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Guest columnist: Dave


Entertainment Center

Me and my brother went along, got tickets 2 days before hand. About a week out they put cheaper seats out, we still coughed up $45 a seat, but the guys on the floor paid 4 or 5 times that. Our guess is the arena was set up for about 8000. We reckon there was probably 7000 there. Doors opened at 7pm for an 8pm start. At 7:45 Penzer came out to the biggest pop he ever got and announces a special match before Nitro starts.

7:55 We have wrestlers.

Kwee wee with Paisley Vs Kidman.

Kidman gets a large pop. Back and forth match with Kidman getting the 1,2,3 after turning what I thought was the beginning of a backslide into a pretty cool looking drop. Time about 8 mins.

Commentators out 10 minutes later. Boos for Tony and The Mark, a mixed reaction for Stevie Ray. A "Mark Madden is Fat" sign gets a good pop. Nitro girls and some time wasting later we get our first Nitro match.

Elix Skipper Vs Rey Jr with Tygress

Big pop for Rey. Pretty good match apart from a blown ropes spot from Elix about 3 minutes in. 5 minutes in we have Torrie out to catfight with Tygress. Rey watches this and gets pinned soon after. Possibly as a result of a suplex.

We waste more time and come back with Natural Born Thrillers. Sanders talks for 3 minutes then The Cat comes out and talks for a couple of minutes. The Misfits come out, everyone in the ring, Cat starts to dance and punches Sanders out. Brawling for a couple of minutes with MIA and Cat victorious. Out of this we get a Cat Vs Sanders match and a "Down Under-wear" match Tygress Vs Torrie later.

Jindrak & O'Haire (Already in the ring) Vs Boogie Knights for the Tag team titles

Decent heat for Jindrak and O'Haire, nothing much for Alex but a solid pop for Disqo. Ref bump. Disqo hits the Chartbuster for the pin at 6:20. Sanders overturns the decision immediately, NBT beat down Alex and Disqo, first ref recovers, Sanders restarts the match. Immediate pins. Jindrak and O'Haire retain at 7:10 or so.

The Mark interviews Stacy in the ring, he's actually pretty good here. David Flair out 2 minutes later. Crowbar out shortly after. Flair beats down Crowbar which leads to an Awesome run in to beat down Flair. Later we get a Flair Vs Awesome Hardcore match.

Down Under-wear Match

Tygress wins in 2 minutes. Lady just behind me far from impressed with these 2 minutes of hairpulling and fish facing. Franchise out to cover up Torrie and manhandles Tygress. Konnan out for the save and beats down Franchise.

Jarrett out as Surfer Sting, pretty good comic heel promo stuff. 3 minutes later Sting down from the rafters to a huge pop. Scorpion Death Lock 3:10 Holds it for about 30 seconds as 3 refs convince him to let go.

Mike Sanders and Kevin Nash Vs The Cat and Booker T

Decent heat for Sanders again. Decent pop for The Cat. Huge pop for Booker and Nash. Cat gets the 1,2,3 on Sanders after 4:30. Booker T beats down Nash a bit before a Big Poppa Pump run in and beat down on Booker.

Vito Vs Goldberg.

Huge pop for Goldberg. 36.68 seconds from ding to 3. Goldberg starts off up the entry way. Johnny the Bull runs in and starts whacking Vito with a stick. Goldberg back in. Actually hits a pump handle suplex, on the second attempt, before the inevitable and apparently picks up another win. 2 wins in about 2:30.

Hardcore Match - Mike Awesome Vs David Flair.

Not much here. They use 1 trash can and 1 chair in the entire match. Awesome dominates and hits a running power bomb for 3 in 4:30. Sets up a table outside the ring to do it all again but Ric Flair comes out and tells him David's had enough so he stops.

Lance Storm with Team Canada Vs Konnan with Rey Jr and Tygress for US/Canadian Title

Good heat for Storm, nice pop for Konnan. Extras go backstage at the start. Konnan on top until a run in at 3:50, I think by the Franchise, pretty hard to tell from our seats. Storm gets the Single leg for a tap out and wins in 4:10.

Big Poppa Pump with Midajah Vs Sting

Loud, mixed reaction for BPP. Another Huge pop for sting. Big heat for Special Referee Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett gets shots in on Sting from the start, a few quick 2 counts but Sting is coping alright. About 6 minutes in Sting is down, Jarrett over for the count. The Cat comes out makes the save, late I'm pretty sure, and beats down Jarrett. New Special Referee is Booker T, to a huge pop. BPP over for the cover. Booker counts 2 and then gives him the double bird. Swing and a miss, swing and a miss, Axe kick sends BPP right into a Scorpion Death Drop for the 3. About 9 minutes. Sting and Booker leave. BPP then says something about "Kangaroo eating, Koala bear sucking assholes......" and gets huge boos before leaving.

Lights up and we are done at 10:33

People couldn't have cared less about nearly all of the promo segments. There were a couple of blown spots, but Skipper's was easily the worst. Sting and Nash got the biggest pops of the night, even though Nash was on the Heel team in the Tag match. The legal guys were involved in the pins for both tag matches. Pretty good "Russo Sux" chant during Sanders first promo.


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