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Guest columnist: Scott Jennings


Nassau Colesium
Uniondale, NY

Just got back from the Nassau Coliseum, and like a good Internet mark, thought I'd check in with a round of spoliers. Here goes:

Missed the first dark match getting in, but the second dark match had Pete Gas go over Headbanger Thrasher.

The first match taped for Heat was a Light Heavyweight Title match, with Dean Malenko beating Crash.

Next was a Hardcore Title match, with Steve Blackman successfully defending against Funaki. Crowd was reasonably into this one, too.

Grandmaster Sexay beat Road Dogg, with involvement from their respective tag partners.

TAKA went over Essa Rios in a match that was basically a heatless and pointless spotfest. I worked my *ass* off for a "USA" chant, but alas, no dice.

The Dudleys beat Lo Down, and the requisite post-match table spot was broken up by Chaz. Quite a push this new pairing is getting, eh?

Time to change the ring ropes for SmackDown! Show opens with Commisioner Foley coming out to start the 20 minute entrance-fest. Requisite hometown heat, and then makes a speech about having to lay down the law as commissioner, since RAW turned far too violent on Monday. To that end, he added a stip to the title match on Sunday so that the title can change hands on a DQ. That stip has a name, doesn't it? Anyway, out comes Jericho to demand his Last Man Standing match against HHH tonight. Next on the Parade of Superstars is Chris Benoit with Shane McMahon. Benoit complains about being attacked from behind on Monday, and Shane demands the title match with the DQ stip tonight. Is this on? HHH wants to join the party, and this draws Jericho's attention away from Benoit, who slaps on the crossface. HHH hits the ring, goes to work on Jericho, then if ya smell... the climax of this segment. Rock hits the ring, cleans house, and as the ring empties, Foley books HHH and Benoit against Jericho and Rock as our main event. Long way to go for one match, but oh well.

Throughout the show, the backstage vignette has a security guy ask HHH for the Rock's autograph. After overcoming his initial shock at the audacity of the security guy, HHH decides to help. He tells the security guy to get his son, and enlists the Fink to take him to The Rock. As Rocky takes a good six or seven seconds to remember how to spell his name, Benoit punks him from behind and slaps on the crossface.

First match up was a Triple Threat match for the European Title: Eddie Guerrero defended against Perry Saturn (with Terri and annoying new music) and Dean Malenko (who works twice!). Finish saw Guerrero catch Malenko in a small package for the pin. Post match, Saturn and Terri got the best of Guerrero and Chyna.

Kurt Angle hit the ring, and passed on the usual local heat for a promo about how he refused to be afraid of "a man who rides a bicycle." He demands a rematch with Kane, because he won't be "scared of a man who wears a mask and red jammies." Kane gets the DQ win after Angle grabs a chair and works Kane's left leg.

Steve Blackman works twice! Champ enters first both times, because CRZ can't always get what he wants. Blackman retains again (since he retains on Sunday) over Al Snow, in a match that saw Crash run in and fail to get the best of Blackman, and Tazz run in and choke out Snow, giving Blackman the pin.

The Hardys (withotu Lita) and Rikishi went over T&A and Val Venis (with Trish). Finish saw Rikishi and Venis fight to the crowd, Test with a pumphandle slam on Matt, Jeff landing a swanton bomb on Test making the cover, and Matt pinning Test. Post match, T&A get the best of the Hardys, until Lita runs in, knocks Test off the top rope, and gets caught by Albert as she tries to take to the air herself. And because we all like to see a little S&M with our T&A, Trish beat Lita with a leather belt.

Steven Richards and Bull Buchanan hit the ring, and Richards cuts his usual promo. This brings out the Godfather, who is a fun loving guy who loves to have fun, and encourages us to vote Harry Browne for President ( Godfather charges the ring, Richards bails, and we have Bull and Godfather. I take a trip to the concessionaire. Bull wins this one. Good for him.

By the time I get back to my seat, Kid Rock hits the PA, and the STEEL steps have already magically vanished. Sorry I missed it. Taker's formidable opponent is none other than the Big Bossman. During the match, Angle makes an appearance to pour a viscous white sludge over the beautiful Titan bike. Bossman picks up the COR victory when Taker opts to pursue Angle backstage. Bossman's getting a push! He'll be in a title match at a PPV again in no time!

Main event time. Seperate entrances for everyone, and a pretty decent match to boot, first time the crowd really got into it all night. The finish had Rock punk out Hebner, giving HHH and Benoit the DQ win, and raising questions about what could happen on Sunday. After the bell, Shane got his ass kicked, Benoit got the Rock Bottom, Jericho had HHH tapping like crazy to the Walls of Jericho, and Rock had the crossface locked on Benoit.

That was the end of the show, nothing of interest seemed to happen after the cameras stopped rolling. Ought to be a decent show on Thursday, but I really expected more from the Long Island crowd, they didn't do much to help the show.

Scott Jennings

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