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This is a weird open.

The Coach is in that mysterious control center that Marcelo always used to hang out in - and we've got a lot to cover today, but we'll start with revenge.

Revenge by the Dudleyz towards X-Factor, for what they did to Spike Dudley 9 days ago on Smackdown. This takes to last Monday, when Bubba took on X-Factor member Justin Credible. (1:45)

Later today, Vince says he won't grant a divorce, Triple H gets his rematch, but next, the RTC looks to change their ways by facing 

Tickets are on sale NOW for the Tyler, Texas show tonight, the 5/26 Salt Like City show, 5/27 Vancouver, Calgary (Raw) on the 28, and Edmonton (TV Taping) on the 29th.

9 days ago on Smackdown, the Big Show was supposed to team up with Kai En Tai against the Brothers of Destruction, but walked out on him. So, last Monday, they paid the APA to lay a beat down on Big Show. (The end of that match not shown.) So, "the newfound friends" Kai En Tai and APA teamed up to fight the RTC. (2:30) RTC's losing streak goes on.

Two teams that don't know anything about a losing streak are the San Francisco Demons and the Los Angeles Xtreme. Cue highlight package from Game 1. Man, I sure hope they don't show this on Jakked tonight. That game is tonight.

Later, Vince relieves fond memories between Shane and Big Show, but next, Vince has some words for Debra.

Two weeks ago on RAW, Vince got a taste of his own medicine, as Linda asked him for a divorce. Last Monday, Vince had a new found respect for the sanctity of marriage. Debra doesn't believe a word he says. Slap. "Women!" Austin has a problem with all this. (6:36)

Stone Cold's not gonna win "man of the year" awards after all that. Like what he did to Lita - which prompted Matt too punk him out. Taking advice from Triple H (not shown), Steve Austin appeared to leave (:19), but we'll find out more about that later.

Coming up, Vince has some words of encouragement to Big Show ("you are the single biggest disappointment in the history of this business"), but next, the rematch.

Castrol Jeff Hardy Winning The IC Title Of Nine Days Ago

And then here's the rematch video package from Smackdown. Austin beats up Matt Hardy again, Triple H hits a low blow again, the Hardyz get beat down and the Brothers of Destruction make the save for Lita again. Then, 2 days ago, Kane starts of with a hardcore title defense, but ends up with a hurt arm and less gold. (5:27)

Coming up, Kane as pyromaniac, but next, tag team table action.

Tomorrow morning on WWF Superstars, we go to Washington DC to a school, with the Dudleyz, Albert and Tazz.

JVC double submission and save by Benoit of Last Monday.

Once they were bitter enemies - but now, by necessity, they're a team. To break them down, Regal scheduled them in a table match - and set up a couple special tag matches. Angle interfered here, so Benoit paid him back during the submission exhibition. (3:12) Take a graphic and a rules explanation. I thought you just tried to get points and pins in amateur style, not really submissions, but what do I know. Also, Jericho vs Regal. 

Next on Live Wire, "which way did he go"? 

Last week's Livewire/ poll question was "Which is the most lethal submission maneuver?"

Chris Jericho's Walls of Jericho 45.5%
Chris Benoit's Crossface 28.4
Kurt Angle's anklelock 22.9
William Regal's Regal Stretch 3.5

This week's question: "Who do you think will win in the 30 minute Ultimate Submission match at Backlash?"

Here's a look at the upcoming Live WWF Announcers. Selected events are presented by Corn Nuts!

Last Monday, the owner of the other company talked to Shane - we cut out right before that part. 2 days ago, Vince, Shane and Big Show have a chat, and Big Show decides to stay with the WWF. (5:49) Last Man Standing match at Judgment. Show is the "biggest man ever in the genre", because I guess we can't say sport.

Coming up next, the Brothers of Destruction must go through the Brothers of 7 Tag Team Titles before they can get to the Not Really Brothers In Any Way.

Earlier, we saw how Kane lost the Hardcore Title, and that didn't please them at all. They convinced Regal to give them a match with Edge & Christian. Christian says they always get by big obstacles. "We have a plan that reeks of awesomeness!" The plan may have been "work on Kane's hurt arm" or it may have been "get people to interfere", but whatever it was, it didn't quite work out. My tape runs out about a minute early but I'll estimate (4:45) and assume Coach said "See you on Superstars!"

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