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HWA Presents the Brian Pillman Memorial 2000


Guest columnist: Mark Coale


Schmidt Fieldhouse
Xavier University

Cincinnati, Ohio
attendance = 2500

Show starts 10 minutes late (much of crowd still not here or probably getting autographs next door.

1. Jeremy Lopez & Jet Jaguar vs. "Rapid Delivery" Rory Fox & "The Future" Logan Caine

Early offense by Fox, who you may remember from the MTV special. Cool Springboard dropkick by Fox. Went to top once too many and missed flying body press, starting heel beatdown portion of the match. Suicide plancha by Jaguar onto Fox on the floor. Hot tag to Caine. Spinebuster. Frog splash. Chaos. Caine and Lopez in one corner, Fox and Jaguar in other. Heels go for Doomsday Device on Fox. Fox rolls up Jaguar for victory roll and Lopezs misses move, allowing Caine to get double pin.

2. WWF Developmental Showdown -- BJ Payne (w/ GQ Masters III) vs. Rico Constantino

Masters cuts heel promo before the match, getting over Payne and Constantino and the feud from OVW. Rico was big spinning heel kick and leg drop for early offense. Rana from top rope by Rico. Payne takes over on offense after reversing Irish whip and giving powerslam.Rico was slapjack and standing moonsault. Master on top rope, tosses cliboard to Payne, who waffles Rico with it. Then he gives Rico a Lo-Down and covers for 3.

Before next match, Charles (The Man who should have played the role of David Flair) Robinson comes out to ref.

3. Chuck Palumbo vs. Sean O'Haire. Palumbo comes out without his bodybuilding twisting gimmick. As one would expect, plenty of strong man moves in the match (and plenty of restholds too). And, oh yeah, plenty of posing. Palumbo wins with the Torture Rack.

4. Reckless Youth vs. Scotty Sabre. Reckless gives his "reckless rules" chant before the match and D-Lo Brown (at ringisde shooting a TV interview) claps his approval. Early hisghpots include Reckelss doing a flying head scissor takedown of Scotty and Scotty hitting a tope on Reckless. Reckless with somesault plancha that took the two men up the rampway. REckless with spinnig heel kick Reckless misses a showw-off moonsault. Sabre with spboard dropkick from top turnbuckle. Reckless reverses superplex into top rope atomic drop. Sabre wiwth powerbomb. Moonsault. Two count. SAbre calls for one more moonsault. Reckless is up but Sabre revereses it into a top rope powerbomb.

5. HWA Tag Team Championship -- Flash Flanagan & Matt Styker (with Hellena Heavenly) vs. Champs "Surfer" Cody Hawk & Taxi Driver McMurphy

An early flurry of moves sends the heels to the floor and the comfort of their devilishly attractive manager. WHile the heels were on the floor, the Taxi Driver snuck up behind Stryker and messed up his long blond locks. During the heel portion' of the match, Cabbie takes the sunset flip off the apron onto the floor. And the first chair of the night enters the ring. And Stryker does a springboard off the chair into the top rope and splashes Cabbue on the floor. Meanwhile, Hawk had Flanangan pinned. Taxi Driver, after minutes of being beatn on, uses a release powerbomb to make the hot tag to Hawk. Hellena up on the ropes and into the ring. She gets caught in the middle of a whip. ANd then pressed on Styker. Meanwhile, Hawk hits an implant DDT on Flanagan and then Cabbie picks up Hawk and flapjacks him onto Flanagan for the pin.

20-minute break and then opening ceremonies.

Penzer introduces Les Thatcher. sarah douglas -- national anthem. NO Terry Taylor (neck problems). Les introduces Ken Wood, Shawn Graham, company that provided the shuttles. Moment for all wretlers that have died. Raffle for "Pillman 2000" Title Belt and artwork. They show Missy Hyatt's wedding dress and then, like clockwork, out comes Missy. And a Torrie Wilson nightie. And out comes Torrie. She said she come out and meet the winner of the auction wearing the nightie. Or so they say. And a Stone Cold Metal CD signed by Austin. And a basketball signed by Kevin McHale will also be signed by Kevin Nash. Nash tells some Pillman stories. Out come Melanie Pillman and children. Out comes Pam Hildebrand. She brings out Brian's referee shirt, which will be at ringside for the rest of the show. No Nancy Sullivan and Baby Benoit, who is under the weather. So, Benoit will wrestle early to make it home early. Out comes Steamboat. Steamboat puts over Les for putting the show together. Out comes DDP. Page puts over the "I quit, bookerman" incident as the thing that jumpstarted the business. Les announces the David Aqrquette WCW payoff going to Pillman, Hildebrand and Drosdov foundations. Everyone comes out for the ten-bell salute.

6. HWA Cruiserweight -- Jamie San (with Tony Manirana) vs. Shark Boy

Lots of mat work early on. Shark Boy attmpts to bite Jamie, but he jumps out pf the ring. Tony jumps in for some reason, so Shark bites him instead. Brawling on the floor. Missile dk by Jamie. Long rear chinlock by Jamie. Loud Shark Boy chant. Top Rope rana by Shark Boy. Jamie reverses top rope death drop into one of his own. Jamie misses missile headbutt. Shark Boy with Diamond Dust to get the pin. After match, Tony gets in Jamie's face, who gives the manager a high body drop.

7. HWA Heavyeight Tournament finals -- Chip Fairway vs. Race Steele

Before the match, D-Lo comes out, since he was the last HWA Champ and will present the belt to the winner.

Slow feeling out process. By the way, love Chip's argyle & golf-shoe designed boots. Series of high spots (a rana and a high dk) by the tattooed Steele. Steele with a high tope to the floor on Chip without using the ropes. Chip tries to climb the ropes, but Steele stops him. Chip blocks the superplex and hits a big legdrop. Chip with b-t-b spinebuster and a lionsault, both with a 2-count. Chip misses big elbow from the top. Amazon on apron. D-Lo grabs gold club. Chip into Amazon. Steele get the three- count and D-Lo presents him with the belt. The Rest of the faces come from the back and douse him with Champagne.

8. Cody Michaels vs. Taxi Driver (replacing Terry Taylor).

Immediately brawling to the floor. Micahels with flying body press from turnbuckle to floor on Taxi Driver. Michaels, by the way, broke in the business with Shane Douglas, Mick Foley and Brian Hildebrand. Driver gets the win with a sunset flip off the top (aka the move that won Ron Garvin the NWA title).

9. Dr. Tom Pritchard vs. Tim Horner (with Missy Hyatt).

Missy complains that last year, she came out with Dr. Tom and he lost. So, Horner is here to kiss Dr. Tom's butt. Lots of mat wrestling early, as one would expect from Horner and Pritchard, the man who runs the WWF dojo. What a refreshing change -- the biggest high spot so far has been Horner doing an ropes. The finish came when Dr. Tom was trying to hold onto the ropes during a sunset flip, Missy (standing on the floor in front of him) took over her Pillman 2000 shirt (displaying her ample cleavage and brasserie). A stunned Dr. Tom let go of the ropes and was pinned by Horner.

auction -- d-lo pimp outfit --$ 425 -- steaboat poster $100 -- missy hyatt's wedding dress 350 torrie nightie -- (high bid gets to take off nightie)155 nash offers $5000 for torrie & missy to strip and $20,000 to get naked. after some teasing, missy said threre wewere kids here and thats not why theyre here. so nash said he donate the $20 k anyway.

10. Harris Twins vs. Disco & Kidman (with Torrie) -- Special Ref -- Sean Casey of the Reds

Strange that the guest ref is bigger than two guys in the match and almost as big as the other two. Not suprisingly, lots of big man vs. little man spots. A couple minutes into the match, Kidman turned on Disco and the Harris pummeled him. Little Natch (reffing outside) counted the pin. After the match, Casey argued with Robinson and then decked him.

11. Hugh Morrus vs. Vampiro

There was a chant early on for "Captain Rection," which the man once known as Hugh Morrus was happy to egg on. Vampiro threw Morrus into the guardrail near Kevin Nash, who got up and punched Vampiro (probably beacuse he upsset his ber). They two brawled out through the crowd (and right in front of where all us Internet types were writing from). We lost track of them at this point, although there was plnety of loud crashing noises to be heard. Morrus hit a big elbow from the bleachers onto Vampiro, still on the floor. From the sound of it, Vampiro whipped Morrus into a table on the floor. Back in the ring, Hughwith a powerslam and a moonsault attempt. Atempt being the key word, as he took his own sweet time and Vampiro moved. Vamp then picked him up and finished him off with the Michinoku Driver.

12. Steven REgal vs. Chris Benoit

This is technically the main event, but as mentioned earlier, the match was moved so that Benoit could catch an earlier flight home.

Over under on number of chops in this match -- 45. Tie up in the corner. Break. Benoit with a wristlock. Regal rolls him over but keeps the wristlock. Regal with a legsweep and wristlock of his own. Series of bridges from Benoit. Regal busted open. Benoit with Baseball slide. Benoit hard b-back suplex. Regal with STF. Benoit makes the ropes. Regal with stiff kicks to Benoit's back. Reagl with standing dropkick. Regal with bow and arrow. with chinlock. Benoit with German suplex (x1). Chops. German suplex (x2). Regal with Butterfly Superplex. Benoit with 3 kickouts. REgal off ropes -- simult. headbutt. Beoit rolls over at 8 count with pin attempt. Benoit reverses a tombstone. Benoit misses swandive headbutt. Benoit with Dragon Suplex. Benoit with Crossface and submission win.

AFter match, they got a standing ovation. Benoit said it was good to have Regal back.

Another intermission -- more auction stuff.

Interview -- Shane Douglas. Ten seconds into the interview, we begin the Flair bashing. Blah, blah, blah. We've heard it before, Dr. Fat Ass.

Hey Shane, what does this WCW interview time have to do with the PIllman show? Isn't everyone else breaking character just to work here?

And then he gets around ragging on DDP. So out he comes.

13. Douglas vs. Page -- I guess this is sort of a match. Hey, are they making Douglas in street clothes here? I wonder why. Oh yeah, there's the diamond cutter. Who the hell cares?

Oh, another lame part of the show. Guess what? It involves WCW talent. Surprise, surprise.

14. Justin Credible vs. Raven

Justin complains about the "Justin Asshole" chant. Brawl on the floor. Justin busted open. BRawl through the crowd. They're making a lot of noise. Back in the ring. Justin with Dro Toe HOld of Doom on Raven. Justin's juice job is approaching the fame Muta scale. Oh boy, a table. On the outside. Snot Rag. Justin with Superkick. Nut Shot. Roll up by Justin. Raven kicks out of the spinning tombstone. Second SPinning Tombstone. Pin for the champ.

Before the main event, DDP and Les came out for the final raffle items -- the Pillman 2000 belt and the autographed Pillman painting. And then a very inebriated DDP stalled for time waiting for the total for tonight's fundraising. $36,936. And yes, there was a giant novelty check.

15. Eddy (w/ Cincinnati Red Dmitri Young) vs. D-Lo

Eddy left Mama Cita at home. Eddy calls out D-Lo (who he says has been using his move). D-Lo rags on Dmitri Young. D-Lo came out Reds pitcher Danny Graves. D-Lo says it's only the Frog Splash if you weight 105 pounds. Otherwise, it's the most devastating move on the planet, the Lo Down.

D-Lo with the early offense, including a five-arm. Eddy with the Top Rope Standing Superplex. Malenko with the Run In. REf calls for the bell. Here comes SAturn. Both are beating on Eddy.

Eddy gets on the mike and says He and DLo have two things in common -- The Frog Splash and Heat, cuz "you have Brother Heat." Eddy called Saturn Mr Clean and Dean Stinko Malenko. And D-Lo called them Mr. Charisma and the ONe-Eyed Wonder. And the match was on.

16. Eddy & D-Lo vs. Saturn and Malenko

For the record, the Radicals are not wearing matching tights tonight.

Eddy vs. Dean to start, as it should be. Double headbutt on Eddy. Dean with a severe armbreaker on D-LO. And then a short arm scissor by Saturn. Saturn and Malenko continue to work on D-LO's arm. Simultaneous neckbreakers by Dean and D-Lo. Hot tag to Latino Heat. Whip in the corners. Satrurn misses superkick and kicks Malenko. D-Lo with Lo Down on Saaturn. And as Eddy held Saturn, D-Lo hit the frog splash.

Show ends at 11:20.

Mark Coale

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