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Guest columnist: Dr Dave


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Yes it's me I'm back again (Come on it's not that bad) to report the results and happenings of WCW's final Sydney show.

Now I'm not going to bore everyone with my pre show comments ("YES" "Hey I heard that")so I'll just get straight into things.

Show kicked off at around 8:00pm just like the night before

Penzer comes out and brings with him the Nitro Girls(all 3 of them!). I forgot to mention in my Thunder report that the girls danced about a dozen times during the ad breaks not that I was complaining.

Elix Skipper VS Kwee-Wee(w/Paisley)

-I'm REALLY starting to dig Elix for some reason. We get a nice little match between the two although some idiots tried getting a boring chant started which was not warranted. Finish sees Wee countering a Elix flying head scissors into a front face powerbomb. Looked pretty lethal live.

Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson VS Konnan & Tygress

-This match generated MASSIVE heat from the crowd. After Shane insulted us and the reaction we gave him, you could see that he hadn't had a reaction from a crowd like this for ages, so Shane pulled out every cheap heel tactic he knew and the fans totally ate it up. Shane worked the crowd so well it was scary. Match was good due to the heat from the fans. Finish sees Douglas hit The Franchiser on Tygress for Torrie to get the easy win.

General Rection VS Lance Storm [Canadian Title Match]

-Some more good heat for this one, with Storm doing the normal heel "I hate this country" bit. It worked like a charm. I was the only one in my area that stood up for the Canadian anthem, which generated embrassement from my friends. I was proud to show my support for Lance!. Anyway a fairly good match ends when Lance locks The Canadian Maple Leaf on Major Gunns and gets DQ'd.Cheap ending

The Cat(w/Ms Jones) VS Mike Sanders

-Crowd was dead for this one. Way too many rest hold from Sanders which showed his liking for gardens and other GREEN things. Sanders kisses Ms Jones which pisses The Cat off and gives him the Feliner for the easy win.

Countdown To Armageddon 22 Man Battle Royal(basically a poor man's Royal Rumble) where wrestlers entered at "30 second" intervals. Winner faces Booker T in the main event for the World title.

This was bullshit as the time varied from 40 sec to 10 sec. Order of appearance:
1)Disqo (Got a face pop of all things!)
2)Alex Wright (Came out to Berlyn's old theme!.)
3)Crowbar (Little reaction from the crowd)
4&5)Harris Boyz (Please kill me)
6)Mike Awesome (Still fairly over with the crowd)
7)Elix Skipper (It's his house!)
8)Kevin Nash (MASSIVE pop from the crowd. Crowd didn't care Nash was supposed to be the heel. Gets in and eliminates everyone in the ring just like Rikishi this year and Nash a few years ago)
9)Kwee-Wee (Gets killed by Nash)
10)Cpl Cajun (You know the drill, out by Nash in 10 sec)
11)Sgt A-Wall (Doesn't get eliminated by Nash surprisingly)
12)Big Vito (He and A-Wall eliminate Nash. Big boos for that)
13)Johnny The Bull (When Marmalukes Collide!)
14)Shawn Stasiak (Remember when he was doing Terri. Neither do I)
15)Chuck Palumbo (Remember when he used to dress as Lex Luger. NDI)
16)Jim Duggen (Nice pop for Hacksaw. He's still got it)
17)Lance Storm (YES my hero is back)
18)Konnan (Where's Juvi?)
19)Shane Douglas (Still generated monster heel heat from earlier)
20)Lt Loco (Poor poor Chavo)
21)Scott Steiner (Another massive pop. Kills everyone in the ring ala Nash and wins. Hey wait a second there was only 21 people in that. I feel robbed.Steiner will face Booker T in the main event

15 minute Intermission

Rey Mysterio Jr & Kidman VS Mike Jindrak & Sean O'Haire [Tag Titles]

-Kick Ass I get to see Rey and Kidman back together again. Thrillers actually have a good match compared to the shocker they had the night before. It shows just how well Rey and Kidman are to carry the two green boys. Real nice match ends when Sean hits his Seanton bomb on Rey. Good heat for Kidman and Rey

Jeff Jarrett VS Sting

-Without a doubt the match of the night. This match had incredible heat for both guys. Funny moment at the start when Sting sneezes and then says "sorry, I'm allergic to jackasses like you Slappy" Cut to the finish where Jeff misses the guitar shot and Sting quickly hits the Deathdrop to another MASSIVE ovation.

Goldberg VS Kronic [Handicap Match]

-Eh I don't really like any of the people in this match, but Goldberg gets a monster pop and the "Goldberg" chants were real loud. Sam Greco comes down to ringside and tried to jump the ropes to help Goldberg, but he gets caught up in the ropes and just hangs in the ropes for a while, while the crowd laughed it's ass off at him. He finally gets free and kicks Big Brian Adams in the head before Goldy hits the usual on both to make the fans happy. Weird moment at the end when Goldberg was walking back, some idiot fan spat at Goldberg twice right in his face, so Goldberg just wiped it back in the idiot's face which made me instantly like Goldberg. Security was over in a flash before anymore trouble could take place.

Main Event
Scott Steiner VS Booker T [World Title Match]

-Before the match Scott turned our Aussie,Aussie,Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! chants into Aussie,Aussie,Asshole which was pretty funny. He then went out and pulled a plant out from the crowd and hit him a few times. WTF a plant at a freakin house show, anyway two more morons thought it was real and tried jumping the rail but security and police soon stopped them before they were escorted out. Sucked in stupid morons. Anyway match ends when Booker slams Midajah(who had the ref's shirt on after a ref bump) and quickly hits the Book End on a distracted Steiner for the 1-2-3 by Little Naitch. Booker ends the show by touching everyone's hand in the front row and that's that.

A really good show which was way better than Thunder(no surprise there) due to the better matches and no ad breaks. After checking the net and seeing the likely Halloween Havoc card, I realised that most of the matches at the house show were the same. Kick Ass looks like I won't be getting HH after all(just joking I had no intentions of getting it anyway).

Biggest pops(no particular order)
Rey & Kidman
When the two morons were escorted out

Biggest Heat(no particular order)
Shane Douglas
Jeff Jarrett
Lance Storm

That's it I'm finished now ("About time" "I thought I told you to shut up").

Dr Dave

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