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WWF in Nashville


Guest columnist: John Brown


I was in Nashville on April 17 to see Smackdown! Here are the spoilers for Smackdown! and Heat:

Dark Matches:
(some of the names were hard to understand, so here's what I got:

Rico Constantino defeated Scott Vick

Randy Orick defeated Steve Whitley

Jeff Benjamin and Brock Lesnar defeated D.J. Pain and Shooter Shultz in a tag match

Sunday Night Heat:

Crash and Hardcore Holly (w/Molly Holly) defeated X-Pac and Justin Credible (w/Albert) Spike Dudley interfered, allowing Crash to pin Credible.

K-Kwik defeated Haku

Perry Saturn (w/Terri) defeated Raven when Guererro interfered


Regal called out Kane and 'Taker and berrated them for attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H. Regal then forces Kane to defend the Hardcore belt against Rhyno immediately. Rhyno comes out with Edge and Christian. 'Taker and Edge and Christian brawl with each other into the audience. Kane dominates until Austin and Triple H come out and beat him with chairs. Rhyno is then able to get the pin to become the new Hardcore Champion. Winner: Rhyno

Right to Censor (Val Venis, Bull Buchanon, Goodfather and Steven Richards) vs. The APA and Kaientai in an eight man tag match. Funaki starts out against Richards. Taka eventually scores the pinfall over Bull. Winners: Kaientai and APA

Kane and 'Taker cut an anti-Regal promo.

During break: huge USA vs. Canada chant for some reason.

Shane arrives in Limo.

Kane and 'Taker threaten Regal. He gives them a no DQ tag team title match vs. Edge and Christian. If they win, they get Austin and Triple H. Kane then burns Regal's office.

Grandmaster Sexay was looking at the European belt, and Guererro takes exception. This sets up a match between them and Guererro wins. Winner: Eddie Guererro

Austin and Triple H are mad at Regal for making the match. Vince enters and says he has some entertainment involving his son.

Lilian Garcia interviews Rhyno, Edge, and Christian. They cut a heel promo.

Vince comes to the ring. "Asshole" chants. Shane comes to the ring (he has his own entrance movie now). Shane quotes his "friend Foley" and tells Vince to "have a nice day!" We see footage of Vince talking to Big Show. Show is then called out. Vince says Show must decide between WCW and WWF, and shows footage of Shane during his fued with Show last year. Show starts to choke VInce but then chokeslams Shane to stay with the WWF.

Dudleys vs Beniot and Jericho in a table match. Regal comes out and announces a 30 minute submission match of Beniot vs. Angle for Backlash. He then announces a "Duchess of York(?)" match between Regal and Jericho.

Angle pushes Beniot off the turnbuckle through a table, allowing the Dudleys to win. Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Vince talks to E&C and wishes them luck, but he doubts if they'll need it.

Molly Holly cuts a face promo.

Kevin Kelley interviews Kane and Taker. Taker says E&C will lose thier belts for the 7th time.

Chyna squashes Molly Holly. Molly looks impressive early on. Winner: Chyna

5-minute submission exhibition: Angle vs. three "locals". Angle taunts them by laying down so they can put him in a submission move. Beniot comes out and locks him in the Crippler Crossface to a huge pop.

Edge and Christian (w/Rhyno) vs Kane and Taker: Kane starts against Christian. Eventually Kane and 'Taker win the belts, Rhyno, Triple H, and Austin all interferred. Austin and Triple H beat up Taker, but Kane made the save.

Thats what I saw

John Brown

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