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Guest columnist: Matt Davis


Hey, just got back from a pretty good show at the Fleetcenter. It was almost full. Empty seats in the balcony.

Boston, MA

Tony Chimel came out and ran down the guidelines. Announces that Commisioner Foley has made the main event a no-DQ match. The national anthem is played. Pyro means we're underway.

Off to a bad start as RTC's music is played but quickly shut off.

1. European Championship
Perry Saturn vs. Al Snow

Nice pops for the hometown boy and Al. Lots of We Want Head chants. Early on Snow hit the Bareback/Franchiser. Saturn took over working the arm. Snow came back with the Snowbomb for 2. After a series of reversals the Rings of Saturn is locked on. Snow gets to the ropes. Shortly after Al locks on the Dragon Sleeper for the submission win.

2. Tag Team Championship
Edge and Christain vs. Lo Down vs. Dudley Boyz

E&C worked the crowd before the match making fun of Boston. Edge speared Buh-Buh right away. 'We want tables" chant. 3-D on Chaz for the pin. Lo Down eliminated. Headbutt to graun spot on both Edge and Christain. " D-Von get the table" They do but get it baseball slide dropkicked in thier face. D-Von is face in peril. He hits a modified slop drop and makes the hot tag. They go for 3-D on Edge but Christain hits Buh-Buh with the belt and gets the pin. Afterwards, the Dudleys attack. 3-D on Christain. Edge is hit with the belt. Buh-Buh than hits the superbomb on Edge through the table.

Chimel shills WWF and RAW magazine.

3. Bull Buchanan and Goodfather w/ Steven Richards vs. Too Cool
Steve doe some mic work beforehand. Scotty falls while bouncing on the ropes. Huge pop. He pulls Grandmaster Sexay's pants down. Obvious jokes are made. End came when Scotty hit the bulldog and worm on Bull. Grandmaster goes for the Hip Hop Drop but Steven pushes him off while ref is distracted. Bull hits the axe kick for the win. Too Cool beat RTC up post-match and invite Nomar Garciaparra ( who was sitting in the front row) to dance with them.

4. Val Venis vs. Eddie Guerrero w/ Chyna
Eddie hits a 'rana and a plancha early on. Val baseball slide dropkicks Chyna. Rolls Eddie in for the Money Shot but Chyna lowbows him. Eddie rolls him up for the pin.

5. Chris Benoit and Kane vs. Rikishi and Undertaker
Benoit and Kane beat up Rikishi (and eachother) so Taker can make a dramatic entrance. Benoit with a diving headbutt on Rikishi. Fat ass splash by Rikishi on Kane. Stinkyface countered with lowblow. When Benoit's in trouble Kane won't tag him. Kane goes for flyin clothesline but Benoit crotches him. Somoan drop on Benoit by 'Kishi. Hot tag. Undertaker with a big boot and a chokeslam to pin Benoit. Post-match Kane chokeslams Benoit.

15-minute intermission.

6.Tazz vs. Crash
Tazz says the Red Sox always choke and that Nomar sucks. Early on Tazz hit a head and arm Tazzplex. Then a T-Bone Tazzplex. He misses a sebton bomb and Crash hits a missile dropkick for 2. Out of nowhere Tazz locks on Tazzmission for win.

7.Hardcore Championship
Big Bossman vs. Steve Blackman

Lots of brawling. Blackman kicks ass with Philipino fighting sticks. Bossman uses fire extinguisher and a trascan lid. Blackman comes back with usual spots including a testicular claw with tongs. He ducks a nightstick shot and hits a superkick for the win.

8. T&A and Trish Stratus vs. Hardy Boyz and Lita
Lita got the 3rd biggest pop of the night btw. Staus worrks the crowd teasing to bare all. Poetry in Motion on Albert. Triple DDT spot. Pier 6 and Lita hits the moonsault on Trish for win.

WWF returns to Fleetcenter October 30th for RAW is WAR

Main Event
WWF Chapionship
9. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H vs. The Rock.

Y2J and HHH brawl early so Rock can make dramatic entrance. Walls of Jericho on HHH. Rock breaks it up taking out Jericho and Earl Hebner. Rock Bottom on HHH. Chris Benoit runs out and breaks it up with diving headbutt. Benoit and HHH double team Rock. Jericho missile dropkicks Benoit out of the ring. Benoit beats up Jericho. HHH holds Rock for Benoit chairshot but he ends up taking it. Benoit hits Rock anyway. Jericho throws Benoit and hits the Lionsault. 1,2 Benoit pulls him out and they brawl to the back. Rock hits HHH with spinebuster and People's Elbow for the pin. Rock poses for awhile and he takes the mic. He's finally come back to Boston. Invites Nomar in asks him his favorite pie. Poontang it is. Asks Chimel where he's from. He says the Bronx. He is told to pancake his ass out of Boston. If ya smelllllll.......

Thats a wrap. Keep up the good work CRZ.

Matt Davis

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