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WWF in St. Paul


Guest columnist: Mick


WWF House Show
at the NEW XCel Energy Center in
St. Paul MN.

Got there with my date about an hour before show time. Found our seats (row 11 baby!) and then went and grabbed food. The crowd was a little less than I expected, but this wasn't a overly advertised event. The crowd basically sucked most of the night. Didn't pop for much nor did they cheer/boo/stand up. We had some REALLY annoying smarts behind us who didn't cheer for anything. Homos.

Anyway, I'm doing this from memory so the match order might be out of place

Match 1: X-Pac vs. Bossman
Bossman is out first and insults the crowd. He's pretty damn funny in his old-school heel routine.
X-Pac didn't get nearly the pop I would expect him to get. Bossman spent most of the match hitting X-Pac in the neck. Ending came when X-Pac rolled up Bossman after Bossman went for a cocky pin attempt.

Regal came out at this point to insult the crowd. He said "for the next few weeks on television, I'll show your children how to behave." He stayed out to watch the next match of...

Match 2: Test vs. Albert
Albert is huge in real life. Decent power match that Test won with a boot to the face that missed by 5 feet. Oh well.

Match 3: Molly Holly vs. Ivory
Molly is hot. Regular woman's match followed, Ivory won with a roll-up and Steven helped out.

Match 4: Acolytes vs. RTC
RTC was Venis and Richards here. They cut a promo saying St. Paul would be alcohol free and that drinking was wrong. Acolytes came out and started kicking ass from the get-go.
Ending came as Farooq and Venis were fighting outside the ring and Richards was left alone with Bradshaw. Clothesline from Hell see ya. Bradshaw gave Richards a powerbomb after the match for the hell of it.

Match 5: Hardyz and Lita vs. Radicalz and Terri
Hardyz are way over. Lita is way over.
Cute bit as the crowd chants "Eddy sucks!" and Saturn runs to cover up Eddy's ears.
Awesome match with the regular Hardyz highspots. Jeff spends most of the match getting killed. Saturn hits a sweet frogsplash. Lots of stuff happens and Lita and Terri are alone in the ring, Twist of Fate, moonsault and that's it.
Saturn then does his best "Classic Mankind" impression by rocking in the ring with Terri in his arms. Pretty funny.

Match 6: Angle vs. Benoit
Pre-match Angle says "I'm freezing my Olympic testicles off." And "Benoit has about the same chance of winning the title as the Minnesota Vikings do of winning the Superbowl next year! Its true, its true!"
Benoit tried to be the face, but people don't like him very well. I thought this match was good. Crowd could have cared less. Benoit hit the headbutt twice, the rolling German suplexs, and the crossface. Angle tapped out, but the ref was distracted with Trish. Angle missed his moonsault and did a SWEET running belly-to-belly off the top (that's one of the pictures).
The end came as Benoit released the crossface, went over to say something to Trish and Angle hit the Olympic Slam.


Match 7: Dudz vs. RTC
RTC this time is Goodfather and Bull with Richards
Awesome bit as the Goodfather says "I use to sell cheap sex!" *crowd pops* "I use to parade around the ring with half naked women!" *crowd pops again* Goofather starts to look confused..."I use to say..ROLL A FATTY FOR THIS PIMP DADDY, LIGHT IT UP AND SAY..." *crowd goes insane* Steven comes over to stop him. Goodfather pushes him away. "Would you want me to see me roll a bi..." Steven stops him again and this time gets on his knees and begs the Goodfather to stop. This was all very funny and if Goodfather turns face, he'll get a monster pop. Anyway, this all ends with "I use to be like that...but it was WRONG!"
Dudz come out and the match starts. Lots of "tables!" chants. 3D gets the win for the Dudz.

Match 8: Hardcore Holly vs. Raven vs. Blackman
Usual hardcore match with garbage can/lid shots. Holly wins the title for about 30 seconds then the ninja runs out and hits him with something, Raven pins Holly to regain the title. Blackman then tossed his sticks to the crowd. Awesome.

Match 9: Debra comes out to do the ring announcing. Al Snow vs. The Big Show
Squash squash squash. Show wins with The Final Cut.

Match 10: Austin/Kane/UT vs. Rikishi/Haku/HHH
Wild brawl. Umm, too much stuff happened that I can't remember it all. Shorter match that I would have wanted, but oh well. UT does "OLD SCHOOL" and it rules. UT chokeslams Rikishi for the win.
NOW it gets good...
HHH is steaming, Austin sneaks up behind him...STUNNER! Beers start to flow. UT and Kane join in with Austin. HHH starts walking to the back...Austin comes up behind him and pours beer in his face. HHH gets "disoriented" and comes back to the ring. UT grabs him and tosses him into the ring. HHH staggers to his feet, STUNNER! More beer! HHH gets up again, wonders over near Kane, CHOKESLAM (all the while Kane is drinking beer)! MORE BEER. Earl Hebner starts in the beer drinking as Kane and UT head to the back. HHH gets up, Austin gives him a beer, they do the toast...STUNNER! HHH gets to his feet once again and this time won't accept a beer. (Actually I might have missed another stunner in here somewhere). Austin gets on the mic and says "HHH, we can't touch each other once we leave this ring. We had a hell of a match...we kicked your guys' ass, but it was still a hell of a match." HHH makes a "When I drink the beer I'll get a stunner" motion and Austin says "Come on. Don't you trust me? Let's let bygones be bygones." HHH grabs the mic "Right Austin. When I take a sip you'll give me another stunner." Austin: "If you think HHH can trust Stone Cold enough to drink a beer, give me a hell yeah!" Crowd "HELL YEAH!" HHH grabs the beer, he and Austin toast. Austin starts walking towards the other side of the ring, HHH charges, Austin moves, STUNNER! More beer for Austin, more beer dumped on HHH and that's the night.


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