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Guest columnist: Benjamin Lesbian


America West Arena
Phoenix, AZ

PS--Crowd was majorly hot, just like for RAW the night before. See what happens when you don't give us real wrestling for 18-months!


Horseshoe vs. Stoop Angel (couldn't hear exact name)
Horseshoe wins after a DDT.

Gangrel & Just Joe vs. The Dupps
An alright, if not sloppy tag team match. Gangrel and Just Joe win after Gangrel pinned one of the Dupps with an implant DDT.

Joey Abs vs. Dane Gerous (I think)
Pretty good match for an new wrestler. Dane Gerous hit a couple of high spots (huricanrana, plancha) and pinned Abs after a leg drop from the top rope.

Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole come to ringside and we're ready for...


Dean "Double-Ho 7" Malenko vs. Crash [WWF Light-Heavyweight Title Match]
The two shake hands and we have lots of reversals and restholds to start. Crowd chants "ELROY." MAlenko tries spinning toe hold a few times. Corner reversal leads to a sunset flip which gets 2. Crash backslides for 2. Malenko reverses huricanrana into a powerbomb and locks in the Texas Cloverleaf. Crash taps out and the two shake hands.

  • Camera crew gets crowd shots.

    Low Down vs. Kai en tai
    Kai en tai double teams to start and does a slapfest on Chaz. Chaz and D'Lo then double team for a while. Funaki gets hot tag and cleans house, but Chaz gets him into a superplex and D'Lo hits the Low Down for the pin.

  • Crew sets up Heat Pyro and gets more crowd shots.

    Tazz vs. The Brooklyn Brawler -- Strap Match
    Tazz comes out with the leather strap. Kick and punch fest. Brawler whips Tazz with the strap and crothes him with it as well. Tazz reverses the situation and hits the Tazzmission and the Brawler taps out. Afterwards, Tazz grabs the mike and goes on about leadin a thug life and how he'll beat down Jerry Lawler at Unforgiven.

  • Chyna comes out to a huge pop to cut a promo about her relationship with Eddie Guerrero and the Playboy shoot. She says she loved Eddie, but she is her own woman with her own opinions and she is proud of the Playboy pictorial that will appear on newsstands Sept. 25. While she was talking, Mideon streaked into the ring, grabbed the mike and uttered some gibberish and then took off. Chyna got the mike back and said, "Well, you probably won't see that in Playboy."

    Lita vs. Ivory vs. Jacquline [WWF Women's Title Match]
    Match starts with Ivory and Jacquline putting the beat down on Lita. She counters with a double clothesline and hits a spinning huricanrana on Ivory. Lita is thrown out of the ring but comes back to stop a pin attempt by Jacquline, then hits the Twist of Fate followed by a moonsault for the pin.

  • The ring crew then changes the rope for....


  • Jerry "The King" Lawler comes down to a nice pop.

  • Lillian Garcia sings the national anthem.

  • Opening Pyro

  • Commisioner Mick Foley comes to the ring for the opening interview. He says that even though he made some great matchups for Unforgiven, including the Fatal Fourwau and Triple-H vs. Kurt Angle, he's afraid that all of the participants will kill each other before then so he has a plan. Before he can explain, The Rock comes to the ring and states he is not afraid of any kind of a Fatal Fourway match, be it four ho's or four monkeys. Foley showed a clip of Rock and The Undertaker making nice on Raw. The Undertaker then comes out to a enormous pop and says just becuase he's friends with the Rock, that doesn't mean he won't take him out. Benoit then comes out and claims to be the number one contender since he pinned The Undertaker on RAW. Then, Kane comes out and claims to be a freak and a monster (or something). Foley tries to get order again, only to be interrupted by the entrance of Kurt Angle, who says the only real issue is the abuse of Stephanie by Triple-H on Monday. This brings out Triple-H. Foley finally restores order by saying that if all of them are teamed up tonight in tag matches, then they won't kill each other. He sets up:

    Angle/Triple H vs. T and A
    Kane/Benoit vs. The Acolytes - Acolytes Rules Match (no rules)
    The Undertaker/The Rock vs. The Dudley Boys - Table Match

    Angles says he wants Foley to pass a rule stating Triple-H can't touch him during the match and then leaves, followed by Triple-H. Kane and Benoit then jump Rock and The Undertaker stars to go back up the ramp but coms back to fend off Benoit. Kane then chokeslams The Rock and we cut to commercial

  • After the break, Foley comes out to state that if any of the feuding partners in the matches he's made for tonight refuse to help each other, he'll take away their matches at Unforgiven.

    Chris Benoit & Kane vs. The Acolytes
    KAne doesn't shoe for a minute or two and Benoit is double-teamed. Back anf forth between the teams until Bradshaw hits a powerbomb on Benoit who then walks out on Kane. The Acolytes then pin Kane after their double-team finishing move.

  • Backstage, Triple-H whines to Foley about not being able to take out Kurt Angle. He asked why he can't and Foley snaps, telling him that he's the commisioner, he doesn't care and if Triple-H doesn't do it, he'll take away his match at Unforgiven. Cut to commercial.

  • Back from commercial, a recap of the current Eddie/Chyna situation is shown, followed by another video where Eddie goes to the Playboy mansion to stop Hugh Heffner from running the pictures of Chyna. He doesn't even make it past the security guards at the door and is tossed of the property. We cut to Chyna who leaving her dressing room in a huff. Kevin Kelly tries to interview her, but she is too upset. Commercial

  • Back in the Arena, RTC comes out with Val Venis as it's new member. Steven Richards says that while they think Stone Cold Steve Austin is the epitome of what they're trying to get rid off in the WWF (drinking, flipping the bird) they had nothing to do with him getting run over. Val Venis then takes the mike and says he wasn't brainwashed by Steven and the RTC, but instead, Steven showed him that he had a need in his life. His new mission in the WWF is to help those who he turned his back on - the youth of America -- and rid the WWF of scantily-clad women. He calls out Rikishi & Too Cool, which gives us...

    Rikishi & Too Cool vs. Val Venis, The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan
    Back and forth to start. Rikish and Grand Master Sexay both beat down Venis in the corner, which sets up Scotty's Worm. Stinkface on Venis, but Eddie Guerrero runs in and sprays Rikishi in the face with something, causing Scotty to be distracted and allowing Val to hit him with a German suplex and a Michinoku driver for the pin.

  • Backstage, Trish Stratus pumps up T&A and we see Kurt Angle coming to the ring. Commercial

    T&A vs. Angle/Triple-H
    Angle starts and gets waylaid by Albert. Tags in HHH, who cleans house and forces Angle to come back in. Stephanie comes down to ringside and interferes by grabbing Test's ankle. Trish clobbers her, which brings Angle over for the save. Triple-H gets pissed by this and also gets distracted, allowing Test to plant him and get the pin.

  • Backstage, Tazz finds Foley in the woodshop (?) and asks for a release. Foley jokes around with him and Tazz gets upset, claiming that no one takes him seriously. Foley says that he's the only one who likes him in the WWF, so he sets up a match between Tazz and Lawler for Unforgiven and even adds on a stipulation that Lawler can't touch him until the PPV. Backstage, T&A celebrate with champagne and give Trish a wet T-shirt.

  • Christian & Edge come out to cut a promo about Austin and the Hardyz. They say that if they had a time machine, they would not only save Stone Cold, but would go to the future to meet the Hardy Boyz. But wait, they do have a time machine and they bring out the Hardyz & Lita from 2050. A couple of old men dressed like the Hardy Boyz and a old woman dressed like Lita come out. Too funny! Edge tries to spear them, but Mick Foley comes out to declare that the Tag Title match at Unforgiven will be in a cage! The real Hardyz and Lita come out to clear the ring. Commercial

  • We see a video of Saturn and Terri eating at WWFNY when a fan tries to get an autograph from Tori and is beat down by Saturn. Back in the ring we get...

    Saturn (w/Terri) vs. Steve Blackman [WWF Hardcore Title Match]

    Before the match, Tazz comes out in street clothes and sits in the seat behind Lawler and taunts him throughout the match...he even has his own sign ("TAZZ"). Saturn and Blackman have a garbage match that goes into the crowd, while Tazz pelts Lawler with popcorn and tags him with his sign. Terri gets taken out when Saturn tries a body block from the ring apron and Blackman gets the pinfall after a hitting Saturn with a trashcan.

    Undertaker is interviewed backstage by Kevin Kelly. He spits out some chaw and tells her that he'll help the Rock out tonight but will go after him full bore come Unforgiven. Commercial

  • Edge, Christian & X-PAC vs. The Hardy Boyz & Jerhico (w/Lita)
    The Hardyz & Y2J sneak up on their opponents during the ring intros. Back and forth until the Hardyz & Jerhico triple-team Christian, hitting the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb. X-PAC sneaks in and nails Jeff Hardy with the X-Factor for the pin.

  • Promo for Smackdown the Vote.

  • We go to commercial and some crew members set up a dining table on the stage for Steven Regal, who comes out and proceeds to teach the WWF fans some table manners, which he says they're sorely lacking. Big heat from the crowd for that.

  • Rock is interviewed by Lillian Garcia. Basically he says that he can't trust anyone, not even the Undertaker.

  • The Dudley Boyz vs. The Rock & The Undertaker - Table Match
    Rock and The Undertaker have control for a while, then the Dudleyz take over and D-Von hits the WAZZUP! Crotchbutt from the top rope and out come the tables. The Undertaker and The Rock tease the chokeslam and Rock Bottom through the tables, but the Dudleyz finally hit the 3-D on The Undertaker to get the win. Afterwards, Undertaker chokeslams the Rock through the other table.

    Benjamin Lesbian

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