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Guest columnist: Miguelito


June 15, 2002
Buffalo Rose
Golden, CO

If you are asking yourself, "What is the CWO?" then you somehow missed my recap last month of CWO Annihilation. Normally, I'd tell you to go back and read that recap, but I am in a good mood today, so I'll be polite. The Central Wrestling Organization is a Denver-area independent pro wrestling group. The CWO puts on a show every month or so; I take it upon myself to write a recap of that show for readers.

For disclosure's sake, I should also note that I am a regular contributor to You should be able to find a new column from me every Tuesday at

Before we get to the show, let me give an ultra-brief recap of last month's show (Annihilation) to get you up to speed. CWO champion Corpse single-handedly beat CWO tag-team champions The Excellences to win the CWO tag-team titles. Corpse will choose a partner tonight. Also, CWO Cruiserweight champ Doc convinced CWO owner 3M to put the CWO commissionership (last held by Rowdy Roddy Piper) on the line in a cruiserweight title match. 3M agreed to do so. Doc subsequently won the match and became the new CWO commissioner (much to the dismay of 3M).

That is where we stand coming into this evening. As is the norm, I arrived at the Buffalo Rose before the gates opened so I could get set up. Doc and the ring crew were putting the finishing touches on the ring while Corpse tested out the ropes by running into them and bouncing off. However, when Corpse hit the ropes a second time, there was a loud "POP" and the entire ring caved in!

A frayed support cable under the ring gave in right as Corpse had bounced off the ropes. Fortunately, he wasn't going at full speed, and was able to keep from flying out of the ring. Unfortunately, the ring crew did not have a spare cable on-hand. Doc and referee JDT made a mad dash to a local hardware store to get a replacement cable. This delayed the start of the show for over an hour. This also had a major effect on the show; all segments were rushed, trying to make up for the late start.

But I'm getting ahead of myself! Let's start at the beginning. CWO Authority started off with a few words from the new CWO commissioner, Doc: "As your new commissioner, there's going to be some changes here. First of all, I got rid of 3M. He's in a rehab center for a while, so you won't have to deal with him. And second thing, I'd like to bring something that Deacon - the Preacher - got rid of. And that would be all of the women!"

As you can probably guess, Deacon plays a preacher who is out to save everyone in the CWO. On last month's show, Deacon (who is part of CWO owner 3M's family of wrestlers) banned all female managers and wrestlers from the CWO, except for the lovely Danielle, who is also part of the 3M family.

Not only did Doc do away with that ban, but here comes the CWO women! Well, three of them, at least. Miss Fortune - a very petite blond doing a dominatrix gimmick, Phobia - a brunette wrestler, and the Naughty Nurse, a sexy blond who accompanies Doc to the ring. The three women soak up cheers from the crowd and thank Doc for bringing them back.

"And concerning Corpse and the tag-team titles. He needs to come down here; he has a partner he needs. Corpse, you've had plenty of time to choose a partner. You will choose a partner, you will defend the tag-team titles tonight with that partner."

Doc asks, Corpse obeys, apparently. Here comes the CWO Champion. For some reason, the lovely Danielle (a member of the Magnus family) is with Corpse; hopefully this will be explained later in the show. Corpse carries the CWO title belt, as well as both the CWO tag-title belts. Corpse plays up to the crowd, who are way into the big man. Corpse is crazy-over in the CWO, and it takes a while for the cheers to die down. Once they do, Corpse offers his take on things: "Let me tell you something, in case you haven't heard, I won these two belts by myself. As far as I'm concerned, I don't need a partner here tonight. Do you understand that, commissioner?"

Doc takes exception to this, pointing out that Corpse doesn't have a choice. As commissioner, Doc calls the shots. Since Corpse didn't pick a partner, Doc is going to assign him one. And Doc's choice for Corpse's new partner is: PSYCHO SARGE!

I have to give you a bit of history to show exactly why this is a big deal. Sarge is a two-time CWO champion, as is Corpse. Sarge's title reign was unfairly cut short, as then-CWO commissioner Roddy Piper interfered in Sarge's title defense against C-BLOCK, effectively stealing the title from Sarge. Sarge managed to win the title back from C-BLOCK, but then lost the title to Corpse. Sarge has claimed ever since that Corpse stole the belt. Sarge has wanted a rematch against Corpse for a long time. This is basically the same concept as having HHH and Undertaker try to be a tag-team.

Sarge comes out to the ring, obviously in a very good mood. It is really weird to see this guy smile! "Listen up maggots! You know, Sarge usually comes out here all pissed off, fired up ready to kick some ass. So I'll tell you something; tonight I'm in a good mood. I mean, there's not one of you guys out there who wouldn't want to be me for just one night. And there's not one of you ladies out there who wouldn't want Sarge to take you back to his barracks to give you the Psycho Sarge salute, if you know what I mean. And hell, I was the first ever two-time CWO champion. Add now, I am one-half of the tag team champions. I mean I do realize that I'll have to carry most of the load. And my partner needs a freaking haircut. But hell, I'm one happy (man)." Sarge RULES!

Corpse takes exception to this, and the two partners end up in a staredown. It's about to break down already, but Doc calms things down. "You two better just get ready to defend the titles, because you'll be taking on the Excellences." Wait a minute... didn't Corpse beat The Excellences last week all by himself? Surely he should be able to get an even easier win with Sarge in his corner.

Speaking of the former CWO tag-team champions, here they come! The Excellences consist of geeky Tom Terminator (who wears suspenders and a pocket protector) and surfer-dude Deuce. And it looks like we are getting this match right now. Here we go.

Tom Terminator starts off for the challengers, Sarge and Corpse argue about who is going to start off for the champions. That's not a good sign; they are already arguing. Corpse finally convinces Sarge that Corpse should start out. Corpse with a hiptoss on Terminator. Corpse with a big forearm. Corpse whips Terminator into the corner, and Sarge tags himself in!

Sarge stomps a mudhole into Terminator, then starts mocking Deuce. That was a mistake, however; it gave Terminator enough time to sneak in a flying clothesline. Terminator starts working on Sarge's leg. Tag to Deuce, the Excellences start double-teaming Sarge's leg. Deuce covers Sarge, and somehow gets a two count. Sage wants a tag, but Corpse isn't ready to get back in the ring yet. Slam by Deuce. Sarge crawls to the Excellences corner and tries to tag Tom Terminator. That isn't going to work, either.

Terminator tags, and gets to stomping on Sarge. Terminator with a nice snap-suplex on Sarge. Terminator covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Tag to Deuce, double-chop-block! Sarge gets clotheslined! Sarge finally makes it to his corner, tagging Corpse HARD before falling out of the ropes all the way to the floor.

Corpse in with a big boot to Deuce. Corpse with a half-hour suplex! Corpse covers, 1 - 2 - Corpse pulled him up! Hmmm... Does Corpse not want to keep the tag titles? Tom Terminator comes running in, only to get met with a clothesline. And another. And another! The Excellences are in trouble.

Now that Corpse has both men down, Sarge is just BEGGING to be tagged in! Corpse comes over to the corner; Sarge asks for a tag, but Corpse yells,"You screwed up last time!" Corpse then goes back to working on Terminator.

Corpse with a flying clothesline, Sarge tags himself in as Corpse bounced off the ropes. Sarge comes in and immediately covers Tom Terminator. The hell? CORPSE just broke up the pinfall! Corpse pulls Sarge up, and wants to know what Sarge is doing. It looks to me like Sarge is trying to win the match, but who am I to speak? Sarge shoves Corpse away, which can't be a good idea. Sure enough, Corpse responds back by punching Sarge right in the face. Sarge staggers backwards, right into a double-flapjack by the Excellences! Cover, 1 - 2 - 3!!! We have new CWO Tag-Team Champions (5:20).

The Excellences are smart enough to get out of the ring before celebrating their win. Corpse grabs a microphone, pulls Sarge up again, and yells, "You're going to have to deal with me tonight in singles. I'm gonna beat the crap out of you for losing those belts!" Ummm... seems to me that Corpse is actually to blame for losing the titles.

Sarge has the stick! "Losing the belts? I was watching your back, saving your ass through the whole match! I get in trouble, and where are you? Your fat ass is laying on the floor! I'll tell you something, big man. Tonight, me and you one-on-one, right here in this ring tonight? You've got it! But it's going to be for MY CWO title!"

The former tag champs are going to go at it again, but once again, here's Doc to cool things off. He agrees to sanction the title match tonight between Sarge and Corpse. This is a big-money match for the CWO; I'm surprised they are rushing this match out like this...

Doc also takes exception to the Excellences celebrating their title win. Doc says that they cheated their way to the titles, which isn't exactly true. It isn't their fault that Corpse turned against his partner. Anyway, to punish the Excellences, Doc decides they must defende the CWO tag titles TONIGHT, against a mystery team. That doesn't seem very fair...

The ring quickly clears (everything tonight happens quickly due to the late start), and here comes Deacon and Rage, the participants in our next match. Deacon plays this gimmick perfectly. The first thing he does when he gets into the ring is climbs the ropes and bless the crowd! Deacon then grabs the stick: "Ladies and gentlemen of the CWO congregation: Welcome to your salvation! You know, the new commissioner, who I beat 1-2-3, set me up in a match with Rage, thinking just because he beat me before, he can beat me again. Well, let me tell you something Rage. I've been working hard. I've beat people bigger than you. Badder than you. I save souls, no matter how big they are!"

Rage, a 6'8" 250lb monster in the Brock Lesnar mold, grabs the microphone, then goes searching for.. a waitress? "I need a waitress right now. Hello? Hello? Fine, you're a waitress?" The waitress gives Rage a "well, DUH!" look. "I need a chicken sandwich, and I need it soon. In about two minutes, I'll be ready." That's actually pretty funny! It would've been even funnier if the waitress had actually written down his order.

Anyway, Deacon obviously took exception to Rage's dismissal, and attacks. Rage tosses Deacon away like a ragdoll. Deacon decides to use his speed, however, and clips Rage. Deacon covers, and gets a quick two count. Both men back up, Deacon with a go behind, into a drop toe hold! Off the ropes, Deacon hits the You Are Healed (sorta like a judo chop to the head while Deacon yells "YOU ARE HEALED"). Into the ropes, shoulder tackle doesn't budge Rage, but puts Deacon down.

Rage picks up Deacon, Sidewalk Slam! Rage covers, 1 - 2 - Deacon kicks out. Deacon apparently realizes that he is going to need divine intervention to beat the big man. Deacon drops to his knees and asks the lord for strength. Rage isn't having any of this. Rage with a powerslam! Half-hour vertical suplex. Rage is picking him up, DDT! That should do it... but Rage isn't covering him. Rage is playing to the crowd. And now Rage is looking for his chicken sandwich!

Rage apparently decides that he should really win this match before eating. Rage sets up Deacon for his inverted chokeslam, but Deacon somehow manages to slip out. (Apparently, the lord does answer prayers!) Deacon with a gutshot, Salvation Stunner!!! Deacon covers, 1 - 2 - 3! (3:51)

Deacon celebrates his win by mocking the crowd. Unfortunately, Deacon didn't keep an eye on Rage. Rage picks Deacon up, Inverted Chokeslam! And there goes Rage, off towards the kitchen for his chicken sandwich. Deacon is starting to get up, and here comes... PHOBIA!!! Apparently, Phobia is still ticked off about being banned from the CWO by Deacon. Phobia with a series of punches and kicks. Phobia locks in a full nelson, into a Bubba Bomb!

Damn, that whole segment was pretty awesome! Obviously, Deacon got the biggest push out of everyone involved. But that's okay, Deacon has a great gimmick. Deacon is slowly making it out of the ring, and here comes Rage back from the kitchen, munching on a chicken sandwich. HA! No further violence breaks out, however, and I think we can safely move to our next match.

Well, I thought it would be a match. Money Man John Blaze, looking snazzy in his "Armani" suit, makes his way to the ring to "Brand New Money." Blaze does not look happy. He grabs a mic: "You know what? Our new commissioner sent my business associate 3M to rehab. That means I don't have a match tonight. The best dressed wrestler in CWO and *I* don't have a match tonight!" Blaze turns to the referee ('s own JDT): "Why don't I have a match tonight?" JDT says he doesn't know, so Blaze shoves him. JDT shoves back, which is a pretty bad idea. "Don't put your hands on me. Why don't I have a match tonight?" Blaze again shoves JDT, and again JDT shoves back.

Money Man isn't going to take that crap a second time. Money Man nails JDT with a right, then whips him into the corner. Money Man pauses to adjust his tie and shine his rings (HA!), then follows JDT into the corner with a big-time splash. Money Man with some punches, then pulls JDT out of the corner. Irish whip into the ropes, BIG-TIME superkick by the Money Man! Money Man covers, then yells for ring announcer The Fabulous One to come in and count the pin. (:31) Money Man does the Million Dollar Man gimmick of stuffing a dollar bill into JDT's mouth, then casually walks out of the ring.

Since JDT is a colleague of mine at, I will take the time to put him over. This is the second show in a row where JDT got his butt kicked. At Annihilation, Kid Justice forced JDT to tap out after JDT declared the Money Man the winner in a submission match (even though Kid Justice clearly didn't submit). And now Money Man thanks JDT for the win by beating the crap out of him. Will JDT get his revenge at CWO Grand Finale (July 13th, Buffalo Rose)? But I digress.

Up next we have a rematch between Pain and Plague. At Annihilation, Pain managed to beat Plague, one of Colorado's top hardcore wrestlers. Plague wanted a no-disqualification rematch to try to get the win back. Surprisingly, we start off with wrestling holds. Plague with a headlock, Pain reverse it. Headlock takeover by Pain, it actually gets a 1 count. Plague manages a headscissors, and we get a break.

Both men back up, Armbar by Plague. Into the corner, Plague follows with a clothesline. Whip into the other corner, Plague follows with an elbow. Snap mare (my favorite move)! Surfboard by pain. Into the ropes, Pain hits a clothesline. Pain drops an elbow onto Plagues arm, then locks on an armscissors. Bad move, though. Plague picks him up and then powerbombs him down. Plague covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Plague tosses Pain out onto the floor.

Plague out, too, and is looking under the ring for some plunder. Plague finds a trashcan lid and nails Pain right in the head with it. Trashcan lid to Pain's back! Plague throws Pain back into the ring, then goes looking for more weaponry. He finds a trashcan (presumably that belongs to the lid he was using) and throws this into the ring.

Plague back into the ring, he puts the trashcan over Pain's head. Plague is headed out to the floor. Plague looks under the ring again, and comes away with a chain this time! Back into the ring, Plague is whipping the trashcan with the chain! It's gotta be loud in that there trashcan! Four whips and Pain is not moving.

Plague pulls the trashcan off of Pain and whips him into the corner. Plague punches Pain down, then sets him up for Plague's finisher (a running knee smash into the corner). Plague comes running in, but Pain moved! Pain rolls him up into a small package, 1 - 2 - 3!!! (6:32) That was pretty surprising; Pain has now beat Plague two straight times! Plague is pissed, and comes running after Pain. Pain does the smart thing and runs the other way. This issue will have to be settled another day.

Moving right along, here comes Joe Juvenile. Last month, Joe shocked the CWO by pinning Sarge. His reward is a CWO Cruiserweight title match tonight. And here comes Doc, along with the Naughty Nurse! The Nurse again gets a great "welcome back" from the crowd, who obviously are enchanted with her smile.

Joe tries to attack before the bell, but Doc sees him coming. Doc sidesteps, then nails Joe with a sidekick. Doc unloads a series of rights. Snap mare! Doc with a rear chinlock. Back up, Doc takes Joe down with a right hook. Doc climbs the rope, Joe jumps back to his feet, runs up the ropes (a la Kurt Angle) and armdrags Doc off the top rope.

Joe with an armbar, into a hammerlock. Doc makes it to the ropes. Both men out, Joe tries a hiplock, blocked. Doc tries a hiplock, blocked. Doc hits a belly-to-belly release suplex! Doc to the top rope, missile dropkick hits! Doc covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Doc with a gutbuster. Again. Doc tries for a suplex, but Joe slips out the backdoor and nails a neckbreaker! Joe with a legdrop. Into the coner, Joe tries a dropkick but Doc jumps out of the way!

Doc kicks Joe in the stomach. Doc with an abdominal stretch! Joe goes down, Doc covers, 1 - 2 - ropes! Joe with a surprise elbow! Joe with an arm bar, he pulls it into an inside cradle for two! Into the corner, Joe nails Doc with a sidekick. Joe covers, but gets a slow count, allowing Doc to kick out at two.

Joe is obviously not happy with the referee. HOLY CRAP! Joe just stomped on the referee's hand! The ref is in obvious pain... The Naughty Nurse is up on the apron, she takes a look at the referee's hand! While the ref is distracted by the Nurse's minstrations (that lucky bastard), Doc low blows Joe! Joe falls onto the apron, Naughty Nurse is standing on Joe's throat! THAT was pretty cool.

Joe back in, he low-blows Doc! Joe setting him up for the Conniver Cutter (Downward Spiral). Doc slips out, though, and hits the Cranium Driver (standing Fame'Asser)! That should do it. Waitaminute, here comes Deacon! It's the Deacon show tonight, folks. Deacon with a gut shot, and there's the Salvation Stunner on Doc! Deacon gets out of the ring while Joe heads up to the top rope. Joe hits a frog splash! Joe covers, 1 - 2 - 3!!! We have a new CWO Cruiserweight Champion! (7:53)

Even intermission is rushed tonight. CWO co-owner Zeek hands out toys to the youngsters in the audience in record time. And then we are back (with half the crowd still getting drinks).

CWO Tag Champs The Excellences are out to the ring first. Deuce wants to know who they are going to be defending the titles against. The music fires up, and here comes the sultry Miss Fortune. I'm pretty sure that SHE isn't going to be challenging the Excellences. What does she want?

The Excellences assume that she wants to be their new manager. Miss Fortune dashes those hopes as soon as she grabs the microphone: "Oh, no, I'm not your manager. You're looking at the manager of the newest tag team duo of the CWO, the Disciples of Discipline." And here comes.... Ronin (cross Taijiri and Rey Mysterio, Jr.)! And Madd Dogg (think a young Rick Steiner)!

Ronin and Terminator start us off. Headlock, reversal. Hammerlock, Terminator makes it to the corner. Ronin with a stiff kick to Terminator's arm. Ronin with an armdrag, then holds on to an armbar. Ronin whips Terminator into the ropes, Terminator nails Ronin with a dropkick. Terminator tags Deuce.

Double-chop by the tag champs. Deuce throws Ronin into the corner and tries to follow with a splash, but Ronin floats over his head, drops down and cradles Deuce in a small package for two. Ronin nails Deuce with two stiff kicks. Nice snap mare by Deuce. Into the ropes, Ronin nails Deuce with a stiff chop. Deuce made the tag to Terminator, however. Terminator hits Ronin with a double-axehandle off the top rope. Suplex by Terminator gets a two-count.

DDT by Terminator. Terminator covers, 1 - 2 - Madd Dogg breaks up the count. Into the ropes, Ronin hits a clothesline! Tag, Madd Dogg hits a spinebuster on Terminator, Deuce breaks up the pin attempt. BIG scoop slam by Dogg. Up to the second rope, BIG legdrop by Dogg. Dogg covers, 1 - 2 - kickout.

Madd Dogg tags Ronin. Ronin and Dogg use Terminator's legs like a wishbone. Ronin off the ropes, stomp on Terminator's stomach. Off the ropes again, another stomp. A third time. Ronin clamps on the sleeper, but Terminator makes the tag to Deuce.

Deuce whips Ronin into the corner, then nails a bulldog! He got too close to Madd Dogg, though; Dogg pulls down hard by the hair. Into the corner, Deuce nails Ronin with a spear. Both men are down. Slowly, they make it to their respective corners. Hot tags by both teams!

Terminator nails Madd Dogg with a Thesz Press! And there's the Wet Willy! (Yes, it is an actual wet willy.) Terminator tags Deuce in, Deuce with a Steiner-esque elbow drop. Again. Madd Dogg makes it to his corner, hot tag!

Ronin with a leg sweep! Whip into the corner, Ronin follows it up with a shoulder block into the corner. Madd Dogg climbs to the second rope and nails Deuce with a clothesline. Madd Dogg covers, 1 - 2 - no! Waitaminute, Ronin is the legal man! Deuce with a sunset flip on Ronin, Madd Dogg breaks it up. Deuce hits a sweet rolling elbow, Madd Dogg nails him off the ropes. Madd Dogg tosses Terminator outside of the ring.

Ronin hiptosses Deuce and covers. Madd Dogg (outside the ring) grabs a hold of Deuce's leg and holds on. 1 - 2 - 3!!! Ladies and gentlemen, we once again have new CWO Tag Team Champions! (9:41) And amazingly, both men were legal!

The Disciples of Discipline help Miss Fortune into the ring. Miss Fortune applauds their victory, then attaches a leash to both men's nipple rings. (Or tries to, at least.) Miss Fortune has her men drop to their knees and kiss her boots. YECH! I get the feeling that Ronin and Madd Dogg are going to start getting pretty bizzare in the next few months.

It's main event time! Sarge is introduced, but doesn't come down to the ring. Hmmm... Corpse is introduced (and again comes to the ring with the lovely Danielle; what's up with that?). Corpse goes to get into the ring, but gets attacked by Sarge before he can get in the ring. And we are off to an early start!

Sarge laying chops and forearms into Corpse. Here comes... Doc? Apparently Doc is going to be our referee for the evening. Sarge shoves Corpse hard into the ringpost. Corpse trying to fight back with forearm smashes. Corpse with a knife-edge chop! But Sarge stops things with an elbow to the chest.

Both men still outside the ring. Sarge tries to ram Corpse into the ringpost, Corpse blocks it. Corpse argues with Doc, allowing Sarge to hit another forearm. Sarge throws Corpse back into the ring. Sarge up on the top rope, but Corpse meets him there. Big slam off the top rope! Corpse whips Sarge into the corner. Corpse laying in the boots, Sarge comes out of the corner with a Flair Flop!

Corpse whips Sarge into the ropes, Sarge tries a splash but Corpse catches him, fall-away slam! Sarge runs for the ropes, trying to get out of the ring, but Corpse catches him. Bodyslam, Corpse covers and gets a two-count. Corpse whips Sarge into the corner, then hits a back bodydrop on Sarge. Doc wants Corpse to keep Sarge out of the corner, Corpse shoves Doc! Before Doc can retaliate, Sarge lifts Corpse up and hot-shots him on the top rope.

Sarge clotheslines the champ, then covers. 1 - 2 - kickout. Sarge wants to chat with Doc about the slowness of the count. Corpse gets back up, so Sarge puts him down with a clothesline. Whip into the ropes, Sarge nails a sweet running elbow smash. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Sarge whips Corpse into the corner. Sarge dropkicks Corpse over the top rope!

Sarge nails Corpse with a double-ax handle off the ring apron to the floor. Sarge found the CWO title belt and nails Corpse in the back with it. Sarge has a chair! Doc tries to pull it away; while Sarge argues with Doc, Corpse manages to get the chair. HARD chair shot to Sarge's back! Sarge tries to get away into the crowd, Corpse follows. Corpse tosses Sarge into the empty seats! Corpse is burying Sarge with chairs!

Sarge manages to sneak a chairshot to the head, however. Corpse is down. A fan is giving Sarge some grief, Sarge yells, "Who's on their knees?" Awesome. Sarge nails Corpse again with the chair. Back to ringside but still on the floor, Sarge tries to piledrive Corpse, but he can't quite get Corpse up. Corpse reverses it, back-dropping Sarge on the floor! Corpse tosses Sarge back into the ring.

Inverse atomic drop by Corpse! Big clothesline takes Sarge back down. Corpse picks up Sarge, trying to set him up for the Six Feet Under but Sarge slips out. Belly to back suplex by Sarge! Sarge with a clothesline, then puts Corpse down with a running leg lariat. Sarge back out to the floor, he bring a chair into the ring!

Sarge sets up the chair in the corner between the top and middle ropes. Sarge picks up Corpse and tries to whip him into that corner. Corpse reverses, however, and Sarge hits the chair hard! Sarge stumbles out of the corner right into Corpse's grasp. Corpse picks Sarge up, Six Feet Under! Corpse covers, 1 - 2 - 3! (11:30) Corpse successfully defends the CWO title.

After the bell, Sarge attacks Corpse! Doc is trying to get Sarge off of Corpse. Wait a minute, who is that running into the ring? It's 3M! Magnum Man Magnus has apparently escaped from rehab! 3M pulls Doc away from Sarge, then destroys Doc with a superkick! Deacon is in to try and calm down 3M, but 3M takes Deacon down with a right. Waitaminute, Deacon's in the Magnus family! 3M must've flipped. In comes fellow Magnus family member (and new CWO Cruiserweight champ) Joe Juvenile, Joe walks into a 3M Superkick! What the hell is 3M doing?

Sarge appears to be the only safe member of the Magnus family. Sarge hits a few more shots on Corpse. Sarge heads over to Joe Juvenile and is putting the boots to him! Sarge is getting revenge for last month's loss to Joe. Sarge is all over Joe, and is now working over the referees! Sarge is going Psycho on everyone!

And now the lovely Danielle is in the ring. We still don't know why she was in Corpse's corner tonight, but she is now trying to calm 3M down. I think it is working. 3M isn't kicking anyone, at least. Hey, he's got the stick! "Put me in rehab? [At the next CWO event, we will have a] no holds barred fight. Anything goes. I am going to kick your ass so bad that you will need physical rehab." 3M then takes another shot at Doc.

Finally, the ring clears. And I do believe that is our show.

Overall, this was a much better show than CWO Annihilation. Which is surprising, cosidering the fact that so much of tonight's show was rushed because of Corpse's tussle with the ring earlier in the night. The timing for a few of the segments was off. But the whole show meshed together well.

The show ended in a much better fashion than last month's fiasco. The ending may have benefitted from the late show time; it was forced to be kept short. There couldn't have been more than two minutes between when Corpse won the match and 3M laid his challenge out to Doc. It was well done, and kept everyone looking forward to CWO Grand Finale.

I am out of here! Look for me later this week with my recap of the IWF's Father's Day Massacre.

- Miguelito
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