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Guest columnist: Drop


Hey all. Me and three friends attended Smackdown! at the Baltimore Arena this past Tuesday night, so I thought I would give you all a rundown of matches without giving away the overall endings and such ('cuz Y-Pac hates spoilers and after his last column, the last thing I want to do is piss him off).

If you know anything about the Baltimore Arena, you know that it's old and small. The chairs aren't that comfortable and the place was hot as hell. But the close confines make for a very loud and hype show. So without further adieu, I give you

Drop's Y-Pac-Friendly SmackDown! Preview

Dark Matches

The Haas Brothers defeated the Inferno Kid and Sean _________. This was decent action that went back and forth and included the Haas Brothers combining to perform a simultaneous Boston Crab and Camel Clutch on one of their opponents.

Some Guy from Baltimore defeated Chad _________. Damn those jackasses!! This match had a few blown spots, but the crowd was happy with the hometown win.


Taka v. Jeff Hardy for the Light Heavyweight Championship

Ivory v. Jackie

X-Pac and Justin Credible v APA.

Good Father and Bull Buchanan v. The Dudley Boyz


Edge and Christian v. Benoit and Jericho for the Tag Team Championship

At this point, the drunken jackasses threw an empty beer cup down below, damn near incited a riot and generally causing a major commotion. They denied their way out of it a avoided being tossed by security. Unfortunately.

Matt Hardy v. K-Kwik for the European Championship

Kurt Angle v. The Undertaker I, too, missed seeing the stairs move. Damn.

Test v. Rhyno for the Hardcore Championship

Crash v. Tajiri

Albert v. Kane for the Intercontinental Championship

Spike Dudley v. StoneCold for the WWF Championship

Overall, the show came off a very entertaining, IMO. Let's see what it looks like on Thursday, shall we?

Totally Unrelated

By now, those of you who regularly read know I'm a comic fan. Bear with me while I share a comic book anecdote:

Once upon a time there were two heroes. A dynamic duo, if you will. They were inseparable. Always together, racing in the Batmobile, hanging out and fighting crime. They were Batman and Robin. For years, everything was copasetic and they matured together as they worked. Except for one problem: Robin got older, Batman barely noticed. Until one day, they started to argue. Robin didn't always see things Batman's way anymore. He had his own vision of crime-fighting and having fun. He felt the need to strike out on his own and make his own way. So after one argument too many, he turned in his Robin costume and became Nightwing. Now, Nightwing was like Robin, but not. He was older, changed, different. The same person fundamentally, but not. He definitely didn't get along with Batman on a regular basis anymore, even though they still had the same ideals in mind. Nightwing simply got tired of being seen as a sidekick so he left the Robin costume for the next agreeable, yes-man to don and went his own way. And Batman found a new Robin. Someone new to wear the uniform and play the part of the sidekick that Batman knew so well and needed so much. Nightwing wanted things to change, but Batman seemed stuck in a time warp. The part of Robin was one that Nightwing just couldn't play any longer. He was too old. The costume didn't fit anymore. It was too tight. And so they both moved on. But fighting crime wasn't the same for either man. The vibe just wasn't what it used to be; it wasn't what they were used to. But Nightwing couldn't be worried about all that. He was on his own now. Making his own path. Forging his own legacy. Blazing his own trail. And while it felt weird not to ride with Batman anymore, it felt better to be his own man. No matter what.

Here's to Nightwing.

I'm out.


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