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Here is my report for Hardcore Heaven. Basically my thoughts on the matches and the crowd responses.

Live report from Hardcore Heaven 2000.

Dark match. Johnny Swinger vs Chilly Willy. Tonight Chilly was hailing from Green Bay WI. Of course got a huge pop. I don't think many people were aware about his gimmick from being wherever the promotion is that night. Match pretty much sucked but the crowd was into it warming up all the pleasant chants they would use later in the evening. Chilly looks a lot like D Lo Brown. Even his facials are similar.

Tanaka vs Mahoney. Really good match from what I could see. Everybody in the crowd was fairly surprised with both guys kicking out of each others finishers. Balls was way over. ECW should really do something with him. I was kind of waiting for a heal turn at the end of that match but it never came.

Whipwreck vs Guido vs Simon Diamond. Pretty good match but the lights going off really kind of killed it for me. Plus it added to the visibility problem from my seat. Whatever that move is that Whipwreck pulled off it was awesome, even in the dark. The ending was suprising we all thought Whipwreck was going to win.

Cash vs CW Anderson I really liked this match. During all that crap with that skank Elektra we moved up to the balcony and had a great view the rest of the night. When Kash first entered the ring nobody really new who he was and thus the silence that followed as he entered the ring. After the match was over he got a nice ovation from the crowd. This guy really has something going for him, he just needs to be on tv more and he will probably get over just on his wrestling ability.

Baldies vs Nova/Chetti vs Roadkill/Doring Decent looking match but way too much Baldies. Why have Devito be the tag partner instead of Grimes? The New Jack segment was predictable but he is so incredibly over. They really need to push him back to belt status. I don't care if it would be tag team or single titles, but he needs to be part of the main event picture just because of his crowd response.

Tajiri vs Corino This match ruled. The Corino blade job was mighty impressive. Also Tajiri just looked awesome. The finish to the match was pretty cool with Tajiri going nuts on Corino with a bunch of kicks and punches. Crowd was way into Corino, this guy deserves a bigger push.

Rhino vs Sandman The crowd was very distracted in this match by some woman showing her breasts. She eventually got kicked out and it looked like she came with her two sons about 10 years old or in that vacinity. Poor kids can't take their mother any where. Anyways the match itself seemed pretty bad. The guys worked hard but Rhino just kind of sucks if you ask me. He totally doesn't deserve that title based on his crowd response alone. The Sandman also needs to be part of the main event picture. He was the most over guy on the card. More over than RVD. He had people running after him in the balcony when he did a lap when his music hit. He ran past me and I almost got run over by the masses running after him.

Jerry Lynn vs RVD This match was great. The ending sucked. That ending just killed the crowd. I think fans new it was comming but they wanted a clean finish to that match because it was very good. Crowd reaction was about 60% pro RVD and 40% pro Jerry. I was happy that Lynn finally got the win but it was almost meaningless with all that crap that happened at the end. Also we still don't know if Lynn is a heel or not. It was time to tie that little problem up at the ppv.

Justin Credible vs Lance Storm Match sucked. People wanted Dreamer out there because Lance isn't quite a raging baby face. Lets face it without Dreamer involved in the match you knew that Credible was going to win no matter what especially with all the questions about where Storm will be in the upcomming months and that the belt was not going to change hands because they need to build it up. It can't keep changing hands every month.

Overall thoughts: I really enjoyed myself at the show and had a good time. The undercard was pretty entertaining with good matches and clean finishes. The three main events left something to be desired. The TV title needs to get the hell off of Rhino, this is key because Rhino seems to do nothing for the fans. They don't hate him and they don't like him. Sandman needs to be pushed up the card. He is the most over face within the company and needs to feud with Justin Credible NOW. They have history and would put on better matches than ones that involve Rhino. Quit being so fucking predictable with matches involving RVD. The turn of Anton anybody with half a brain could see comming. Why not do it after the match and not during the match? This would have given Jerry Lynn a decisive victory and also turned Anton and would have spawned an interesting story line with RVD losing cleanly and his reaction to it. Justin Credible vs Storm sucked and I don't know why. Both guys are good in the ring. But in this match they just seemed to phone it in. They needed to go out there and bust their asses for the crowd to get back into it after the Lynn/RVD match. I don't mind Credible as the champion. He is a good heal and has some heat but he needs more heat and also I think the fans are somewhat tired of him.

Other thoughts: Nobody seemed to really care that Raven wasn't on the card. . .Super Crazy not being there was somewhat of a letdown. . .Also the tag team titles not being on the card was a mistake.

Final thought: Push Sandman now.

Gregg Mixdorf

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