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WCW Millennium Tour 2000-Live from Oberhausen, Germany
Attendance 11000 (sellout)

First things first...let's talk about the was pretty basic, kinda like 95ish Nitro, with only a ramp a small entrance and a big screen behind. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. Pretty basic pyros, but at least the ring entrance music was loud. The ring was heavily miked, to the point that you could hear wrestlers calling spots. WCW didn't use its current (awful) logo, but the red WCW like in the WCW Magazine. It was at ringside and there was no sign of the awful current logo. This maybe means that:

a) They wanted to use this logo to make this event different form the others
b) This is the new official WCW logo, since Nitro will be "a big show" (at least on paper) it's logic that they could change set and logo
c) Sid was driving the truck with the current logo but he had an accident when he tried to park the truck and smashed it in the they used this

The arena was jam-packed and it was nice to see a sellout for WCW, there were few signs in comparison with the normal TV shows.

The Nitro Girls (Skye, Tygress, Spice) came out on the ramp to dance to a big pop...Miss Handcock let her hair loose and was VERY HOT.

Here we go:

1) Booker T d. Stevie Ray in 8:00 (approx). Booker T got a decent pop, he was wearing very tight shorts and didn't look good. Stevie Ray got also a decent pop. Stevie took the mic: "If you German rats don't shut your mouth i'll leave this building and this country"...crowd cheered. Match was pretty bad, because Stevie Ray worked too soft and didn't sell properly...crowd was pretty hot even for headlocks and takedowns, which is impressive considering that in the US a "boring" chant would have started at the 2:00 mark. Nice Flying Jalapeno for Booka T, usual routine with Booker T with the Harlem Sidekick and the Jump axe kick. Stevie Ray tried to hit Booker T with the slapjack, Booker ducked and hit a nice Uranage for the pin. *1/2

They showed Oberhausen, which is a very nice city, i went there two years ago. They aired a clip from the autograph session earlier in the afternoon. They showed Smiley, the Nitro Girls, who looked very good (especially, she's hot), and Sting, who has a new little beard under his lips, pretty strange, he seems like a musketeer, there were a lot of people in line.

Hacksaw Duggan d. The Wall in 8:00. Duggan got a good pop and loud USA chants....remember, after all we're in germany. Wall came out to no pop at all. Basic Duggan match with a lot of stalling, punches and kicks. Crowd was dead when Duggan was wrestling, they only chanted USA and that kind of stuff. Pretty embarassing match. Duggan won with the Clothesline and the Old Glory Legdrop., somebody please explain me why with decent midcarders and young guys like 3 count, LAsh, Disco, Psichosis, Crowbar and others they go for a Duggan-Wall match...boh ?!

Tom Gerhard came out to a great pop...Tom Gerhard is the comedian in the semi-main event with Berlyn. He is a funny guy who was very popular in the eighties but came back with a big hit. He is famous also for wearing the same things: a denim jacket, an orange t-shirt and black shorts with a blach hat. He looked like a complete asshole. When The Wall was coming to the entrance set to go back to the locker room Gerhard asked for his services "I need your help" (in german) and gave him some clothes.

They showed Vampiro in the Chat session. Apparently the website of the german tv that showed the event had a live chat with the wrestlers. Vampiro said that he was going to beat David Flair.

The Nitro Girls danced again..David Flair came out and danced to a big pop

Jeff Jarrett and the Harris boys came out to a good pop (for Jarrett) "Cut my damn we're back in slapnutz country [booos] Nash is no longer the commissioner, i'm am the commissioner tonight. Nash said that i wouldn't defend my title until Superbrawl, well i'm gonna change that. Tonight we will have a title defense...yes..i'm forcing Sid to defend his World Heavyweight title against me tonight..and Heavy D and [Ron Harris...what's his nickname again ? I forgot] will win the tag team titles."

Jarrett walks out while the Harris stay in the ring for the next match:

3)The Harris Boys d. Big Vito and Johnny The Bull in 10:00 to win the WCW Tag Team Titles. Whoa a title change in an international show. Ok, it was to show the fans that this event was important, they'll probably lose the title tomorrow night in Leipzig...but those titles don't mean nothing anyways. Match was decent with a few good spots from the Mamalukes, the Harris won when one of the two clobbered Vito with the belt for the pin. *1/2

Tom Gerhard came out again and confronted the Mamalukes...he asked for their help...he said he was gonna pay 'em (in German)..Vito said: "We want one billion dollars" and Tom, in german said : "I'll give you 5 deutsche marks (about 2,5 $), dumbass" Tom gave the Mamalukes some clothes and they walked out.

4)Vampiro d. David Flair in 9:00. Vampiro got a very good pop, and David (w/Daffney) a decent one. David tried to work but he's just awful...but he's paying his dues with Vampiro, he worked very very stiff (bwahahahahahah...Whooo). Vamp did a few good spots like a nice Tope Suicida on David, and even attempted a reverse indian deathlock..but David was too dumb to understand how it works and Vamp released him soon afterwards. Vamp ripped David's shirt and started bitchslapping his chest like only Flair and Benoit can do (STIFF...!!!) David hit an awful and contrived superplex, releasing Vampiro before touching the mat and i feared for his head. Vamp missed a corkscrew plancha from the top rope. Flying Cross Body for a near fall. In a stupid spot..Vampiro jumped on top of David Flair to do a hurracanrana probably, but David didn't hold him and Vamp fell on his ass. David tried the Figure Four but Vamp rolled him up for a 2 count. Daffney climbed on the apron and started screaming...Vamp pulled her air and while he was arguing with Daffney, David took the crowbar. Vamp ducked and hit the Nail to the Coffin for the pin. Decent match *3/4

Bret Hart came out to a big pop. Coming down he highfived and shook hands with everybody at ringside...everybody...and in the way down did the same. Bret has a very big fanbase in Germany.

"I'll have to speak slow, because I guess I HAVE NO CHANCE (bwehehehhhehe), first off i want to apologize for not being able to compete tonight [mild boos] i suffered a very bad concussion and i have to rest for a while hopefully. I wanted you to know that i waited 3 years to come to Germany. First off, for my family, for my father, for my mother, for Germany...[Bret was visibly touched] and.....[OWEN..OWEN...OWEN..OWEN] all my family appreciates you fans, i want to thank you for all the cards and the condolences [OWEN..OWEN..OWEN..OWEN] i wrestled Owen in Germany three years ago and i just wanted to tell you german fans that you are the best fans in the world [Big ass pop] I promise one thing... i want to wrestle my last match in Germany [Huge pop] i always tried my best to keep my promises...i'll do it. So thank you again and god bless you all. Good pop..great segment. Bret seemed very very touched by the crowd reaction and for being in Germany. He highfived again with every single person at ringside.

5) Smiley DQ. Dustin Rhodes in 9:30. Smiley came out to a very good pop wearing a local hokey team shirt. Dustin has blonde hair again. Looks better. Miss Handcock came out (Man...she's WAY WAY HOT) she intentionally let a pen fall to the mat to pick it up....the miniskirt almost came up...brrrrrr....Decent match with Smiley trying to do a more fast paced match and Dustin slowing things down. Knobbs interfeared and crushed a chair in Smiley's skull for the DQ *3/4..the two started stomping on Smiley. Terry Funk came out to a good pop with a lot of weapons including a ladder (a very small one)...they started an impromptu hardcore tag team was a pretty decent hardcore match by WCW standards...Smiley applied a testicular claw on Dustin...crow popped big for Smiley and Terry (Smiley..Smiley and Terry....Terry chants). Terry drop toe holded Dustin on a chair.Short ECDUB ECDUB chant...bwahahahah..what are ya waiting for Paul E. ? Dustin with the Shattered dreams (of a push) on Smiley. Terry and Knobbs fighting in the crowd (another small ECDUB chant). Knobbs holds Terry and Dustin climbs to the top with a trashcan....Terry ducks and Dustin hits Knobbs instead. 1-2-3 (9:00) **

Berlyn is interviewed (in German) in the chat room. "I am Berlyn and today i'm in my home town (Really ?) and...basically he said he was going to kick Tom Gerhard's ass.

7)Scott Hall d. Fit Finlay in 14:00. Scott came out to a very good pop...he didn't seem 100 % sober but that's just for his look...i don't know. Finlay smashed Scott's head in the ring pad and Hall seemed to have a broken tooth. Very good "European style" match with mat holds, back and forth action and psycology..Finlay worked the crowd good (the crowd chanted somewhat like "asshole" in german and Finlay took the mic and said in german that they were the assholes) Hall tries for the Outsider's Edge but Finley back drops him, Victory roll by Finlay for a near fall. Another minute of back and forth action the Scott pins Finaly with the Outsider's Edge for a great pop. Best match of the night and very good mat-style match. No highspots but very good psycology. ***1/2

Michael Buffer in the ring (Buffer speaks a good german...too bad he misses so much english)

8)Berlyn d. Tom Gerhard in 3:00 in a comedy match. Berlyn came out to a decent pop (a few ALEX WRIGHT..ALEX WRIGHT chants) and Tom Gerhard came out to a huge pop won't believe this...was followed by the Mamalukes and the Wall dressed exactly like him...bwahahahahah...picture the Wall with a tight Orange t-shirt, Black shorts and a denim jacket...bwahahahahahah. Steve Wright, Berlyn's father was at ringside, he trained Gerhard (they showed the clips on TV)..steve has a past in New Japan. Berlyn took the mic and in german bashed the crowd with a Kurt Angle-ish promo saying they shouldn't boo him because he's the star and they're cheering a wimp". Basically a comedy match but the few moves Gerhard did were not embarassing. The 3 Gerhard "Stooges" attacked Berlyn while Gerhard was distracting the Ref. Out of nowher then Berlyn pinned Gerhard with a side slam. Then All the stooges start to beat on Berlyn...Steve Wright comes in the ring and beats on the 3...he stuns Big Vito with an AIRPLANE spin !!! I didn't see that since....ages... Berlyn looks at Gerhard and they shake hands and beat on the stooges. After the match...Berlyn broke carachter and thanked Gerhard for doing this match. Nice comedy match and it served its purpose, because they didn't need a longer match. No ratings on this but it was pretty funny.

9)Sid d. Jeff Jarrett in 10:00 to retain the WCW World Heavyweight title. Jeff came out to a good pop (Buffer announced him as 5 time World Champion...bwahahahahah...where ?). Sid got a huge pop. Jarrett got a LUGER..LUGER was...LOOSA....LOOSA (that's the same thing anyways). Sid tried a chokeslam but JJ lowblowed him. It was a fairly decent match. A notch or two below Sid-Benoit...but Sid wasn't embarassing (he hit an awful Big Boot that showed tons of light, though). Sid chokeslammed Jeff Jarrett...then, in the stupidest ref bump of all time....the ref got pretty much in front of Jarrett before the powerbomb...stupid...Jarrett hit Sid with the belt and covered him...1...2....kick out [huge pop]..Jarrett punched the ref, the Harris Boys came out and started beating on Sid. JJ went for the stroke but Sid reversed it in the Crippler Crossface...Jarrett tapped out, but the ref wasn't there. Double clothesline, Sid ducks and hits the Harris....Jarrett hits him with the guitar and goes for the pin...out comes Mark Johnson...1...2......STING pulls the referee out [HUGE POP..ROCK-like] and goes inside the ring, beats the Harris and Jarrett with the ball bat....Sid crawls in the ring and covers Jarrett for the 1-2-3. Decent match **

Sid and Sting celebrated in the ring as the shows closed.

Overall the wrestling on the show was pretty bad...but the crowd heat helped. The first half of the card was very very bad, but from the Smiley match on the show was solid. I didn't hear a single "Boring" chant and there were very few the crowd came to see 'rasslin. A decent show from a wrestling standpoint but i think the crowd went home happy. Considering the state WCW is in...i give it a thumbs in the middle.

The Chosen One

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