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Guest columnist: Moses Gates


If you want house show results from the DC WWF house show, Sunday night 8/6/00, here you go. Just results and observations, I didn't have a watch so I don't have the length of the matches. In addition, I sat in the nosebleed seats, so if this recap differs from others you get, the others are probably right.

Match 1: Dean Malenko d. Crash Holly with the Texas Cloverleaf.

  • Give Malenko credit for getting a good amount of heel heat despite having 2 hot girls with him. Crowd was pretty hot for the match, with an Elroy chant and good face heat for Crash, and a lot more heel heat than I expected for Malenko. The first "Rocky" chants start right after this match.

Match 2: Perry Saturn (without Terri) d. Eddy Guerrero by DQ after a low blow by Chyna.

  • Eddy and Chyna are very over. Second biggest pop of the night (next to the Rock). Match started with Eddy on the mic telling Saturn that Chyna will kick his ass for him. Chyna is read to go, but Saturn heads back stage. Eddy catches up to him and the match starts. This start (heel heads back to the locker room and face chases after him) was used about 5 times throughout the night. This was a potentially very good match, but it turned into a resthold fest. The first couple of times the crowd was up for chanting for Eddy to break the hold. The next 4 times they got tired of it. Eddy missed a Senton Bomb, leading to a DVD for 2, leading to Chyna giving Saturn a low blow for the DQ when he went to the top for the elbow.

Match 3: Scotty 2 Hotty d. X-Pac with the Worm (that's right, X-Pac jobbed in a singles match!)

  • This was supposed to be 2 Cool vs. DX, but Finkle announced that Road Dogg had transportation problems (thank God). I think they forgot to bring X-Pac's music because there was a big pause between when he was announced and when "The Kings" finally kicked in. X-Pac gets the mic after an "X-Pac Sucks" chants and tells us "I know you don't like me and that I probably deserve it, but it has been a while, and I want a wrestling match, no cheating." He gives us "wrestlers honor" to let us know it's legit. So we get amatuer style wrestling stuff to start. After a few exchanges X-Pac gets down on all fours and wants that doggy style lockup thing that amateur wrestlers do, and Hotty accepts. Then, in a spot you knew was coming but worked anyway, when Hotty gets down on all fours to reciprocate, X-Pac field goal kicks him in the gut. Broncobuster hits for once. Scotty pins X-Pac after the worm (is that his finishing move now?) but X-Pac can't bring himslef to job completely clean, and puts his foot on the ropes (which the ref ignores) and complains after the match. He then gets back on the mic and tells us that he will never set foot here again, to much cheers.

Match 4: Val Venis (with Trish Stratus and no heat whatsoever), d. Al Snow (with Head and slightly more heat) with the Money Shot.

  • Crowd was dead for this one. I also didn't care much. The various valets (Trish and Head) got more heat than Val and Snow. They let Al Snow dance around after the match for some reason. The first "save the hos" chant comes right after this match. A kid near me who looked like he was about 6 was chanting the loudest.

Match 5: Dudleys d. Lo'Down in a Table match with a 3D on D'Lo through a table.

  • I seem to be the only one giving D'Lo any love (or hate) at all. Poor D'Lo does not deserve this. Dudleys get a huge pop. "Tables" and "we want tables" start up almost immediately. Very sloppy match. D'Lo and Chaz are not working as a team at all and flubbing a lot of spots. Very dumb double flourished leg drop spot. I don't know about all the talk of the WWF outlawing the piledriver, but D'Lo hit one during the match. No springboard moonsault, no Low Down, no Sky Hi, no running Liger bomb, no standing flourished legdrop (solo). Damn it, I paid good money to see D'Lo.

Match 6: Rikishi d. Tazz (and a surprising amount of heat) with the Bonazai drop.

  • Tazz has a cool pyro when he throws down his towel. Tazz gets the mic! Says his usual stuff, but tries to get the crowd to chant along with "thug life dead." A few people actually do I think. Tazz lets us know twice that he will not be stinkfaced tonight, so of course he is. Let it not be said that the WCW is the only Fed with production errors, as Rikishi's music starts to play before he hits the Bonzai Drop. 2 Cool hits the ring for the dance. Rikishi changes his mind about dancing a few times, leading to a funny "cheeeeeeeeeeeer/boooooooooooooooo/cheeeeeeeer/booooooo/ cheeeer/boooo/cheer/boo/cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer" thing. But of course he gets down with his buddies for our pleasure.

Finkle shills "the People's elbow pad", Dudly shirt, and WWF sippy cups.

Fink says there is a special guest. I'm calling Michael Jordan until he says "former WWF....." and then I call Backlund. And I'm right! Mr. Bob Backlund is here!!!! He comes out, gets booed, goes back, and Fink announces intermission. Well that was pointless. Is he still running for Congress?

Match 7: Blackman d. Bossman with a superkick, (not his usual bicycle kick, the Shawn Michael's variety).

  • Blackman had some heat! We aren't talking the Rock here, but we aren't talking Val Venis and Al Snow either. A couple of funny spots: Blackman gets the better of Bossman in a kendo stick duel, and Bossman throws the stick at him in frustration. Also the fire extinguisher blows up in Bossman's face. For some reason Bossman decides to blade AFTER the match (during a house show?!) and parade around the ring all bloody and groggy. Not too necessary.

Match 8: Four way tag team elimination match. Hardys vs. Edge and Christian vs. Acolytes vs. T&A.

  • Christian tells DC that we are a nothing happening town and that we should "clean this dump up." Not a bad idea actually. Edge tells that we never have a winning sportsteam but, "what do you expect from the city that elected Marion Barry?" Another good point. T&A enters next and Trish Stratus tells us that DC deserves "Stratusfaction," but since the MCI center is filled with second rate trash, it won't be tonight. Hardys come out and Jeff seems to have shaken off that head injury quite nicely. I wonder if it will come back on Monday. Then come the Acolytes. Lita is the most over of anyone out there, and "Lita" chants crop up the whole match.

    This match starts with the "two men in the ring, anyone can tag anyone" rules, but quickly degenerates. Eventually Jeff hits the swanton on Bradshaw, but Bradshaw kicks out. Apparently he wasn't supposed to do that, because after a few minutes, the Acolytes leave for no apparent reason at all. Lita clobbers Trish to a HUGE pop. 3 on 2 suplex with the Hardys and Lita on Test and Trish also gets a huge pop. Lita's top rope headscissors takeover of Edge also gets a huge pop. Lita is unbelievably over. Twist of Fate/SwantonBomb takes out Test, but Christian pins Matt with a Tomikaze. Hardys and Lita beat them down afterwards and pose. E&C never got their music after the win. Unfair!

Match 9: Kane d. Chris Benoit by DQ.

  • Alright match. Benoit has some pretty good heel heat. Big Show and Angle come out for the DQ after Kane has Benoit in a choke, and beat down Kane. Show gives us a couple "Showster" poses, but quickly does the "Forget it" hand motion. Decent "Big Show Sucks" chant.

Match 10: The Rock d. HHH in a steel cage match with the Rock Bottom.

  • Not to different form the other 87 matches these two have had. They take forever to set up the Cage. I was expecting mixed heat for HHH, but he got almost all heel heat. After a couple of ref bumps, Benoit comes in and hits Rocky with a chair, leading to the 1-2-3 and the announcement of "the new WWF champion, HHH!" I'm expecting a Dusty finish, but the match is ordered to continue instead. Rocky gets the Rock Bottom on HHH for 3. He may or may not send the crowd home happy with some mic work, I don't know because I'm busy beating the rush to the subway.

Other thoughts: You can add one more reason to the drawbacks of having so many belts, namely it makes too many house show matches unsuspenseful. Crash v. Malenko, Eddy v. Saturn, Blackmun v. Bossman, Val v. Rikishi, the four way tag match, and Rock v. HHH all had belts involved. That's 60% of the card where you already know the winner. Add to that the fact that you knew there was no way the Dudley's were going to lose a table match to Lo'Down, and that Rikishi is a little less definitely going to beat Tazz, and you are left with two matches with any degree of suspense whatsoever.

No Angle, Big Show (unless you count the run in), Shane, Taker, or Y2J. The main event was billed as HHH and E&C vs. Undertaker and Dudleys until a few days before the event. Keep in mind I know nothing about this stuff, but I am guessing that because the Undertaker is on a honeymoon and not injured, they knew all along he wasn't going to be here, and just wanted to see how many tickets he could sell, knowing they could always stick the Rock on the top of the card to sell the place out when they needed to. And anyway, the two main demographic groups of the DC area (African-Americans and affluent liberal whites) are probably not going to receive the Redneck, Tobacco-Chewing Undertaker as well as he usually is recieved.

Biggest Pops (in order) Rock, Eddy, Kane, Dudleys, Rikishi

Most over faces (in order) Rock, Eddy, Lita, Chyna, Dudlys (maybe just the tables?), 2 Cool/Rikishi

Most over heels (in order) HHH, Benoit, Edge and Christian., X-Pac, Tazz

I hope this was mildly helpful. I had fun writing it up anyway.

Moses Gates

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