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WWF in Tucson


Guest columnist: Ben Leatherman


Tucson Convention Center
Tucson, AZ

The TCC Arena was sold out and the crowd was hot, which is what happends when you run only one or two shows a year in a market like Arizona. .

  • Spike Dudley beat Rico Constantino after hitting the Dudley Dog/Acid Drop. Comedy match. Rico did a few *sweet* moves, such as a crisp moonsault. Spike was still wearing his neck brace.

  • Brock Lesnar beat Perry Saturn hitting a big powerslam. Lesnar is channeling the spirit of the Ultimate Warrior or something. He wiped the floor with Saturn using a lot of power moves, such as a press slam and such. He did a Death Valley Driver and the X-Factor/Vampiro Spike during the match, which was cool.

  • Billy & Chuck won their match against the APA. Billy and Chuck Palumbo got tremendous heat, for the whole gay thing. The APA blew the roof off the joint. After they came out, they fled the ring and Bradshaw cut a promo on Billy Gunn, saying “What the hell happened to you Billy? used to ride bulls and now you ride Chuck.” The APA hit their usual moves (Fallaway Slam, Clothesline from Hell) but Billy & Chuck got the win by nailing Faarooq during a pin attempt and got the 1-2-3.

  • William Regal pinned Edge in an Intercontinental Title match after hitting him with the brass knucks. Will Edge ever learn. Same match as at the Rumble and on Raw. Edge gets a lot of offense, but Regal sneaks in the brass knuckles while the ref is distracted.

  • The Undertaker choked The Big Show into submission. Big face pop for Taker until he ripped on Tucson for some cheap heat. Big stall fest at the beginning. Taker almost got into a fight with referee Tim White while Show was down. Taker got Show into a chokehold/headlock for the win.


  • Mr. Perfect and The Big Boss Man beat Randy Orton and Crash Holly. The crowd really got on Boss Man in the beginning, until he told them to shut up. The heels double-teamed Orton in the end and Hennig hit the Perfectplex for a big pop and the win.

  • Trish Stratus pinned Jazz in a Women’s Title match. Massive heat for Jazz and a great pop for Trish, who came out to Torrie Wilson’s music – which was nothing, since they later played Stone Cold’s ols theme music instead of his current one. Trish hit her crappy bulldog for the win.

  • Kurt Angle beat Rikishi. “YOU SUCK!” “WHAT?” “YOU SUCK!” “WHAT?” in time to Angle’s music. Great. Just like on TV. Another comedy match. Kurt almost pulled Rikishi on top of him in a sunset flip, but changed his mind given the reputation of the stinkface. Rikishi did the Big Butt Splash on Kurt and then went for the Yokozuna Drop, missed and Kurt pinned him.

  • Stone Cold pinned Booker T. The match was no DQ, which allowed Big Boss Man to do a run-in. Stone Cold came back and hit two Stunners on Booker for the pin. Afterwards, he Stunnered the Boss Man and shared beers with the ref. He also sang the Beverly Hillbillies theme and talked about how he was going to Reno, Raw and Smackdown to kick some ass and drink some beer.

    Pretty entertaining night for a B-Team House Show.

    Benjamin Leatherman
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