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by: David Spalding


Broome County Civic Center
Binghamton, NY

W.C.W. Wednesday Night Thunder and W.C.W. Worldwide tapings on site report (Taped on 2.1.00 in Binghamton, NY @Broome County Civic Center)(Thunder to air 2.2.00 and Worldwide to air 2.12.00)

I'm bbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway after me and my friend Bob' HORRABLE experience in NEW YORK CITY for The W.W.F. Royal Rumble, when we returned to our rooms last Monday we vowed not to go to a wrestling event for like 6 months. Anyway last Wednesday morning I sent Bob the Thunder taping results anyway on last week's show "NATURE BOY" RIC FLAIR RETURNED TO W.C.W. Anyway Bob has been trying to see Flair sense he was in the 5th grade and EVERYSHOW that Flair was schedule to appear he NEVER SHOWS. So Seeing Flair was back in WCW Bob taught FOR SURE Flair would be at the Thunder tapings on 2/1/00 in Binghamton, anyway Bob was totally broke So I offered to buy us tickets and see how we could get there to see him. Anyway This girl on campus named LAURA PEARL let us borrow her car (Even though Everyone out there probably doesn't know her I would like to thank her a million times for letting us borrow her car, she is the sweetest girl I have ever met.) Anyway we continued our quest to be Like Mick Foley, driving over 20 hours in 1 week to see WRESTLING!

Anyway we got to the arena around 6:30 P.M., What a fuckin dump the Broome County Arena is for a bathroom it only has ONE FUCKIN CHEESY TOILET!!!!! Anyway gate opened at 6:45 p.m. W.C.W. Merchandise sucks ass, This is the first wrestling event I went to that I never bought a T-shirt or anything. (BTW this was my first W.C.W. event and Maybe My last!) They where giving out free samples of W.C.W. Nitro perfume, I took 2. We got to our seats which where really cool! We where like 3 rows up from the floor, not bad for 20 bucks. I saw Doug Delligher walking around on the floor and got a up close pic of him and an autograph. Penzer came out at 7:30 to hype the crowd. Flair was listed on the program BTW.

Mike Tenay and Scott Hudson came out to a good pop

Match 1) Lash LeRourx/La Parka(w/ chair) vs. 2 EXCESS (Lenny Lane and Lodi): Short of a high flying match, A few missed spots, LeRourx got into it and it the end ran into each other which leads to 2EXCESS hitting a suplex splash pin on La Parka. After the match La Parka hit's lash with a chair to a big pop.

Match 2) AL GREENE VS. FIT FINELY: Bad bad match. In the end Greene Pins Finely w/ his feet on the ropes ref counts to 2 sees his feet on the ropes stops the count, Greene pushes the Ref Mickey Jay who pushes back in to Finely who pins Greene w/ a rollup and an asst. from the ropes.

Thunder tapings to start in 5 mins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More like 20 mins

Thunder to air 2/2/00

The porn music plays as the N.W.O. (Jarrett, Hall, Steiner, Harris Bros. and GIRLS) come out. Jarrett says SID well have no title matches from today all the way to SUPERBORE, But he well make Sid's life a living HELL! Tonight Sid in a 3 way theatre, 1Match Submission match vs. Mike Rotundo, Hardcore Match vs. Rick Steiner handicapped Cage match vs. Harris Bros. Plus Jarrett says as commish he takes BRIBS! . Hall didn't say much, Stiener just brags how good he is in bed.


In the back The N.W.O. talk to referee Mark "SLICK" Johnson, they ask if he can be bought he say yes, Jarrett names him the ref at the PPV.

Match 1) Norman Smiley beat Demon w/ the Chicken wing. YES!!!!!!!!!!!NORMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Norman comes out in the kiss gear, funny stuff, has to seen! Demon runs out and rips the cloths off of Norman Norman yells during the whole match, really funny. Norman pulls the win out of his ass and Demon chase him to the back.

Match 2) SID VS. Mike Rotundo (Submission Match) FUCK THIS! I don't want to see SID wrestle once, not to mention 3 times in 1 night. Anyway Sid wins w/ Crippler CROSSFACE. Funny shit to watch during the match SID misses a knee in the corner and hits his LEFT knee in the turnbuckle, but sell it holding his RIGHT KNEE!!!!!!!!!! Then after he wins his knee is fine. He SUCKS

3) 3Count comes down does an int, Only me Bob and some girl next to use cheer. Anyway Shannon and Shane have to fight each other in the THE C.WEIGHT title tournament. Nice match, lot's of high spots from the Hardy Wanna be's. Shannon (The Blond one) wins. It BEST MATCH OF THE NIGHT IMO, But the dick head fans could care less. After the match they hug and go to the back. DAMN THEY DIDN'T SING!

Hulk Hogan in Red and Yellow gets out of a White limo

Geng Int.'s Hogan and for some reason people where on their feet cheering this old fuck. Please don't cheer him, he well get an even bigger head thinking he can save W.C.W. if Thunder gets a .1 better rating he well say it's because of him. He is so lame! Anyway talks about writers in the back messing 'HIS SPORT" and making it a comedy and He's tired of it and he is getting together w/ Flair and Sting to change things. HE talks about Luger, Luger and LIZ (HOT) come out, A Luger/Hogan altercation takes place (when a fake STING distract lex), Hogan atomic drops Liz when she try's to hit him w/ the "bat" After that Hogan takes his 10 min bow as all these idiot fans cheer him.

Now as the camera comes by me I flipped it the bird not thing anything of it (more on this later)

4) Vampiro vs. Kidman (W/ TORRIE WILSON) vs. The Wall:
I didn't watch any of the match Just looked at Torrie's NICE ASS. Anyway some guard and Camera guy comes up to me and yells about giving the camera the finger!!!!!!!!! They said if I did It again I WOULD BE KICKED OUT!!!!!!!FUCK THAT I PAIDED $19.50 I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!!!!WHAT ABOUT THE 1ST ADMENDMENT? ASSHOLES! LIKE I'M THE ONLY ONE TO EVERY FLASH THE MIDDLE FINGER TO THE CAMERA!!!!!! BULLSHIT, Anyway Wall wins w/. a COOL chokeslam off the top rope. It looks like Vampiro was hurt after the match. THAT'S WHAT HAPPEN'S WHEN U TURN DOWN I.C.P''S JUGGALO CHAMPIONSHIT WRESTLING!!!!!!!!!!!

In the back Geng ints Disco and hid boys, 2 EXCESS come in and challenge them to a title match.

5) Hardcore match Rick Steiner vs. SID, Bad match, Sid pins Rick in the back.

6) D.D.P. (W/ KIM) VS. THE MAN THAT WELL LEAD W.CW. INTO THE YEAR 3000.. THE MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN U SAY R-E-F-U-N-D? Pang wins with the D.C.

In the back they Show ARN Anderson and Terry Funk talking, Funk wants to know who's side Arn is on, ARN say's he's on W.C.W.'S SIDE!

7) STANK Abott vs. Villano's Tank pins both in about a min

8) Johnny the Bull/Big Vito (W/ Disco Inferno) vs. David Flair/Crowbar (W/Daphe) Finally something good!! I love Flair's gimmick he is so funny, anyway in the end Disco and Daphe get into it, Crowbar was being pinned by Vito, Flair hit's him with the "CROWBAR" and Flair and Crowbar win the NON TITLE MATCH!

Also during the match Ms. Hancock came out to take notes but Daphe chased her to the back.

9) MAIN EVENT (WHAT???) SID vs. The Harris Bros. (CAGED HEAT) Bad match, Missed spots all over the place OH MY GOD SID'S KNEE INGURY TO HIS KNEE FROM HIS FIRST MATCH THAT WAS GONE IN THE SECOND MATCH IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sid wins w/ the powerbomb. N.W.O. Comes out and beats up Sid and paint him. That's it????????????? I feel totally fucked. I want my money and my 1st amendment back.

After the camera's go off Sid walks to the back as dumb fans cheer him. WHY??

NO Ric Flair, we drove all that way for nothing! Sorry Bob, I feel so Sorry for him, He has gone to see this guy like 20 times and never shows. After the event we meant Mike Teany in the parking garage and got his autograph and asked him about Flair, He said he wasn't there at all tonight, I asked when worldwide wow play he said the weekend after this 1. He was pretty cool!

Anyway on the way home IT started to snow really bad, we pulled over at a Mobil gas station and slept in the freezing cold, I don't know how we didn't die, I just thank we made it home. All this for Thunder, I'm really pissed. Everyone write Flair and tell him what an ass he is. Last night made NYC look like nothing, but after that I ain't going anywhere for a long time, like on 3/27/00

When I go to see


And maybe Thunder on 4/26/00, Maybe, After this show I don't know. Anyway sorry for the spelling errors I'm writing this w/ a cold, Probably frost bitten feet and 2 hours of sleep.

Pleas everyone look for on tv:My signs where:



David Spalding

David sent me one more email after I put this up:

Sorry I have 1 more note I forgot to give to u, this probably wasn't taped for tv.

Before the Main Event Penzer announced that Ms. Handcock had a message to make to the crowd she came out and said she HATED being blamed for decideing what we can and can't watch. She also said she has the mind for business but the body to party and started to strip, before W.CW. officals stopped her. DAMNO

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