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WOW Appearance by Clint Wolf


Caged Heat
(plus Clint - unleashed!)
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LA Comic/SF Convention
Convention Center
Pasadena, CA

First thing's first, I suppose. A number of you have emailed me, concerned because I had stopped posting on the chatboard... apparently taking this as another of the Seven Signs of the WOW Apocalypse.

Anyhow, the only real connection there is that there wasn't much new to talk about from my standpoint. I no longer have anything to do with the former except the occasional report, and my reports are about either tapings or live appearances in the LA area. Both of which have been sparse of late; so, I've been tooling around with other interests in the meantime. Since UPN dropped WOW for the time being, I couldn't even do show reviews if I wanted to... but since it's basically repackaged re-runs, I don't mind that. Matter of fact, I blasphemously skipped the 3/10 show since I knew ahead of time it was going to be repeats, and it was only a couple days later I found out WOW hadn't aired because of the promotional considerations bit. Lacking my usual live contacts I could only guess at what might or might not be happening. Well, I suppose I could have bugged the newly corporate Mike Sweetser (that's Mr. Sweetser to you, pal!), but I'd rather he kept working on the WOW site than have to take time out answering my silly questions. I also made a promise to myself awhile back that I wouldn't panic until and unless he started asking me about job opportunities in Southern California, and since he has not I'm holdin' steady.

Anyhow, finally 3/18 rolls around and the monthly Comic Book & Science Fiction convention is scheduled. It's been over a month since the California Speedway and about that long since I was really any kind of active in the WOW community; but now, time to dust off the camera, take up the notepad and sally forth for the faithful. Besides, it's Danger, Poison, and Caged Heat, four ladies who I've never really had the chance to talk with at length before. Plus the Pasadena Convention Center is literally all of 15 minutes from my house. And I might find some more deals on trade paperbacks.

All these factors thus conspire to drag my behind out of bed at 10:15am on a Sunday, despite having arrived in said bed about six hours before (those other interests mentioned above). Between shaving, showering, and other such recommended activities when preparing to hang around beautiful women, not to mention a stop at the bank for spending cash, I pull into the lot at 11:15. $7 for parking, which I have to shell out because it's Old Town Pasadena and there will likely be none for blocks. Not to mention I don't feel like driving around looking, or walking forth and back.

Interestingly enough, as I enter the Exhibition Hall I spy a notice saying the Center is undergoing a change of ownership from the Pasadena Convention Center Operating Company to something called the Boston Concession Group, Inc. I suppose it's not surprising considering the nearby Pasadena Plaza recently closed down after years of downward spiral. Inglewood's not the only L.A. community with public venue issues.

$5 at the door, plus a gaggle of people promoting upcoming movies. There's Tomb Raider, Josie and the Pussycats, and also something called 13th Street. I pass on a Tomb Raider poster because I think I would be deeply disturbed by having the deeply disturbed Angelina Jolie staring at me. I also pass on Josie, because I saw the trailer and not ONCE... ONCE, I tell you... did I see anything resembling a Space Station. 13th Street I partook in because they offered a sturdy totebag along with their goodies, the clever folk. The goodies were a mock-up coroner's kit... badge, chalk, latex gloves. Woo hoo!

Turns out 13th Street isn't a movie at all. You can go to if you're truly intrigued. Or more likely, just plain bored.

As this is a new venue I manage to wander right by the WOW area, forcing a staffer buddy of mine to come point my sorry, lost self in the proper direction. It's not as bad as it sounds... first off, the pretty WOW banner was apparently lost at the last appearance and so has been replaced by a less pretty cardboard sign. Also, Poison and Danger aren't in costume, although they're sporting new versions of WOW caps and t-shirts. I didn't ask if the sweatpants they wore were also WOW-branded. I am introduced as having written for wow-fan, causing me to be once again mis-identified as "the website guy" and have to explain otherwise. Either Mike has yet to meet the ladies in person (quite possible), or his ego just suffered a major blow as he reads this.

Now to rebuild Mike's ego, the conversation turns to all round praise of his efforts on which have actually made it a place to refer to for WOW news and content, not just a chatboard. It's always good to have employees that genuinely care about a product... not to mention I suspect Mike will always be eternally thankful to WOW for having gotten him out of Spokane.

A lady in between Danger and Poison is a new addition to the group. She has a Polaroid and is taking pictures for the wrestlers to sign, for $10. Poison has her promotional photos for $10 as well. Danger still doesn't have any, although she said she expects some to be printed within a few weeks.

Down to some more practical matters:

  • Next month's convention will not have any WOW wrestlers appearing, but this is due only to the fact that the promotional company who arranges the bookings will be in Denver at the time. There will be another appearance in May, but the wrestlers who will be scheduled are not decided on as yet.

  • Everyone present confirms what has already been posted on the website: that the "season" has ended and won't renew until Fall, and in the meantime WOW has been dropped from certain stations because they refused to pay a fee to air re-runs. Negotiations for a cable deal are continuing.

  • The Middle East tour is in 'maybe' status, as far as the wrestlers know.

  • WOW is on a training hiatus along with the tapings being stopped. They still will have leased space at the Forum, but Poison says the last training she did was two weeks ago and it's not supposed to pick up again until June. She mentioned it being mostly so people could heal up, since they'd been pulling four hours a day of practice banging around, as well as the shows themselves. On the one hand the WWF tours the nation and does a show almost every day... on the other hand, people like Jake Roberts and Brian Pillman are examples of the toll that sort of schedule sometimes takes. I would presume the ladies are free to continue training on their own in the meantime, if they want to and can find a ring to do it in. As far as a new taping date, they weren't sure, but there's going to have to be at least one prior to the new season.

  • This, incidentally, is cited as a reason the ladies are in casual dress... although Danger is still very much in kayfabe mode, running down the folks coming by with Lana shirts. And of course her "Did I just hear the 'R' word?!?" when I was talking with another fan and mentioned Riot. All in good fun, however... although she threatened to tackle Sweetser if his well-known Lana worship ever leaks onto the website. Pipe down, all you people out there wanting to be tackled in his place.

  • Speaking of which, Danger promised to make a return to the chatboards soon. I informed her it should be rather on the scale of the Second Coming given the faithfulness and dedication of her Dawgs in her absence. Poison also made noises about posting again, and I believe recently joined up on the "Poison's Paralyzers" yahoo club.

  • The April 8th PPV is most definitely canceled.

  • Danger quite enjoys posing for pictures with her fist is in your stomach. Fortunately most of the people there (myself included) had adequate to ample padding in the area.

    I took some time out to browse around before Caged Heat showed, spending far too much money in barely two displays before I caught a glimpse of orange back at the WOW table. Unlike Danger & Poison, Delta and Loca (no Vendetta) showed up in full garb, albeit with no "prison security" tagging along. Loca was operating on even less sleep than myself, but both seemed to be having a good time hanging out. They talked about how much fun they were having wrestling, despite the bumps and bruises. They've been friends for years and are also big wrestling fans... as might be expected, they cited the Dudley Boyz as a favorite and hope to meet them in person some day. Loca mentioned how her uncle in the Bronx always had either wrestling or a tape of wrestling on his TV, and messing with it was a good way to earn a love tap from his weight belt. For my part I mostly gushed about how awesome I thought they were in the ring, but they wuz down wit da Fanboy.

    Danger and Poison were still hanging out along with the Heat when I bid goodbye for the day. The usual suspect appearances: Big Bob, Rick (a.k.a. desperradorj, who I must publish at least a photo or two of to make up for earlier accidental exclusion), and Bob & Sean. Unusual suspect was an adorable little girl who came by to pose with both pairs. Even the mighty Danger had trouble standing firm before her sheer cuteness, despite the admission she was wearing pink because she "liked Lana".

    A fair number of fans filing through, with occasional slow spots. Many of course were concerned about WOW being off the air in L.A. and what the future held, many more had suggestions and criticisms. I have to say the idea of the day was Rick's suggestion that Riot and Danger have an evening gown match. No, not wrestled in evening gowns-- just that the loser has to wear a dress. Perhaps I'm just enamored with the picture of a glowering Riot or Danger in frilly prom chiffon.

    In any case, none of the ladies appeared to be overly worried about the company or their positions in it. The next appearances scheduled are on the 31st of March in New Jersey, which is a tad outside my range... so at this point I'd say nothing more from me until May, unless another local appearance crops up. Meantime I'll enjoy my own side of the hiatus and look forwards to Summer.



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