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WWF at the NYSE


Guest columnist: Scott Jennings


If it's in New York City, I'm your man on the scene...

WWF event at New York Stock Exchange
October 25, 2000
New York Stock Exchange, corner of Wall St. and Broad St., Manhattan, NY

This was a very cool event, much more than I expected from the quick hype it got on Raw on Monday. The ring was set up in front of the Exchange on Broad St., and the facade of the exchange was decorated with WWF, Rock, and Austin banners. Judging the crowd would be tough, since it was packed on Broad St. for the entire block and then some, but I'd guess about 1500-2000 people were jammed in.

Some events may be out of order; I'm working from memory, and it was too crowded for notetaking.

Match 1: The Dudley Boyz beat T&A with the Dudley Death Drop.

Match 2: Billy Gunn beat William Regal with the Fame-asser. (Scott tells me it was nontitle - whew! - CRZ)

Kurt Angle and Stephanie came out to cut a promo about his quick rise to the top, and about how the WWFE stock price will rise as ling as he's champion.

Match 3: Chris Benoit and Kane went to a no-contest when HHH ran in to attack Benoit. Benoit hit the flying headbutt right away for two, and Kane hit his "I-can't-tombstone-anymore" powerslam. As Kane was going for the chokeslam, Benoit blocked it and HHH ran in. After the match, HHH mugged for the crowd, and said that the WWF and New York had something in common: they're both number one. The crowd agreed.

Match 4: Tazz defeated Al Snow with the Tazzmission. After the match, Michael Cole came into the ring, and Tazz hyped Heat on MTV. Austin's music hits, Cole bails, and Tazz eats a stunner. Four corner salute from Austin follows.

Match 5: The Hardy Boys (w/Lita) defeat Lo Down when Matt pinned Chaz after the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb.

The Rock hit the ring for a promo, then "Real American" played and out came a guy in a bear suit, who mugged like Hogan. Takes me a minute, but I finally get it. Rock runs down the bear for causing volitility on Wall St., then offers the Hand of Friendship, which leads to the Rock Bottom. The Brahma Bull has taken over Wall St., you see.

Pretty cool event, not a bad way at all to spend a lunch hour.

Scott Jennings

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