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Guest columnist: Drew Hart


Freedom Hall
Louisville, KY

Before dark matches some punks from the crowd hold up a "Pitino Sucks" sign and a "Tubby Rules" sign to a big mixed reaction sincethere are plenty of UK and UofL fans in attendance. Security takes them away.

Dark Matches:

Nick Dinsmore vs. Leviathan - pretty much an exact replay ofthe match I saw in Cincinnati last night except Leviathan had on redtights. Leviathan wins with his poweroffense. IMHO, Leviathan has a good "look" to him, but he is still a little slow and green.

Rico Constantino vs. Randy Orton - again a total replay ofthe dark match from the previous night's RAW. Good match, Orton wins with an impressive move. Sorry, I don't know a lot of "official" movenames.

The next match was taped for the OVW local show.

OVW Southern Tag Team Championship: The Disciples of Syn(champs) w/Syn vs. the Minnesota Stretching Crew. MSC looked really good. The K-Kwick looking guy was really quick and fluid. The Roided up one did a somersault onto oneof the Disciples for the win and the tag straps. Biggest reaction was to Syn getting slammed by the MSC. Violence against women RULES orsomething. Good match.


The Coach and Michael PS Hayes come out. No "Badstreet" tho, dammit.

Test beats the 1 Billy Gunn. Gunn was almost heelish working Test's DDPish taped upribs. Test kicked out of the fameasserand pumphandle slammed Gunn for the win.

Teddy Long comes out to ref to a nice little "Teddy" chant

Dudley Boyz defeated Buchanan and Goodfather of RTC. Wassup but no tables. Crowd was disappointed.

Val Venis defeated Steve Blackman. Both went Big Poppa Pump on us with Val dropping an elbow, doingsome pushups and pointing to his muscles. Blackman returned in kind. Atone point, Blackman skinned the cat and grabbed Val with his feet and pulledhim over the top rope. Prettycool. Can't remember how Val won, butI'm pretty sure he did.

X-Factor defeated Kaientai and Raven. We got the "indeed" promo. I tried to run around to the side and get my "indeed" sign on tv, but doubt it worked.

Ryhno gored the hell out of Grand Master Sexay. Christopher, much like his awesome father,will always be over in Louisville.

Not a bad edition of Heat I would think. All the matches went 3-4 minutes, which is alifetime these days. We'll see I guess.


Cole and Tazz come out to "My Way" arrrgh

The Hardyz and Eddy Gurrerro defeated Dean Malenko, PerrySaturn and Jerry Lynn. Very good andlonger match (possibly 5-6 mins). Eddyputs Dean into a submission maneuver for the win. Hardyz still don't trust Eddy.

In the Commissioner's office, Regal confronts Stone Coldabout the events of Monday night. Itseems that the injury was a hoax. Austin plays dumb.

Bradshaw defeats the Big Show. Test came out and distracted the Show, Bradshaw hits theClothesline from Hell.

Undertaker storms Stone Cold's dressing room andattacks. Security breaks it up. Austin says he doesn't know a thing aboutit. He says it must have been HHH.

Undertaker storms Regal's office and demands HHH in a NoHolds Barred match when he and Steph arrive. Regal gives in.

Regal and Angle come out. Angle says his match with Benoit will be a straight up wrasslin'match. Benoit suggests a 2/3 fallsmatch with the first fall being a strait match, the second being a submissionfall. If they're tied, the 3rdwill be a ladder fall with the medals suspended above the ladder. Gee, I wonder if the 3rd fallwill be necessary?

Benoit and Rikishi defeat Regal and Angle. Good match. Benoit gets laid out at one point and Angle goes to the (lavender)tights and peeks inside. He doesn'tlike it, but reaches in and pulls out his jewels, oh wait, his medals. He is so happy to have 'em back, he kissesthem, then realizes what he's done and spits. Funny stuff. In his celebration,Benoit wakes up and gets Angle in the crossface. Kurt struggles awhile, but ultimately had to drop the medals andtap out. Benoit once again, abscondswith the medals.

HHH and Steph arrive and are given the cold shoulder by allthe "boys"

Apparently there will be a Tag Team Turmoil match atJudgment Day to determine the #1 contender for the tag straps. A lot of teams will be there. Should be.....interesting.

Heyman wonders what HHH was thinking making the Undertakermad that way. HHH doesn't know whatHeyman is talking about.

About this time some punk who had been trying to get girlsto lift their tops all night apparently accosted some 12-year old girl. Her father took exception, and threw downthe punk-out card. The punk found outwho her Daddy was. Both guys were takenaway by security. I got a few good picsof it too.

Chyna defeated Molly Holly. No bazooka tonight. Lita comesdown and raises Chyna's hand. Eddy thencomes down in some very bad overalls and looks the ladies up and down.

HHH yells at Austin for putting the Undertaker on histrail. Austin says HHH has lied plentyin the past and is probably lying about having nothing to do with the hoax.

Edge defeats Jericho. Christian calls him "Y Tool J" and they make fun of his concussion fromthe conchairto. Jericho ducked an Edgechairshot, but ended up Lionsaulting on it later which led to Edge getting the win.

Regal verbally punks out HHH and says he deserves the noholds barred match against the Undertaker for messing with his family likethat. My spider-sense has been tinglingabout this all night, and I'm sure I wasn't alone.

Jericho tells "Vivian" Garcia that he'll find a partner andget in the Tag Team Turmoil match just to ensure E&C don't win.

Steph and Debra have a discussion. I FFWID, oh wait, it waslive. I couldn't.

Bob Holly (w/new music) defeated Spike Dudley. Crash tried to help Bob win, which peevedBob off. He still won and left Crash totake a 3-D from the Duds.

Steph remembers Austin borrowing HHH's cell phone which wasapparently used to make the calls.

"If ya smell".....oh its only the Rolling Stone with the Rockon the cover. Crowd totally thought theRock was coming out.

HHH defeats Undertaker in no holds barred match. I was surprised we got this with Taker's earand all. Good match. Taker was about to give HHH the tombstone onthe ring steps he had thrown in the ring, but Austin comes on the Oval-tron(which is to the right this week) and says he made the calls, and to prove itcalls "Sara'Taker" right now.
Austin says he couldn't do it alone, no he needed a partnerin crime, one who is behind you right NOW!!!! HHH punks out 'Taker with the chain and Stone Cold comes out and helpsHHH win. Kane comes out to scare offthe 2-Man Power-Trip. Show ends.

I totally missed the stairs being removed for 'Taker'sentrance.

I enjoyed RAW live in Cincy last night better, but a goodshow. I got to see Kaientai, theDudleyz, and the Undertaker wrestle which we didn't get last night.

Lots of fights towards the end, and a big one broke outduring the main event when HHH and 'Taker were fighting into the crowd. Wild stuff.

Not a great crowd tonight, don't know how well it will comeoff on tv, but some good matches for Heat and SmackDown!. Hope these results help.

Drew Hart
(ezboard: DrewDeuce)

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