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WWF in Detroit


Guest columnist: Jon Gagnon


Hey CRZ,

I just came from the WWF House Show in Detroit tonight, and I just wanted to let you know some of the stuff that went down.

First of all, The Dudley Boyzzz' tables were the most over thing the whole night. They ended up putting Christian through one via 3D after losing the tag title match.

The second notable thing of the night was Jericho vs. Angle for the WWF title. Angle won with a ballshot/small package combination. Jericho was pretty over, Angle had quite alot of heat to make it a solid match.

The thing you would have liked most was an Intercontinental title match between Benoit and Jeff Hardy, with Lita at ringside. Somewhere during the match Benoit suffered some kind of cut on his head, and was bleeding all over the place. He won it with the crossface, and Jeff tapped out right away. It was a VERY solid contest, akin to the one they had on RAW not too long ago.

and then there was my mark-out match...

Kane/Rikishi vs. ROLLINROLLINROLLINROLLIN & STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN.. Surprisingly, Kane got major face pops for his entrance. Rikishi even got a sizeable amount of cheers, which baffled me. This match saw Stone Cold mess around and pretty much just have a good time, it was some hilarious moments you'd NEVER see on TV. Undertaker hit his "old school" top rope move, and then tagged in Austin, who hit his own version...from the bottom rope. They proceeded to do the 10 punches in the corner, and 10 turnbuckle headshots. The drama finally built up to a hot tag to Austin, who cleaned house legit style, with some hokey looking offense. The end came with a KICK, a WHAM, and a Stunner (#3525626) on Rikishi to a huge pop from the not-even-close-to-being-sold-out crowd at the Joe. Then Austin and the Undertaker shared a few beers. Austin ended up drinking roughly 25 beers, I lost count pretty quickly.

The Fink sent us home and let us know that Detroit would next host the LAST SMACKDOWN BEFORE WRESTLEMANIA on March 27th! All and all, a great house show, and I'm actually glad the Rock didnt show up.

Jon Gagnon
Livonia, MI

P.S. - I think I'm the only one who really 'got it' when Austin pulled out the hokey punches and the bottom-rope made me think of all the Owen Hart stories about how he'd have similar fun in the ring. It was probably a better match for what it was than a super-intense, serious matchup would have been.

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