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Fire theme for the open - which is odd because it kinda resembles Heat, and this is the Smackdown show. Hey, the Rock.

Your host is Marc Loyd - notice how Chris Leary has been completely eliminated from television with this latest switch? I wonder if he's getting let go. Excess stage, Smackdown, you know this. Loyd mentions the Hogan/Undertaker stuff but sets up Rico/Rikishi as champions (let's go back to two weeks ago when Rikishi gave Rico the Stinkface) and now let's see Rikishi's match vs Rev. D-Von on Smackdown. (2:24)  

Coming up, Hogan talks. But up next, Test and Stacy.

Test, Stacy, Robby. (2:47)

Coming up, Angle's bald and Triple H is a survivor. Next, Behind the Scenes of the King of the Ring Commercial.

Get the F out.

Yes, I did just see this an hour ago. (2:29)

Coming up, can Jericho beat the World's Strongest Man, but next, Triple H is hurt - he might be facing someone, but apparently, since he's not even Canadian's Strongest Man, this clip excludes him.

Snickers Cruncher Shoulder Injury of Last Sunday - oddly, Tim White's blood is shown in color.

Marc hypes Velocity and Confidential. "I couldn't believe what Shawn Michaels was revealing this week - I can't wait to hear what he says next week." Confidential hasn't actually aired here yet, and they know that's a possible, so I don't understand why don't phrase things better. Nothing new. Tim White injury run down. Segueing to Triple H "forced to go one on one" - Lance's name is too hot for After Burn. Triple H cheated here - but CRZ didn't complain like he does with the Hardy Boyz. I think he's biased, but you didn't hear it from me. (2:58) Why Test Why? 

Coming up, Hogan. They use clips to make it sound like it was a retirement speech. Next, Angle.

Marc pictures himself bald, and is scared. He then moves on to Hair Club for Men jokes. Angle/Maven/Edge/Christian. (5:36) Since Maven was here, let's mention Tough Enough 2's finale - check your local listings.

Up next, Jericho vs Mark Henry.

Marc goes with the "Vince was getting revenge on Jericho by making him face Mark Henry" theory, and more clips. (3:43) Jericho bloody at the end here is in black and white, so whatever.

Next, Hogan and Vince. 

Stacker 2 Bike Revenge. This seems familiar.

Retirement? (1:33) Marc talks rumors and sends us to the other clips. (9:40+) How many times do you think I'll recap that, this weekend? Every show but Confidential? We get the credits to end out the clip and that's it.

Yea, so, no reason to watch this or Bottom Line. We figured that out already, right?

The Cubs Fan
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