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What a week - three titles change hands in one week. Welcome to Superstars - Triple H is the new IC champ, Kane and Taker are the new Tag Team champs and Rhyno is the Hardcore champ. More on that, and how it affects Backlash. Also, the "x-cellent finish" of the XFL's first season. And WWF superstars go back to school to help underprivileged kids. And William goes down under. 

But, let's start with Kai En Tai? Sure, okay. They had their problems with the Big Show on Smackdown two weeks ago, then got help from APA on RAW, but Show still wins in this clip. Elsewhere on that night, Steven Richards promises to win the Hardcore title - but even with RTC's help, the Undertaker and Kane lay them out and keep the Hardcore title. RTC's losing streak goes on - and now these two separate stories collide into a 8-man tag on Thursday. TAKA pins Bull Buchanan, while RTC's frustrations continue to mount. (2:46

The WWF is in town today in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Still to come - which will he go? And WWF Superstars get real.

Why does Kevin Kelly do the voice-overs on this show as if he's reading to a small child?

There are few similarities between the Dudleyz, Tazz and Albert in side the ring, but they're putting aside their differences to help launch the WWF's new Get Real program, and cameras followed them to their first trip, a junior high school in the Washington D.C. area. All the WWF guys are wearing their free XFL gear, odd. All four guys came from tough neighborhoods, so they want to give back. The Real from Get Real stands for Respect, Esteem, Achievement and Leadership. The guys encourage them to stay in school and the usual stuff. The principal says the kids won't ever forget. Bubba tells the kids they can do whatever they want. Bubba quotes the Rock! If just one or two listen to them, they succeeded. (Of course, they failed for 298 other kids, but oh well.) The kids (they got WWF t-shirts!) talk about how they liked them coming and they're going to make the right choices. Tazz says it was a very cool day. (3:15)

William Regal visits Sydney, and up next, Benoit and Jericho fly high in a table match against the Dudleyz, but the Olympic Champion shoots them down.

Die JVC Boom Box, DIE. I still can't believe Angle didn't die taking that German Suplex

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho were once fierce rivals, but being two of the biggest targets in the WWF, they've formed a partnership based on necessity, if nothing else. In punishment for their beatings on Angle and Regal on RAW, they get to face the Dudleyz and have stipulation matches on Backlash. And then Angle interferes. And then Benoit interferes in Angle's submission demonstration. You gotta wonder what will happen at Backlash. (4:41) Will Benoit be able to counter Angle's wide array of moves? (That doesn't sound right.) And then the match with the rules we don't know.

Later, Triple H looks for revenge on Jeff in the ring, Austin looks for it out of the ring on Matt. Next, it's the million dollar game.

Tennessee Titian Jevon "the Freak" Kearse was at Smackdown, which provides a decent lead in for the XFL highlights. We see Dick Butkus handing over the trophy - you can barely see Vince's head back there. "Come see us next year!" (2:32)

Next week on WWF Superstars - we go to Morocco for your first look at the Rock's starring role in Scorpion King. 

Two weeks ago, Linda said she wanted a divorce. Perhaps that will have an influence on Backlash? A few days later, Vince responds on RAW. I should just stick the time from Livewire here and keep on going. (5:49)

Next, Regal in Australia. This is an exchange program for Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles.

WWF Live Calendar. One week from tonight, it's Backlash. Selected live events are presented by Corn Nuts!

Marilyn Manson (look, I bothered to spell the name right!) Undertaker and Kane. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

The Undertakers and Kane are known as the Brothers of Destruction. And Destroying is what Kane's monster truck does. It, and other WWF monster truck cars opened up the NY City Auto show. Taking it in was the NY Mayor - and as for the WWF leader, Commissioner William Regal (that was a forced segue), he's still a goodwill ambassador, so he's got to go to foreign lands to say hello. Recently, he went to Sydney, Australia for the first time ever. He rides a boat! He went to the opera house, which isn't quite Regal's estate but still rather nice. "It's a wonderful feeling to be loved by so many!" Then he talks to the media - he gets a Regal chant. "It just goes to show that I am the right person to be commissioner." Then to an autograph session. (3:00)

Next, The Two Man Power Trip try to take out Undertaker and Kane - were they successful?

Slam of the week is not a slam, it's a fricking chair shot you fricking liars.

Jeff Hardy winning the IC Title was the upset of the year so far. And then this Rematch video package again. And then on to Smackdown. Wow, my tape runs out at nearly the same point in the match here too. We'll say (~8:00) here and that's it for this show.

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