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Guest columnist: Chris Gaughan


First Union Center
Philadelphia, PA

Dark Matches
Val Venis vs. Mark Henry
-quite a boring match with the only high point being Mark Henry fucking Val up when he did his jump on the guy in the ropes move. Val Venis one.

Snuka Jr The Future vs. A Jobber-who the hell is Snuka Jr and why does he get that old school music...well he won

Pete Gaus vs. Scott Vick-Scott was really impressive pulling out a nice win.

The Hardys vs. Head Chesse
-A nice high flying match that ended with the Hardys winning (of course getting fucked up in the process) and after the match Al brought down Harvey Wipleman dressed as the easter bunny to make steve happy, which resulted in steve kicking the shit out of Al hence breaking up the duo

Dean Malenko vs. Scottie Too Hottie vs. Taka-Scottie Too Hottie wins after quite a nice match

Perry Saturn vs. Hardcore Holly-Both men are counted out or dqed but Hardcore Holly hits saturn with a stop sign laying him out

Chris Benoit interview-results in Jericho coming out and putting the lion-tammer on Benoit-he also agrees to fight Jericho more than likely at Backlash

Bull Buhcanan vs. Farooq-Kane comes down breaking up the match making things out of control

Lillian Garcia sings the Star Spangled Banner while they change the ropes

SmackDown!-I might have fucked up the order of events
Road Dogg vs. Edge-thankfully that pussy Edge is rolled up with his ass not getting on TV thank god with the D O double G winning the match

HHH interview-he basically talks trash about Linda and sets up the main event lumberjack match of Rock vs. Jericho-but before its all said and done Tazz comes out and challanges HHH to a nontitle match later and HHH accepts

Clip of Chyna and Lita walking in the back-Eddie passed his GED

Dudleys vs. Essa Rios and Latino Heat-The very hot Lita fucks up again hitting Eddie so Chyna is about to school her ass when the Dudleys walk towards her, and Chyna throws them Lita whom they then put through a table-it was sad cause she is so hot

Big Funky vs. Rikishi-Big Show challanges Rikishi to a dance contest and they dance off, but Big Show jumps Rikishi while he is dancing. They eventually are both counted out and Rikishi calls back in the Show to finish what he started, they both dance together then Rikishi gives him a super kick and takes off

HHH vs. Tazz-part way through the match TOMMY DREAMER comes out and tries to help Tazz (I think?) HHH knocks him down and then Tommy gets a chair, hits Tazz by mistake, and then gets Pedigreed by HHH. HHH wins the match and Tommy and Tazz both sell their beatings hardcore with Tommy faking spazims for quite a while-why did he come out? I dont know...

Kurt Angle is interviewed in the back and trashes the Big Show for dancing with the fat man

T&A vs. Pimps inc.-Thankfully in the middle of the match D-Lo hits Godfather during the pimp drop seemingly by mistake making them lose and after the match he then fucks up the Godfather finally making the heel turn I heard about so long ago

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit-Big Show comes out and throws Benoit off the top rope and then chases Kurt Angle up the ramp ending the match

At various times bad guys are recruited to be lumberjacks by HHH, Shane, or Steph

2 gladiator previews

Crash Holly gets jumped near the circus by the mean street posse but of course gets away

Rock interview

X-Pac vs. Christian-X-Pac pulls it out of his ass as both the Dogg and Edge come down getting in the match

Jericho vs. The Rock-Mid way through the match Rock throws Jericho out and of course he gets pounded so later Jericho does the same. The Rock throws himself out once and kicks some ass for a while but in the end all hell broke out and first Beniot gave Jericho the diving head butt and Jericho kicked out of the pin-but when the rock was jumped HHH put Jericho on top of him and Jericho won with HHH's music playing and the Rock being pissed

After the show-the rock got HHH back in the ring and he and jericho kicked his ass for a while with Jericho doing his moonsault with a little peoples elbow flavor and then the rock showing him how it is done. Then after a rock bottom HHH runs away and Rock and Jericho chill for a while talking about pie and how the rock thinks Jericho likes apple pie, jericho says cherry, then the rock gets him to say pountang which of course the rock reminds micheal cole that he doesnt get any and then after the rock leaves Jericho says he really likes peach and thanks us for being a fucking awesome audience...

Chris Gaughan

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