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by: David Spalding



WOW! THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE 2000 WWF ROYAL RUMBLE. THIS was 1st ever WWF PPV that I have been to live. NOT ONLY THAT BUT IN THE GARDEN!!!!!!!!!!! THE MOST FAMOUS SPORTS ARENA OF ALL TIME. Anyway Let me let me tell you all about myself. I'm 19 years old in SUNY Morrisville College in Morrisville, NY. Anyway If you ever read Mick Foley's book he talks about his trip to Madision Square Garden as a teenager. Anyway Foley went to Cortlen College about an 1 hour from me. Me and my net door neighbor in College love wrestling and couldn't wait to be like Foley and go to MSG, Cutting College eithout his parents approval, we wanted to do it being a hour away from his Colloege. So during the 11/29/99 RAW IS WAR we started talking out of our asses about going to MSG to see the Rumble live! So I called my borther and he got tickets for us, BAD TICKETS but TICKETS none the less. Anyway we have waited for a month and the day finally came so here we go................

First being in Moriisville we had to take a 6 HOUR BUS RIDE to MSG,It was long and boring. But getting to the Garden for my 1st time was awesome. Not only was this my first WWF PPV LIVE SHOW, But my 1st time in the garrden, the first WWF PPV Of 2000 and a live show of SuNDAY NiGHT HeAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time we got there most of the guys where in the arena. D-Von dudley came in and out a few times and signed some autographs. We also saw Harvey Wippleman walking down the street and shook his hand.

Getting in the arnea took 4EVER, There was soooo many people. When looking at the arena that under the Huge "G" in the Garden sign Hulk Hogan's name is on there w/ many other celebs.

At the sends I spent $140 bucks! 2 Jersey's at $45 a pop, Cactus Jack t shirt @ 25 bucks and a rumble t shirt for the same price.

During HeAT: Mr. Bob Backlund came into the crowd several times and got at it w/ the fans several times, it was really funny.

Also during a commerical break The wwf picked some kids to join Jerry Lawler in the ring to dink MILK, (I guess milk is big wwf sponser now as they where giving out free WWF Milk pints and a Rock got Milk? poster ad)

Lawler got a hugh pop coming out, Ross got little to none.

Big Show got big heal heat (good maybe he might stay good or bad for at leat 6 months without turing!)

The PPV: As soon as Kurt Angle got in the ring everyone was chatting we want TAZ (I think if Shamrock was Angle's oppent NYC would have been burnt down in a roit. Anyway good match, I LOVE ANgle's heal HEAT I think he has goting so much heat in only 2 months. He's going to big in the furture.

The TABLE MATCH WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!! The Dudley's got mad local heat too. I was suprised D-von didn't have any security whenn he left that night!

JERICHO was over huge too. Glad to see him win the title, dood match.

MISS ROYAL RUMBLE Comp. It was all good till the Grand Puppies came out. B.B. IS FUCKIN HOT (P.S. IS she really married to Hardcore Holly?) as is Terri, Kitty and Ivory.

tag team title match pissed me off, way to short!

The world title was great, a little boring in the beg.,but it picked up. Hunter was covered in blood. Stephaine McMachon was pretty hot too! The end pissed me off when he took H3 off the stecher to hit him once WEAKLY! and leave. He should have powerbombed him in to the tacks!

The Rumble match was good too. Glad they added some better talent, like Jericho, Hardcore, Outalaws and Acyltotes. Also young guys like Edge and Christain, d-LO AND godfather got really good pops! When Backlund was tossed he went in to the crowd and argued with the fams again. On the way out of the arena Backlud was signing autogrpahed pics or t shirts for 10 bucks to help his campane.He was really getting into his gimmick with the fans and a fan let him put the chicken wing on him, it was funny. Some fans said he was the Fuckin shit,He went back in to characther to watch there mouth and chased after them.

After the show we stood outside and watch some of the guys leave:Jim Ross, Spainsh Announcers, D-VON, THe Mean St. Posse(Rodney and Gas had really hot chicks with them to) whane Rodney came out A guy next too me offered Rodney a blunt, Rodney pointed to a beer can in his hand and said he was aight for the night. Al snow and The Fink left to a good pop. Lawler and Kitty (w/ her real blond hair) left and got mobbed big time with chants of "Here,Kitty, Kitty" Lawler looked pissed.

After that I went over to WWF NEW YORK, Great place to hang out. (Wish I had extra money, the food looked good!) Anyway As I Walked in I saw Sgt. Slaughter eating at a table I've never seen anyway we got an autograpgh from him. StevIE Richards just walked by I called his name, he came back and signed an auotgraph and said he well return to action TONIGHT, I asked about the meanie, but he said he hasn't talked to him laetly.

I also got Hardys, Mean Street Posse's (Even Pete Gas even after I called him Rodney!), Edge. It was cool We got kicked out at 2 am after we didn't buy anything,WWF NEW YORK IS REALLY cool if you ever get a chance check it out!

After that we had to spend all night in a TransAmerica Train station, that sucked. Plus the 6 hour drive back blew to. I had a good time besides that and think it was a really good PPV.

David Spalding

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