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Guest columnist: Darren Crawford


Kamloops Riverside Colesium
Kamloops, BC

WOW what a active 3 days NBR, NITRO and Just got back from thunder!

Here are the complete results!

Worldwide Taping

Crowbar(w/Daphney) OVER a Jobber from Calgary (kinda looked like Chris Jerrico) via Pinfall.

Vampiro OVER a Unnamed Jobber who came out in a straight jacket and grey coveralls.

The Harris Brothers OVER 2 Jobbers (one black guy and one white guy)

Thunder Taping

Kronic Came out and announced they are being forced to take on some special opponents that are were flown here by Vince Russo.

The opponents turned out to be some local talent from ECCW.
Kronic OVER Michelle Starr, Juggernaut, Ladies Choice & Rockford 2000
(The ECCW;s guys names were not announced, I am a big eccw fan so I knew them)

David Flair Proposed to Ms. Stacy Hancock, and got punked out by the Misfits in Action mid proposal,
Ms. Hancock insulted David Flair saying "Can't you ever do anything right stupid" and Took the ring from his pocket and walked off.

The Filthy Animals Got into a Huge smoz with Sean O'hare and company.

Muta OVER The Demon (Muta got a HUUUGE Pop!!)

Team Canada OVER The Misfits in Action Via Submission

In a Canadian Title vs Commisionership Match
Lance Storm and The Cat went to a DQ when Pierre Ollete interfeared.

Gene Okerlund OVER Mark Madden in a Kamloops Street Fight.
(FUNNY FUNNY MATCH.. WHO KNEW GENE COULD ACTUALLY WRESTLE!!!! Pile Driver, Bodyslam Attempted Hurracarana)

3 Count then "sang" there stupid song, Actually they "Sang" it 3 times.. because they kept screwing up there dancing and lip syncing.
Crowd hatted em.
Norman Smiley FINALLY came out to a huge huge pop and danced and then punked out all three of em!!

Smiley Then Danced with the Nitro Girls to yet another Huge pop!

Carl Oulette OVER Big Vito (HUGE BORING CHANT)

A Huge brawl that included (Kidman, Lance Storm, Carl Oulette, Perfect Shawn, Mike Awesome and MANY others)

Goldburg Punked out Rick Steiner backstage spoiling the Stiener/Nash Main Event.

(The Next Match I am not sure if it was for TV or not)

Nash VS Booker T was a very cool match... Nash Pinned Booker T after a powerbomb, but the desision was reversed for unknown reasons.. and booker then flattened nash and left with the belt.

Wew.... Lots of Typing!

I have pictures of all the matches including Nash Hoisting the title, and powerbombing Booker, I can not get them developed until tommorow however.. (small town)

Darren Crawford

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