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WWF Metal 3.11.01

I got a real itch in me to (1) watch Metal and (2) recap it, so the product of my labors is here for you now.

Your hosts are Tom Prichard and Kevin Kelly.

Raven v. Crash Holly. We start off with a pay-per-view quality match-up. Who could believe it'd be shown on Heat. They do the standard indyish shoulderblock beginning. Crash hits a fluke roll up for two. Small package for two. He puts on some other neat-o pinning maneuvers including an Oklahoma roll and the old legs-only roll-over pin that Jericho used to use. Wow. He tries the Acid Drop but is crotched and hit to the outside. Raven works in his usual spots. Raven naturally takes several crotch chops. Erin hits a rana, but Raven hits the Evenflow virtually out of nowhere for the pinfall. **1/2 Good stuff, within the five minute confines. It looks like they are working out parts of the PPV match on Metal.

Commercials. Why do they bother revealing Raven's ninja accomplice on Heat? Was there ANY point to holding it off? Perhaps the PAY-PER-VIEW would have been a good time to reveal that little nugget of stupid information.

Your classic WM moment is UT tombstoning Jake Roberts on the floor at WM 9 or 11, I can't remember which. (It was VIII - CRZ)

Essa Rios v. Gregory Murphy. Murphy is some white ass jobber who looks like Inferno kid. He tries a flying bodypress, but Essa dropkicks him. Murphy takes a drop toehold to the bottom turnbuckle. Murphy hits a sunset flip for two, but Essa gets the springboard-spingboard armdrag and a spin kick. Two. Essa fucks about for a bit, and Murphy get two as a result. Murphy is jobber-4-life. Dropkick for two. Suplex reversal bit leads to Sweet Essa Music. This is sets up the fireman's carry slam and the moonsault (No Destiny) for the pin. 3/4* Essa should work on putting on good matches, and then perhaps he'd receive a push.


We go to footage from the tag title change on RAW. Bad, bad match. At least the angle with the Hardyz should be pretty decent with what feels like Paul E.'s influence.

Commercials, but Billy Gunn is in singles action, so look forward to that.

During the break, I watch Austin v. Hart from WM 13. It's pretty good but I like their match at Survivor Series better.

Billy Gunn v. J.R. Rider. If I'm this jobber, I'm afraid of getting killed in this match. Billy hits some stuff, almost kills J.R. Rider hits a neckbreaker and poses, getting more heat than Steve Blackman has in his career. Tilt-a-whirl slam and he follows that up with an ugly looking One and Only. Hey Billy, remember when you were over? DUD Nothing match.

Commercials. They hype New New Rockers v. Kai En Tai, so I'll be watching this show until the end.

I'm watching the Stone Cold Says So tape, if you want to know. Austin's unbelievable. He hit on two money drawing angles consecutively that put him over. Austin v. The Hart Foundation and Austin v. McMahon. Those are probably the two most successful angles in wrestling. Bret plays his part perfectly. It's a shame these two only had two big time matches. They did a pure wrestling match and made it a classic at Survivor Series, and then redefined the word 'brawl' at WM. Incredible. It's so much more classic than Austin v. HHH, it's ridiculous.

Maybe Austin v. Debra will sell out shows around the country.

Clips of the Austin/Rock v. HHH/Angle match that bored me to tears during RAW.

Why don't they put Kaientai over somebody? It's not like there is some kind of law that says because they are Japanese they have to job in every match.

Taka does a nice job with the comedy bit, in any case. I still can't believe the WWF is ripping off stuff from Vince Russo's stay in WCW now, though.

X-Pac/Justin Credible v. Taka Michinoku/Sho Funaki. X-Pac whips out a spin kick, but Taka knocks Justin off the apron and hits the Asai moonsault. Taka attacks Justin and makes the tag. Justin whips out the circle non-DDT and X-Pac in to hit the bronco-buster on Sho Funaki. Justin is in, and the Rockers get double clotheslined out of their boots. Taka attacks with a double dropkick (!) and and Kaientai camel clutch kick. Justin attacks with his non-offense, and X-Pac and Justin Credible hit the double superkick...for the pin??? * Bullshit finisher, boys, you're not getting over. It looks nice, but not as a finisher. And Shawn's coming back - he'll be pissed about that.

More recaps of various TV events.

Benoit cuts a promo on Eddie Guerrero. Avoid the pain and suffering, because there's no proving him wrong.

Alex Carnevale
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