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Guest columnist: J-Mann


Hey! I just came back from the 3/27 Raw from Houston and I figured I'd let you know what happened before and after the cameras were on.

Nothing really special. The matches weren't very good, anyway...Then again, I've seen a Misawa/Kawada match, which really changes the way you look at wrestling.

Dark Matches: (Note to Chris: Put Dark Matches in black, please)

Scott "Sickboy" Vick wins by pin over, to put it bluntly, some jobber, with a fairly ugly looking Springboard Dropkick in around four (4) minutes.

The Dupps beat two jobbers with a double powerbomb, AJPW's No Fear style (Double front powerbomb).

Jakked/Metal Tapings: (Note to Chris: Put this in Yellow, please)

Tazz defeated Joey Abs by submission/knockout with the Tazzzzzzzmission. Fairly decent match, Tazz fought off all of the Posse's interference, and choked out Abs in around four minutes. Holy crap! A hot blonde chick with some giant knockers just walked by us. Small chant of "show your tits". **1/2.

The Headbangers and Vissssssscera defeated Kaientai (Taka Michinoku and Shoichi Funaki) & Dancin' Stevie Richards (w/Kaientai Gear and the flag of Japan) after Viscera splashed Dancin' Stevie. Pretty crappy match, even with the talent of Taka, Funaki and Stevie. *1/2. After the match, the Headbangers tried to do the butt bounce celebration with Viscera, but Viscera just looked at them like they were gay or something...ha!

Essa Rios w/Lita defeated Gangrel (w/burning ring o'far on the other side of where it usually is) after a blown spot...I'll get to that later. Fairly decent match with some high spots by Papi and Amy, including a sweet Springboard Hurricanrana to the outside by Essa. Gangrel attempted to use the Implant DDT (Impaler, my ass!) but Essa flipped over him and appeared to try a victory roll, but ended up falling on Vampy and started using mounted punches....Which he won with. Wha? **1/4, would've been better if the ending didn't blow goats...Heh, Wayne's World. WHY ISN'T THAT ON DVD YET?

Raw Notes: (Note to Chris: Put this in red, please)

Not much happened. During one of the commericals, a fight broke out with a "Kick his ass" chant going on. I LOVE doing the "E-C-Dub" chant...I WANT ECW TO COME TO HOUSTON!!! Chris Benoit's new music is sweet, as well as T&A's.

After Raw:

It was deafening. That's all I can say. Abso-friggin-lutely amazing how over The Rock is. The show went off after the gigantic Rock Bottom on Shane, right? Good. After that, Shane is still lying in the ring, and Vince, Mick, and The Rock are standing in the ring while the marks go crazy. The Rock looks at Vince and says something (there wasn't a mic out there), but the gist of it was, "Do the People's Elbow!" Vince does the People's Elbow, then Rocky looks over at Mick, and, what do you know, Foley drops the Elbow as well. Then, The Rock drops the elbow (of course, all three did the whole set up for it, not just a delayed flashing elbow or anything). They all walk up the ramp, but the crowd is chanting "Rocky, Rocky", so he walks back in, reaches for the elbowpad, realizes he threw it into the crowd, and pulls the other one off, and drops the People's Elbow on Shane yet again. He gets on the stick and says the words that everyone was waiting to hear: "Finally...The Rock, has come BACK to Houston!" The crowd was deafening right here. The Rock helps Shane up and asks him to apoligize...Shane, highly weakened, says "I...I'm sorry." The Rock asks him to shake his hand, and if you don't know what happened here, you obviously been hidden under a rock for the past year (no pun intended, really). Yes, Rock Bottom, he thanks the fans for buying his book, and he leaves.

Houston gets a house show (Well, la-dee-friggin-da!), tickets go on sale this Saturday, 4/1.

See ya!

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