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Guest columnist: Dana Lee


Blue Cross Arena
Rochester, NY


This is long time reader Dana Charles Lee (Weinerville Alias -> DirkLurker) reporting to you with an onsite Smackdown, Jakked/Metal report. I'm not exactly scooping anyone, but here are some results and happenings from tonight.

Live from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York April 2nd,2002. Start time 7:30 EST.

First impressions: no noticable change to the Smackdown set as the giant fist is still there.

We start off with the obligatory Desire video and in what will be a telling sign of the night: every time Hogan is shown in the Desire video, the place comes unglued. It's scary.

Tony Chimel gets on the microphone saying that the following matches are being taped for Jakked and Metal so here you go:

1st match : Rikishi vs. Chris Harvard
The mutual respect theme is played throughout this match as when one man would knock the other down, he would help his victim up. They went on for a few times until Harvard punched Rikishi in the gut after Rikishi helped him up. Rikishi eventually won with the Banzai Drop after the crowd-pleasing Stinkface.

2nd match : D-Von Dudley vs. Jerry Tuen (sp?)
Very loud pop for Bubba's brother as he squared off with his opponent, who had tattoos on his chest, left and right thighs, and his back if I remember correctly. Tuen (sp?) got a lot of offense in against D-Von as the crowd was very into D-Von, chanting for Tables and chanting his name a few times. The Whassup Headbutt from the top rope finished off Tuen after a decent match.

3rd match : Women's Title Match - Ivory vs. Jazz (c)
Jazz pretty much squashed Ivory here and made her submit to her killer STF after about 5 minutes of very stiff action for a ladies match.

4th match : Lance Storm vs. Faarooq
Faaroog got a similar pop to what D-Von received earlier in the night, and he really seemed to enjoy the reception. Storm showed off some nice moves, but Faarooq took advantage of Storm's arrogance after some of these moves and gave him the SpineBuster for the pinfall.

The Godfather comes out for what seems to be a match with only one escort in tow. This seemed strange and here's why. The Godfather complained about the lack of business and support he has received since he's gone legit, so he is getting out of the game. He then fires his remaining lady, which brings out the Big Valbowski. He reminds the Godfather of the good times they've had together and says that he should return to his pimpin' ain't easy ways. He then does his Rick Rude imitation with the Godfather's Ho, leading to the Godfather hitting the Big Valbowski with the microphone, and leaving to a chorus of boos.

5th match : Hurricane & Sho Funaki vs. Chavo & Hugh Morris
Enjoyable match as Chavo and Hugh beat the hell out of Sho, and Helms tried to chokeslam Chavo and Hugh at the same time. Nice to see Chavo performing again. Chavo pins Sho after a brainbuster.

At 8:30 EST it's time for SmackDown!

Strangely, Lilian Garcia is absent and thus no one sings the National Anthem. Also, Chimel does not hawk merchandise once before or during the tapings.

Michael Cole comes out to a pretty good pop. The drama over who will be his partner ends as Tazz comes out dressed to kill with a suit with an orange hankerchief in his left breast pocket. Suprising to see him dressed that way to say the least.

Vince states that since he won the coin toss for the draft, he also has the right to name the #1 contender for Backlash.

Angle comes out to state his case in a very funny promo. Y2J interrupts, reiterating the fact that he deserves a rematch, saying the triple threat he had on Raw 3/25 did not count because Stephanie lost and not him.

The Rock then interrupts Y2J and asks the crowd who they believe should get the title shot: Angle, Jericho or Hogan? Extremely loud cheers for Hogan. If Ya Smell and then a commercial...

1st SD Match : Tag Team Titles - Scotty 2 Hotty & Albert vs. Billy & Chuck (c) (with Rico)
After S2H and Albert enter the ring, a backstage vignette airs with them talking about their title match tonight. Strange. Normal B&C match as Rico gets involved, giving S2H a spin kick which allows I believe Chuck to get the pin. After the match, Scotty and Albert catch Rico for the W-O-R-M. Well, after "M" Albert gives Scotty his bicycle kick and eventually delivers the Baldo Bomb to officially break up the dancing fools.

TE2 commercial
7-11 commercial with RVD (pretty enjoyable, not "GET YOUR OWN, SUCKKA!!!!" funny, but still funny)

Vince backstage interview with a new guy Mark Lloyd where Vince tells us his choice for #1 contender. It's Hogan.

Cut to the back with Jericho upset about the choice. He runs into the Rock and blames him for bringing up Hogan's name saying that not only is Hogan a has-been, but he is a never was. In fact, he couldn't even beat you, he says to the Rock. He then begins to recap all the times he has beaten the Rock, where the Rock interrupts him and says "Why don't you try to beat the Rock tonight?"


2nd SD Match : Christian vs. DDP
No pyro for Christian which predictably makes him upset. Finish to this match happens after a near fall for Christian, which evolves into him throwing a temper tantrum. DDP comes up from behind, believing he has the easy Diamond Cutter, but it seems that Christian has this temper tantrum planned in advance and takes advantage of DDP, getting the Impaler (WWF No Mercy for the N64)/Tamikaze finisher for the 1,2,3.

Angle/Edge exchange backstage
Very funny encounter as Edge and Angle talk about old times, but Edge has played a trick on Angle. Look for "P.S. I Have No Testicles" on Thursday. You'll get it then.

hHh is walking! (tm CRZ)

commercials (a lot of damn commercials for a taped show!)

hHh promo which leads to the much anticipated/dreaded return of the Yellow and Red. Crowd follows along with hHh catchphrase(s) and Hogan's "Whatchu gonna do?" Sure, four months from now, we are all going to be absolutely sick of the man, but it sure was nice to see the man in person rocking the yellow and red. It's similar to the WcW Hulkster color scheme and outfit, but with a tye dye mix of the colors. Not to mention a yellow "Hollywood" belt.

It felt like 1985 all over again.

After Hogan poses for a few minutes, he goes to leave and is interrupted by Vince, who tells him that he created Hulkamania and that he also gave him the title shot.

3rd SD Match : Edge vs. Our Olympic Hero
Short match with one memorable sequence: Angle gets caught into the ropes and is unable to escape and Edge gives him two spears. Angle escapes and grabs a steel chair and gets the DQ. A closeup of Edge shows that he is cut open over the left eye.

Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman are backstage, reminiscing over the times that they had in WcW. Kidman wishes her and Tajiri luck in the upcoming Cruiserweight title match, and Torrie thanks him for the politeness and hugs him. Tajiri of course sees this and is jealous and makes Torrie kiss him on the cheek and lips in front of Billy.

4th SD Match : Cruiserweight Title Match - Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri (c) w. Torrie Wilson
Kidman attempts the Shooting Star Press and misses. Tajiri goes to get the belt to use on Kidman and leaves it under a turnbuckle. When Tajiri is not looking, Torrie grabs the belt. Tajiri goes to use the belt, sees it is not there, notices Torrie has it, and Kidman gets the rollup to win the WWF Cruiserweight Title. After the match, Tajiri gets a mic and yells at Torrie in Japanese, eventually leaving without her.

Cut to the back where Vince is upset about Maven losing the Hardcore belt after Vince has drafted him because of the belt. He asks Hardcore Holly to teach the youngster a lesson.

Stacy Keibler enters after the Super Heavyweight leaves and asks to be Vince's executive assistant, mentioning his intellectual sperm... Dirty Old Man Vince makes his return for the 1st brand extension Smackdown!

In another backstage vignette, it looks like Chavo, Godfather, Rikishi and Hugh Morris are placing bets over the Maven match. Unable to hear what they are saying as the Smackdown theme plays over this vignette.


A quick shot of WWF NY but then nothing.

D-Von enters Vince's office and asks about the break-up of the Dudleys. Vince blames it on Flair, saying he wanted the Dudleys as a team, and since he couldn't do that he wanted to get the most talented of the two. He then tells D-Von to leave the office and not come back until he is sure he is a WWF Superstar.

Al & Maven have a quick talk as Al wished Maven good luck. Pretty funny stuff from Al.

Smack of the Night sponsored by Foot Locker ---> Tommy Dreamer helping Raven win the Hardcore Title.

5th SD Match : Battle of the Dropkicks -> Maven vs. Hardcore Holly
Maven is able to get in a missile dropkick but H.H. pretty much destroys Maven and wins with a spinebuster.

Y2J/Rock recap from earlier tonight.

Rock is walking...

during the commercial, a fight breaks out in the crowd and the Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey song breaks out for the first and only time tonight.

6th SD Match : "Not a Has-Been" vs. "Hogan's Little Buddy"
We've seen this before. The ref bump (Tim White in this case) allows Angle to run in, but Rock disposes of him. Jericho attempts the Y2J elbow, throwing his elbow pad onto the ring and giving the "flipping off the crowd" arm motion. Rocky kips up, and sets him up for the People's Elbow. Angle returns to break it up, giving Rocky the Olympic Slam. Y2J gets a 2 count. Edge then runs down and he and Angle fight into the crowd. Rock and Jericho now are down for I'd say an 8 or 9 count from Tim White. They both get up, the Rock Bottom is blocked by Y2J into the bulldog. The Lionsault is missed, which leads to a successful Rock Bottom. 1,2,3.

After the camera stop rolling, Y2J complains about his lack of respect, saying he is not a has-been, that he is the greatest of all time because he was the first undisputed champion. Fed up with the booing, Y2J says he is leaving, which elicits a cheer from the crowd.

Entertaining Show with the return of the Red and Yellow.

Biggest Pops
1. Hogan (by far)
2. hHh
3. Rock
4. D-Von
5. Edge

Biggest Heat
1. Angle (by far)
2. Y2J
3. hHh during his promo with Hogan (saying he was going to hurt Hogan)
4. Albert turning on S2H
5. Godfather giving up the business

I hope you enjoy this little report.

Dana Charles Lee
Wienerville: DirkLurker

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