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Guest columnist: Dale Blasingame


Texas Wrestling Alliance "Total Impact" - dubbed "Incredible Showdown."

On a related note: I talked to Shawn Michaels again yesterday. I am working on a story for the radio station about the TWA and Shawn's return to the ring on 4/4 (ugh, my ex's birthday). Anyway, the majority of the talk had to do with that. But I did ask Shawn about possible ECW appearances for him and his wrestlers and he said he will be trying to set up a meeting to rework his WWF contract to allow him to show up on ECW television. He also said he knew Mick Foley would be back as soon as he heard he was retired - guess I was the only fool who thought he was actually done.

On a somewhat related note: Later that night, I ran into Mark Henry while covering the Spurs game. He was walking out of the locker room as all the media were walking in. He really isn't THAT big, in fact, he was quite short. He was much shorter than I am at least, probably 6'1". He cracked some joke to all of us saying he was just as important, holding up a press pass. It wasn't really all that funny but hell, really thick men who weigh twice as much as most of them easily amuse media guys.

On with the show!

Air Date 03/26/00 (Taped 03/21/00)

From the Far West Rodeo, San Antonio, Texas...your hosts are Kevin Vargas from 99.5 KISS and some guy who used to be WWF champ...or something.

Vargas and HBK inform us that 30-minutes is not enough to show everything that went down at the "Incredible Showdown," but they pledge to do their best. What they will be showing is highlights from Chaz the Love Machine vs. Wayne "Not Newman from Seinfeld" Knight and a bit of the TWA Television Title match between Shooter Schultz (c) and Lance Cade. Also tonight is a steel cage match for the TWA Tag Titles between The Board of Education (c) and Spanky and the American Dragon - from the little I have seen of those guys, that match should rock. So let's get it on! Oh wait, some guy from ECW will be on this show as well...

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We go straight to the highlights of Chaz/Knight...quick cuts show the highspots. Knight takes a nasty bump into the ring post, meanwhile I remark about just how much he looks like Bradshaw. Anyway. Knight hits a suplex and an elbow, and we cut to him connecting with a flip off the apron onto Chaz. As Knight goes for a ... well something, Chaz was a deceitful little guy and had a chair waiting for him. Chaz goes for a rolling shoulder block off the apron, and misses while taking a nasty back first spill on the floor. Knight hits a 'rana off the top ropes, but missed a moonsault. He gets sent to the ropes where some guy on crutches nails him with a crutch, allowing Chaz to hit a DDT and pick up the victory. This was just highlights but it looked to be a fun little match had I been there in person, like I was supposed to be. Arrgh.

We go right into Schultz/Cade next...and a ref with blue hair. Slugfest to start as Vargas reminds everyone both these guys have been signed to WWF developmental contracts. Whoa, the highlights are coming fast and furious. Schultz gets a gutwrench suplex...Cade hits a clothesline off the top rope...Schultz hits a Rock Bottom type move, catching the charging Cade...and it's another slugfest. Finally, the ref with blue hair decides to get involved as both guys destroy him and continue their slugfest. The ref asks for the bell, as security has to break the two wrestlers apart. Yes! The ref took a ... well, I only know it as a head and leg Tazplex. Vargas goes Joey Styles on us, predicting the wrestling world will never be the same when Schultz and Cade meet up again.

Cut back to Vargas and HBK, who go over a bit of the feud between the BOE (Sykes and Cruz) and Spanky/Dragon, including highlights from their 2/15 ladder match. Their match is up next!

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4/4 For History - YOU can watch Shawn Michaels' final match ever...well, if you live in south/central Texas. He is set to take on former TWA champ Venom in a Bunkhouse Brawl. Don't miss it - or at least catch my recap of it!

You can catch the TWA in Victoria, Texas (not Stone Cold's hometown...he grew up in Edna, which is close, but not Victoria...oh forget it) on April the 8th at the Sun Valley Ranch.

We're back as the tag champs walk to the ring, which is now surrounded by the cage. Both check the cage, because you know, that's what wrestlers do. Spanky and the Dragon come out to Christina Aguilera music this week...quite a step up the beauty charts from their old Britney Spears' music. BOE attacks before the bell and we're on! Nasty guardrail spots galore as we begin...well, I am assuming we have started. Dragon hits a suplex on Cruz on the concrete. Finally Spanky sends Sykes into the cage and now all four men are in. Spanky and Dragon hit a nice drop toe hold/dropkick to the face combo move in on Sykes and follow it up with a camel clutch/dropkick combo. Sweet. They then go to work on Cruz, sending him to the corner as Spanky hits a splash, and Dragon follows with a clothesline. Spanky hits a dropkick to the face of the fallen Cruz, and ouch folks...that could have done some damage, to quote the goat. Spanky is whipped into the ropes, and hits a sweet ass reversal into a bulldog. Now all four guys are going at it as Spanky hits a "Spankensteiner" on Cruz. Spanky attempts another one, but Cruz catches him, and promptly throws him DIRECTLY on his head. Ouch. BOE go outside to bitch at HBK, and Dragon goes up top - damn, it's a splash from the top of the cage! That draws a muted "holy shit!" chant...hey, what is this? WCW? Spanky rips up the ringside padding, setting up Sykes on a table. He climbs up top but is pulled down by Cruz. Cruz sends him into the cage, but Spanky does a running flip off it into Cruz, which could have been a NICE spot, had they had more room. We're back in the cage as Spanky is being manhandled into the cage. It appears as if he has bladed for good measure, as well. The BOE hits a spinebuster/knee from the top rope combo on Spanky. That gets a two count. Sykes hits a double underhook suplex on Spanky, and gets another two count. Dragon is sloooowly crawling back into the ring as Cruz goes for suplex on Spanky, who reverses it into a reverse DDT! Now Dragon is back in, but noticeably favoring his right arm. Headbutts for everyone, courtey of Mr. Dragon. The BOE quickly regains the momentum though, sending Dragon out of the ring again and nailing Spanky with a suplex inside. Cruz gets a two count on Spanky. Cruz rubs Spanky's face into the cage, showing the viewing audience Spanky's blade job. Another two count for Cruz...Sykes nails Dragon with a chair. Cruz suplexes Spanky, as Sykes hits him with a legdrop from the top rope. Wait a minute...Dragon has the BOE's wooden fraternity paddle in the ring, and drops it. Ay yi yi. Him and Spanky go to work on the BOE, sending them to the cage about six times apiece. Spanky sets Sykes up outside the ropes, and hits a dropkick sending him into the cage once again. Dragon puts Cruz in the corner, and hits a running forearm! But unfortunately, he decided to hit him with his injured arm/shoulder. Cruz picks Dragon up and looks to be setting him up for a TKO, lets him go into a 3D with Sykes help! Damn! Spanky saves Dragon from the three count. Spanky nails Cruz with a facebuster, and Dragon is going to the top rope! Big Elbow! Spanky is going to the top rope! Frog Splash! 1...2...Sykes saves the three count! He's got a chair, and decides to use it on Dragon. Sykes turns around to taunt the crowd, and Spanky shatters the paddle on Sykes' head! Spanky hits a facebuster on Cruz as Sykes is trying to climb the cage from the outside. Spanky meets him at the top - big right hand sends Sykes to the ground through the ringside table! Dragon is on top of the cage! Big elbow from the top of the cage!! Spanky is over to cover...1...2...and 3! NEW Tag Team Champions! Play that Christina Aguilera music, baby! (13:15) Holy shit, that was a fun match and damn good as well. ***1/2

Post match, Spanky and Dragon (whose mask has been ripped off) celebrate with their new belts. Coming up - some guy from ECW will speak on 'dis, yo.

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We're back in the ring where Justin Credible is standing in front of a ladder with his ECW Tag Title in tow. An ECW chant breaks out as we go to Credible on the mic:

"I heard a rumor that the TWA is the hottest promotion this side of Texas! Now the only reason I came here today is to show all you hardcore TWA fans what being extreme is all about. So tonight, Venom, total annihilation...with my Singapore Cane 15 feet high in the air, I will show the Texas Wrestling Alliance who the ONLY hardcore icon really is!"

Was that just a face promo by Credible? I suppose it was, considering Venom is a heel. Anyway, Vargas and HBK promise to show the total annihilation TWA Title match between Credible/Venom next week, along with further plugging of the 4/4 For History show. And that's all...

Well, I enjoyed that show MUCH more than most Raws or Nitros I have seen in the past few months. That tag match was some good stuff, and the highlights showed enough of the other matches to make me happy. I'll be back next week with the continuation of the "Incredible Showdown."

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Catch y'all later.

Dale Blasingame

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