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WWF in Denver


Guest columnist: John Brown


Pepsi Center
Denver, CO

Jonny X will play your spoiler today. The weird thing about it was I was sitting there taking notes during the show wondering: "What the hell am I doing? What kind of nerd am I?" But then I realized that it's all for the good of the Internet wrestling community, so I felt better.

Dark Matches:
Steve Bradley def. Scott Vick with an inside cradle.

Jerry Lynn def. Rick? Steele with a second rope legdrop. The crowd was way into Jerry Lynn and was glad he got the duke. This was by far the best dark match.

Jeff Michaels def. Derrick Something (sorry, couldn't hear his last name). These are two local indy guys and they were nervous. A few botched spots led to a boring chant, to which the wrestlers ended the match when Michaels slipped out of a Curtain Call and rolled up Derrick for the win.

Sunday Night Heat: (UK only? - CRZ)
Lita def. Molly Holly. Lita got one of the loudest pops of the night upon her entrance, and received an even louder one when the shirt came off and she hit the moonsault for the victory.

Billy Gunn def. Saturn w/Terri. One thing is for certain: Denver loves Billy Gunn. Saturn's only heat of the match came via some low blows. Billy wins with the One and Only.

Raven def. Justin Credible. Raven hooked in the tarantula at one point for a personal mark-out moment and won with the Evenflow.

The Holly Cousins def. APA Hardcore pinned Bradshaw after three minutes of action. Acolytes controlled most of the match, but Hardcore hit his new extra impact spinebuster to score the pinfall.

Michael Cole entered to a decent pop, but it dwarfed in comparison to the one Tazz got.

William Regal & Kurt Angle def. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit under Duchess of Queensbury rules. Regal said those were the rules, but never explained them. Anyway, this was a pretty good old-school style tag match to which everyone hit his finisher in succession only to have the subsequent pin attempt broken up. The match ended when the Regal Stretch and the Anklelock were applied simultaneously drawing the DQ. However, under Duchess of Queensbury rules, that's allowed giving Regal and Angle the duke.

Recap city baby, as we revisit the last two weeks of television. Vince sets up for tonight: Kane VS Edge & Christian, Undertaker VS Right to Censor, and HHH and Austin VS Mystery Opponents

Matt Hardy def. Eddie Guerrero to become the new European Champion. After the requisite pier six due to all the bodies around ringside, Lita climbed up and hit the hurricanrana on Eddie setting up the Twist of Fate scoring Matt the victory. Big kiss at the end made all the little girls happy.

Commissioner Regal sets up Matt Hardy to face both Eddie Guerrero and Christian at Backlash for the European Title.

Kane def. Edge and Christian via DQ. Edge and Christian worked on Kane's injured arm most of the match, but their frustrations got the better of them causing them to employ the Con-chair-to drawing the DQ.

Rhyno def. Test in a successful Hardcore Title defense. This one went to the back where Big Show jumped Test and yelled something indecipherable at him. Rhyno covered him for the pin.

X-Factor comes to the ring for a promo. They hype the match at Backlash against the Dudleyz, which of course draws them out. Big brawl ensues, and Spike nails the Acid Drop on Credible while X-Pac takes the 3-D.

Undertaker def. Right to Censor. Taker basically beat on these guys for a while until Steven cleared the ring of his contemporaries. He then took the Last Ride to lose.

Stone Cold & Triple H VS ???
comes out dressed in Avalanche jerseys pleasing the locals. This one never even got started before the Brothers of Destruction entered and beat on Stone Cold and Hunter. The show will probably close with HHH and Austin walking backwards up the ramp.

All in all, not a bad show. Please check out World Parody Federation at if you like wrestling parodies. Peace out, and enjoy the show.

Jonny X

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