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Guest columnist: The Cubs Fan


and we start...with a black screen. Which is a fault of my channel and less the show, but I'm telling you anyway.

TVPGV Attitude Entertainment

Bottom Line open - lot's of Red and Black and Raw Superstars - and an abrupt switch over to Coach (in mid-sentence) voicing over the beginning of the RVD/Undertaker issue from Monday. When there's a black screen to start, they usually make it up somewhere. Anyway, we see of the opening interview and Undertaker talking to Flair - but only the beginning of that. (4:54)  

Still to come, Flair's plan for Austin, and a look at the making of the King of the Ring Commercial.

"Brought to you" Ads are given to you in front of what used to be the Excess set.

King of the Ring is sponsored by Snickers Cruncher.

Coach (from the Excess set) sets up the "behind the scenes of" the filming of the King Of the Ring commercial. Hey, they tape this at Trax. Al explains the concept, which is basically "King Enough". Your judges are Al Snow, Jerry Lawler and Elvis, who must be thinking this was just better when it was just them. Larry King, King of Pop, King of the Jungle, King Kong, King Tut - you get the idea. Al pegs it as SuperBowl quality. (2:29) Tickets for the KOTR go on sale this Friday - this late? They aren't going to do so well.

Coming up, Paul Heyman and Trish had a discussion, and highlights from Tough Enough.

"I was there when Vince brought back the nWo" - hahahahaha. How haven't they edited that out yet?

Tough Enough CD ad is followed by Coach talking about how the Tough Enough CD is great. The final episode of Tough Enough is this Thursday! Oh god no - your hosts will be the Coach and Stacy Keibler. The under over on when I will want to commit suicide is 20 minutes. Highlights. (2:07)

Still to come, more RVD and Undertaker, but next, Brock and Paul and Trish.

Get the F out.

Tommy Dreamer acts weird. Obviously, eating hair will make me care about his wrestling. (1:25)

Trish and Brock and I didn't care about this first time around. (1:05) Let's take a break so Coach can assure that Paul's a bad guy. Now the second half of the clips. (3:28) It seems like only a couple months ago when weren't sure if Bubba would actually succeed in singles competition.

Still to come, Austin and Flair. But next, nWo clips.

Snickers Hotel Room Camera Of Last Sunday

Coach wonders about meaning of "expecting the unexpected" and sends us of to nWo clips. (4:51

Even though this is a RAW show and that's a Smackdown show, Coach plugs Velocity. And then Confidential.

Austin is benched (2:04) Coach drinks a Slurpee (Hardyz/Heat cup) for no apparently reason. Well, maybe he's plugging his own show. Eddie and Steve (2:45)

Up next - Hogan retires. Wait, huh?

Stacker 2 Motorcycle Revenge of Sunday

There's a Starburst graphic overtaking the WWE logo for a while here - same as on Excess when they used to do that with no explanation. Hey, this looks a LOT LIKE SMACKDOWN NOW. ON A RAW BRAND SHOW. WHATEVER. Coach's story sounds like Hogan wasn't going to retire. (5:17)

Heat is on MTV Sunday. RAW is Monday. What will happen? We saw very little of any matches, I think that's probably not an accident.

The Cubs Fan
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