1, 2... Clothesline by Mosh. Irish whip, backsplash. Crotches him on the buckle. Suplex from the top? Richards reverses it into a front suplex. Richards to the top - he gets crotches. Hurracanrana, gets pushes off. STEVIE KICK misses. TKO! 1, 2, 3(4:14)!

The Rock and Triple H are feuding again. Fancy that.

AL SNOW & STEVE BLACKMAN -vs- TAKA MICHINOKU & FUNAKI (w/ Flags). Funaki and Snow in. Arm drag by Snow. Twice. Kicks. Rights. Whip to the buckle. Dropkick by Funaki. Rights. Tornado DDT countered by Inverted Atomic drop. Al with kicks. Tag to Blackman. Double stomp. Chop. Whip, kick by Funaki. Dropkick. Tag to Taka. Whip, Blackman sidesteps a dropkick. Scissors style. Ocean wave suplex by Blackman! Tag to Snow, whip, back body drop but he lands feet first. Dropkick. Tag to Funaki. Chops. Whip, Snow trips him up and he goes face first into the ramp. Baseball slide to Snow by Taka. Asai moonsault! Taka up the steps - pascato gets caught - powerslam on the outside by Blackman! 1, 2... Spear by Blackman. Tag to Snow. Kick. Powerbomb? Funaki counters with a hurracanrana. Head scissors! Snow with moonsault - it misses! Hot tag to Taka. Kick. Kick. Dropkick. Ducks a kick. Double team kick by Snow and Blackman. Head to the barricade. Stage dive! 1, 2, 3 (6:16).

That wraps it up for this week. I'm so fucking glad I got out of that damn college! Now I can as much wrestling as I want - well, maybe not WCW.

See you next week!

Kirk Wagstaff
[slash] wrestling

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