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WWF in Köln


Guest columnist: dMp


Cologne, Germany

First out was Flair, who told us he loved being in germany and that he had a great card for us, after which he accidentally said 'In a world title match tonight...' He quickly changed that to 'a helluva match between Taker and Austin' and he started running down people who would appear.
Booker T came out, pissed because he didn't have a match so he challenged Flair to one, and the Nature Boy accepted.

1 - European Title Match: Regal vs Spike Dudley.
Regal started with some nice offense, yet eventually Spike got a roll-up for the win, after which Regal used the brass knux to lay out Spike.
Winner: Spike Dudley via Roll-up pin.
Highlight of the match: Crowd chanting 'Regal sucks!' Regal gets the mic and says 'I cannot possibly suck as I am not German!'

2 - Women's Title: Jacky vs Jazz
Decent match, with in the end some submissions by Jazz resulting in the STF for the win.
Winner: Jazz via STF submission.

3 - Crash vs Brock Lesnar
Has anyone ever payed attention to Crash' entrance? He steps up every rope, to climb over and step down all of them. Funny stuff.
When Brock got in the ring, Crash tried to get the crowd behind him, but it didn't help much. Brock started destroying him, only stopped when Crash got him down with some low dropkicks. Actually Brock sold a whole lot, but it was over after the "Brockbuster" and Lesnar went for a PIN!
Winner: Brock Lesnar via pinfall following the "Brockbuster"

4 - X-pac vs Jeff Hardy
The Match went pretty much back and forth, with both men doing their signatures. Jeff seemed to go for X-Pac's neck alot..Thank God Pac missed the Broncobuster btw.
Winner: X-Pac via pin (feet on the ropes, following a low blow)

5 - Hardcore title 4-way: Dreamer vs Justin Credible vs Shawn Stasiak vs Steven Richards.
At various points Steven & Justin teamed up against the others, as they were the heels. Stasiak was just...from another planet and Tommy was the obvious face (many Dreamer and ECW chants when he did his moves) Now you know this is a 24/7 hardcore match so you won't be surprised when you read this:
Winner: Tommy Dreamer (pinfall following Spicolli Driver on Richards)
Run-in by Goldust, he El-Kabonged (how did you spell that again?) Tommy.
Winner: Goldust via pin on Dreamer
Run-in by Jazz, she attacked Goldust, Richards pinned him and thus..
Winner: Steven Richards via pinfall on Goldust

6 - Molly Holly & Mr. Perfect vs. Trish Stratus & Jerry Lawler.
Lawler and Perfect started things, the King going for the legs and Perfect doing several perfect moonsault sells.
The women got in, did a nice standard women's match until Perfect started throwing Trish around, she threw back, people started grabbing hair with the King grabbing Molly's hair which turned out to be an extension. This was hilarious apparently and then Trish hit the bulldog from the 2nd rope (I do not call is stratusfaction because I hate the whole catchphrase. I love Trish, but '100% stratusfaction guaranteed' sounds SO bad!
Winners: Lawler and Trish via pinfall on Molly following the 2nd rope bulldog.


7 - IC title match Eddie Guerrero vs RVD
I had no idea they came to Europe after all. It rocked. Obviously the crowd was into it and so seemed the wrestlers. Eddie dominated parts of the match with various offensive moves, and lots of dastardly heel tricks, while RVD did his usual offense and some sweet suplexes.
The end came when the ref was distracted and Eddie hit Van Dam with the title, throwing it away and looking surprised to see RVD knocked out. A froggie later and it was all over.
Winner: Eddie Guerrero via pinfall following the Frog Splash

8 - Booker T vs Ric Flair.
Sweet match, Booker played the crowd to the extreme telling them to shut up woooo-ing and posing when he hit Flair. Eventually Book hit the axe kick and he then went for the Spinarooni, which gave Flair enough time to recover, do a mule kick and put Booker T in the figure four for the win.
Winner: Ric Flair via Figure Four Leg Lock submission.

In the beginning of the show a guy held up a 'I hate Booker T' sign, right down the aisle. Booker saw it and before and after his match he walked up and got in the guy's face. I hope he had someone make a picture because they were inches away from one another. Eventually after the match Booker T ripped up the sign.

9 - Bradshaw vs The Big Show
Standard match, with Bradshaw trying lots of powermoves to bring down the big man, nothing really doing it. What they did manage to do was move the ring on several occasions. Big Show hit Bradshaw with some big powermoves but eventually Bradshaw went up top to hit a flying shoulderblock when Hall and Nash walked out, stalking the ring. Bradshaw SLAMMED the Big Show and went for the 2 nWo members, walking into a chokeslam by Show.
Winner: Big Show via pinfall following the Chokeslam.
Post match Nash said something but he couldn't be heard over the porn music.

10 - Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
Seen Backlash? Good. Not that this wasn't a good match or anything but it was little more than that. It might have differed on a few occasions, like a ref that counts when both men are down and following the boot to the chair to the face Austin kicking out, but it was mostly the same match. Ofcourse the finish came when Taker ran from the ropes walking into the kick..wham..Stunner!
Winner: Austin via pin following the Stone Cold Stunner.
Postmatch lots of beer was wasted, Taker got one, but he spit it out right away, guess he doesn't like German beer. He took another sip, turned around and sprayed it out while getting Stunned. Austin wastes alot more beer (with both Earl and Dave Hebner) and we are out.

Good show. Decent matches and a nice pace in it all. Ofcourse one could nag about 'too few big names' but live with it. Those names are on Smackdown ;)
Oh, one more thing, we went with some bus tour..and the organiser is part of some Dutch wrestling fed/magazine. Damn..this guy claimed to know it all and sounded SO bitter..he obviously didn't enjoy it all that much and was so jaded he didn't see the fun aspects anymore. Sounds familiar? Come talk about it on Wienerville! I will be there!


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