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Guest columnist: Larry Musso


Thanks to: E.C. Ostermeyer

Night #2, still at the Hammerstein Ballroom. But unlike last night, I got second row seats!

Match #1: Balls Mahoney d. Da Blue Guy (w/ wife Jasmin St. Clair).
Match lasted a couple of minutes, until Balls swatted Da Blue Guy with a chair, and down he went. Jasmin looked HOTT!

Match #2: ECW Tag Team Title match: Full-Blooded Italians d. Yoshirio Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck for the Titles.
Another "Match of the Night," with both sides working really hard, though I think last night's match was better. Mikey hit the "Whippersnapper" through a table on Tony Mamaluke! As those two went outside, a bloodied Guido nailed Tajiri with a Tamikaze and got the win! New Tag Team Champions!

Match #3: Psicosis d. Tony DeVito.
Wow! Worst match of the two days. Both DeVito and Psicosis were blowing spots like crazy, and the balcony crowd let 'em know about it, hollering "Boring!"
This got the floor seats hollering back at the balcony to "Shut the f*ck up!"
WE have respect!
Psicosis wins with his signature guillotine leg-drop.

Match #4: Joey Matthews & Christian York (w/ Tommy Dreamer) d. Julio Dinero & EZ Money, (w/ Elektra & Chris Hamrick.)
This was originally supposed to be a tag match, but when Chris Hamrick pulled the same stunt he did last night, Matthews & York were ready for him.
Instead of taking the DQ, Matthews & York said they had a special surprise for their opponents, and brought out Tommy Dreamer. Bam! One Six Man tag contest, which York, Matthews, and Dreamer won.

Match #5: C.W. Anderson d. Jerry Lynn.
A good match by all accounts, although I missed it all because I was over at RF Video buying "Super J-Cup 2000." Sorry.
Anderson won.

Match #6: Three Way Dance, Danny Doring & Roadkill d. Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger d. Nova & Chris Chetti.
Nova and Chetti were out first, when Chetti hit Nova with a steel chair! Wow! What a shocker of a heel turn, especially for the fans who weren't there to see what went on between Nova & Chetti on Friday night. This left Doring & Roadkill to battle it out against Diamond & Swinger. A double-team by Doring & Roadkill ends with the "Buggy Bang" finisher.

Match #7: Heavyweight Title defense: Justin Credible (w/ Francine) d. Steve Corino (w/ Dawn Marie.)
Dawn Marie came out! She was Corino's secret weapon! Go Old School Go! Corino bladed later than usual, following a couple of near falls. I had my section chanting "Old School! Old School!"
Corino had it all going good, until Francine interfered... and the usual spot ensued. You know, you'd figure that, after watching it happen to Tajiri and every other wrestler, you'd think Corino would leave Francine for Dawn, but no. Corino attacks Francine, and gets a "That's Incredible!' for his pains.

Match #8: Rob Van Dam d. Scotty Anton.
I got the sign on TV again! When RVD and Anton brawled through my section, I got it right over Scotty Anton when he was bent over. Even Rob Van Dam saw it! RVD won with the "Van Daminator" followed by the Five Star Frog Splash!

TNN taping segment. Joel got in his opener, but the Cyrus came out and said that their show is canceled and their off the air! This brought out Paul Heyman, who ATTACKED Cyrus! Which brought Rhino out. At this point there was a fan (or a possible plant?) who got in the ring, prompting Security to charge the ring to try and nab him. Rhino took the opportunity to gore one of the Security Guards. Chaos in the ring, compounded when ALL the ECW wrestlers poured out of the locker room, with the crowd just cheering like mad.
"Bawitdaba" fires up and Kid Kash comes out.
"Enter Sandman " fires up, out comes the Sandman, as the crowd goes berserk again!
The brawl eventually got cleared out, and we were left with:

Match #9: Kid Kash d. Rhino for the ECW World Television Championship Title.
After a brief series between the two, Rob Van dam interfered by nailing Rhino with the "Van Terminator, " and Kid Kash got the pin! One! Two!! THREE!!!
The crowd just blew the roof off the Hammerstein Ballroom.
New ECW World Television Champion!
"Bawitdaba" blares, as Kid Kash, RVD and the Sandman all stand in the center of the ring with the fans on their feet, just cheering and hollering.
We got "Enter Sandman" again, with everybody singing along to that as well.
What a great way to end the show, and cap off a great two nights of wrestling. Lots of angle changes, three title changes, and the crowning of a new ECW Television champion.

Larry Musso

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