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WWF in Montreal


Guest columnist: Llakor


I'll send more later, but here's the Q & D

Dark Matches:

Christian vs. local jobber
Christian wins

Sing vs Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon wins with a pin off of a Full Nelson Airplane Spin


Albert vs. Hugh Morris
Albert wins with pin off of boot to the face

Godfather vs. Sho Funaki
Godfather wins with pin off of a power-bomb onto his knee

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Billy Kidman
Kidman wins with pin off of Kidman-Factor

Test & Christian vs. Farooq & Mark Henry
Test wins with Ajax Boot of Mild Discomfort after Godfather pimp-caned Mark Henry.


1. In Ring Promo: Triple H & Edge

  • ends in blows between the two
  • Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho run-in to attack the two combatants and leave after Angle cuts off some of Edge's hair

2. Taped Message from Lance Storm

3. Back Stage Skit: VKM & SK interrupted by Kurt & Chris

  • Main Event is tag-team between Kurt & Chris vs. Trip & Edge

4. Lance Storm & Hardcore Holly vs. Big Valbowski & Randy Orton

  • Randy Orton pins Lance Storm with crucifix roll-up

5. Back Stage Skit: Maven putting the moves on Torrie interrupted by Devon & Deacon then backed up by Al Snow.

6. Back Stage Skit: Shane Helms (reporter) & Sho Funaki

  • Funaki SPEAKS!

7. Devon w/Deacon vs. Maven w/Al Snow

  • Devon pins Maven.

8. Back Stage Skit: Stacy with Midget in Cupboard and a camcorder product placement

9. In Ring Swimsuit Competition: Torrie vs. Stacy

  • Tajiri covers up and carries off Torrie
  • Stacy claims victory by default/refuses to disrobe
  • Trish interrupts/strips to bra & panties & kicks Stacy out of the ring

10. Back Stage Skit: Stacy with Vince & later Devon & Deacon

  • Stacy will take on Trish for the title at Judgement Day. She will have Devon & Deacon in her corner. Bubba will be in Trish's corner.

11. Rico w/Billy & Chuck vs. Rikishi

  • Riskishi sits on Rico for the pin.

12. Back Stage Skit: Stacy & Vince & later Billy & Chuck & Rico

  • At Judgement Day, Billy & Chuck will face Rikishi & a partner of Vince's choosing.

13. Tajiri vs. Kidman vs. Hurricane

  • Hurrican wins with Hurri-Slam on Tajiri

14. In Ring Promo by Hogan

  • 8 Minute Standing Ovation!
  • Promo (when it finally starts) interrupted by Vince
  • Vince takes two leg drops

15. Back Stage Interview: Triple H & later Edge

  • Trip namedrops Mick Foley
  • Trip: "You know, I admire your guts, I admire your bravado, but if you're going to get in my face maybe you should go out and win a couple of world titles before you try to play the game."
  • Edge: "Maybe I'll win those titles the Triple H way... by sleeping with the Boss' daughter!"

16. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho vs. Triple H & Edge

  • After Triple H chases Chris Jericho out of the arena through the dressing room entrances, Angle blocked an Edge Spear with a steel chair and then gives him the Angle Slam for the pin.

17. After the Taping Ends:

  • Jericho returns and he and Angle beat on Edge. Trip runs back out. Rikishi runs out. Chuck & Billy run out. Hogan limps out. Hogan does the double noggin thing on Angle & Chuck and both he and Trip do it on Billy & Chris. Jericho gets stinky-faced by Rikishi. Billy gets stinky-faced by Trip, Edge & Rikishi. Chris Jericho gets the Big Boot. Billy Gunn gets the Big Boot and the Leg Drop. Chris Jericho rescues Billy and then gets dragged back in by his hair to be pedigreed. Rikishi & Edge leave. Hogan leaves but is coaxed back by Trip who puts on Hogan's do-rag and they spend about ten minutes doing all the classic Hogan poses before ending the show with a stereo dry whale blow-hole at the top of the ramp.


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