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IWF Father's Day Massacre


Guest columnist: Miguelito


June 16, 2002
Gothic Theater
Englewood, CO

Hello again, everyone. 'Tis me, Miguelito, your guide to Colorado independent pro wrestling! We ended up with two shows on consecutive nights for two of the local organizations here in Denver. The CWO had their show, Authority, last night; you can read my recap of Authority here. Tonight, we move down the road to my hometown - Englewood, Colorado (which is NOT on fire) - for an IWF-sanctioned show.

What exactly is the IWF? I'm glad that you asked that question! The IWF is one of northern Colorado's four independent pro wrestling groups. The IWF is more of a collection of wrestlers than a wrestling federation. There are no titles, there are no commissioners, there are no commentators for the matches. Instead, the IWF gets together independent wrestlers in the area and puts on shows on a semi-monthly basis. It is not out of the ordinary to see wrestlers from the other three Colorado promotions - as well as non-Colorado promotions - on an IWF show.

I should explain something else before we get to the action. The Gothic Theatre, location of tonight's event, was definitely not designed for wrestling. The Gothic is a converted movie theater. Imagine removing the first 10 rows of seats from a small movie theater and sticking a ring in that space. That is exactly what we are looking at here tonight. The far side of the ring is flush with the stage of the theater; the stage is where the wrestlers make their entrances. The two sides of the ring are empty space, except for where the timekeepers table is set up. And the front of the ring faces the crowd. There's a balcony, too, which seems just the right height for someone to leap off of for a Sabu-esque splash.

Okay, enough background info, let's get to the show! The IWF does have a ring announcer, but I didn't catch his name. From this point forward, I'll refer to him as Ring Announcer. The Ring Announcer welcomes us to the show, and promises blood, violence and devastation. Hmm... I sure hope that there's some wrestling thrown in there somewhere. The Ring Announcer sets up the card, and then introduces the combatants for our first match.

Up first is Dr. Devastation, who reminds me a lot of a younger DDP. Not that we got to see a younger DDP wrestle, of course, but you get the general idea. Dr. Devastation will be squaring off against Stiletto in an inter-gender matchup. Don't take Stiletto lightly; she wrestles a lot of matches against men, and usually puts up a good fight. She's actually very similar to Medusa that way. And in looks, too.

Anyway, Dr. Devastation grabs Stiletto in a side headlock. Headlock takeover puts Stiletto down, but she manages to grab a headscissors. Devastation kicks out, and both men, er, both wrestlers are to their feet. Devastation with a headlock, then takes Stiletto over. Stiletto with a headscissors again, and again Devstation breaks it. Both wrestlers back up, Devastation takes Stiletto down with a kick to the gut. Hey, you can't do that to a woman!

Devastation nails a couple of hard rights. Devastation tries to whip Stiletto into the ropes, reversal by Stiletto. Shoulder block by Stiletto, but Devastation doesn't budge. Into the ropes again, Devastation goes down to a sweet flying clothesline! Gut wrench solto! Snap mare (my favorite move)! Stiletto drops an elbow and covers, 1 - 2 - kickout.

Devastation back in control, he grabs Stiletto with a rear chinlock. And now Devastation is choking Stiletto! Devastation picks up Stiletto, big bodyslam. Devastation covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Devastation whips Stiletto into the corner and follows with a big splash. Devastation with a hiptoss, Devastation covers for a two count. Devastation back up, LOW BLOW by Stiletto! That oughta even things up a bit. Hmm... somewhere in here, Stiletto got a cut on her cheek, and it's starting to bleed. Stiletto rolls up Devastation in a small package, 1 - 2 - kickout!

Devastation whips Stiletto into the corner, then starts laying in the rights. Devastation with another gut wrench. Devastation covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Stiletto's cheek is bleeding pretty badly here. They've already kept the Ring Announcer's promise! Devastation choking Stiletto, but a low blow slows Devastation down. BIG monkey flip by Stiletto gets another 2 count.

Whip into the ropes, Stiletto nails another nice running clothesline. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Devastation nails Stiletto with a kick to the gut, and then hits a picture-perfect snap suplex. Arrogant cover by Devastation gets a two count. Devastation with a snap mare, covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Stiletto looks like she's done, though. Into the ropes, Stiletto comes off with a body press! Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout! Whip into the corner, Stiletto with a bulldog! Cover, 1 - 2 - NO! Devastation catches Stiletto, and there's a neckbreaker! That's gotta be it. Cover, 1 - 2 - 3! (7:02)

That was a surprisingly fun match! By the end, the crowd was solidly behind Stiletto. The cheek cut made things kinda icky; no one wants to see a woman bleeding, even in pro wrestling. But otherwise, there was nothing to complain about in that match.

We segue right into match number 2. Up first is Shama Tango, who is supposedly from Parts Unknown, but looks like he is probably from one of Denver's suburbs. Shama does have Papa Shango facepaint, and for some reason isn't opening his mouth. Shama's opponent is.. Beetlejuice! If you follow the indy scene at all, you should know Beetlejuice. He wears makeup to make him look sorta like the Michael Keaton character. Beetlejuice's ring attire is supposed to be covered with the dust of the graveyard. And it definitely is dusty; when Beetlejuice thumps his chest, a puff of dust comes up. That's actually pretty cool! The dust smells suspiciously like baby powder, though. Hmmm...

Beetlejuice drops the aluminum bat he is carrying and gets into the ring. Tango comes over to him and calmly spits GREEN MIST OF DOOM into his eyes! Tango stomping on Beetlejuice. Tango whips Beetlejuice into the corner, then follows with a BIG splash. Tango lays the forearms into Beetlejuice, but then goes down to a big roundhouse right. Beetlejuice scoops Tango up and slams him hard to the mat. Beetlejuice goes up to the top rope, Snuka Splash! Cover, 1 - 2 - NO!

Beetlejuice tosses Tango into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline. Beetlejuice throws Tango out of the ring and out to the floor. Beetlejuice finds a chain! But instead of using it, he slams Tango's head into the post. Tango is whipped into the guard rail right in front of me, sending my Vanilla Coke flying. BASTARD! Beetlejuice grabs the chain again, wraps it around his fist, then nails Tango with a right. Tango goes down hard. And he juices!

Beetlejuice looking for something under the ring, it's a balsa wood... something. I don't know what it is, actually. Beetlejuice smacks it against the guard rail to show how easy it breaks, er, to show how solid it is, then breaks it over Tango's head. Balsa is everywhere!

Beetlejuice tosses Tango back into the ring, then climbs the top rope. Beetlejuice off the ropes with a nice senton. Cover, 1 - 2 - 3. (3:40) Instead of celebrating, though, Beetlejuice grabs the stick! He wants competition, and Tango is not competition. Beetlejuice says there's only one person who can give him competition, and that is Shock Therapy. Beetlejuice challenges Shock Therapy to a match to determine who the true king of hardcore is. Beetlejuice challenges Shock to come down to the ring Right Now. When no one answers his challenge, Beetlejuice leaves the ring in a baby-scented huff!

Which conveniently clears the ring for our next match. We have Chan Moody, who reminds me of a buff Ben Afflek and is clearly an old-school babyface, to battle Billy V (who just needs a sucker to look just like Kojak). I overhear one of the IWF security guys saying that these are the two best technical wrestlers in the IWF. Now THAT sounds promising!

Collar-and-elbow lockup, Moody goes behind with a hammerlock, Billy V reverses this into a headlock, reversed to an armbar by Moody, reversed back to a headlock by Billy V. Moody takes Billy over with a snap mare. Great chain wrestling! Moody takes Billy over with a headlock, Billy pulls him over into a headscissors. Moody is out, then locks on an arm bar as both men get to their feet.

Into the ropes, shoulder block by Moody puts Billy V down. Steiner-esque elbow drop, Moody covers, 1 - 2 - it's too early for a pin. Billy getting back up, but goes down to a BIG forearm. Moody covers again, another two count. Moody with a half-hour suplex, rolls it into a cover. 1 - 2 - it's still too early. Into the ropes, reversed, small package with a bridge! 1 - 2 - kickout! Bearhug by Billy, Moody reverses it, drop toe hold by Billy!

Toss into the corner, Moody hits a big shoulder smash. Moody with a nice butterfly suplex! Moody covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Moody grabs an armbar, then adds a headscissors. Waitaminute, Billy is BITING Moody! Moody let's go of the hold (as you can expect), and that's the first non-technical bit we've seen in this match. Both men up, Billy nails Moody with a superkick! Billy tries for a triple-jump moonsault, but Moody moves out of the way. Moody nails Billy with a bulldog!

Billy is down, but Chan decides to play up to the crowd instead of going for the pin. That is NEVER a good idea. Moody finally covers, 1 - 2 - Billy kicks out. Whip into the corner is reversed, Billy lands a flying headscissors! Billy covers, 1 - 2 - no. Whip into the corner, Moody takes Billy down with a clothesline. Headlock, Moody flips Billy over.

Billy back up, Billy elbows out of the headlock. Off the ropes, leg lariat by Billy V! Billy covers, 1 - 2 - no. Irish whip into the corner is reversed, Billy tries to float up and over Chan Moody, but Moody catches him. INVERSE POWERBOMB by Moody! Moody covers, 1 - 2 - NO!!! I thought Moody had the match won there. Moody goes for the Big Boot, but Billy slips underneath. Moody tries for the Downward Spiral, but Billy slips out of this. Billy V. up to the top rope, Plancha! Billy V covers, 1 - 2 - 3!!! (7:11) Great match! I wish it had been given more time. After the match, Billy V raises Chan Moody's arms, to the delight of the crowd.

Moving right along, here's the Ring Announcer to announce the participants of our next match. Some familiar music hits, and here comes Ronin! Ronin proudly carries his newly-won CWO Tag Team Championship belt with him, which really seems to bug the IWF crowd here tonight. Anti-CWO chant; that's not very nice! Ronin has a seat on the top rope and waits for his opponent.

And here comes his opponent, it is CWO commissioner Doc! Doc looks strange without the CWO Cruiserweight belt around his waist, and without the Naughty Nurse at his side. The crowd once again breaks out an anti-CWO chant. I may just have to go slap some sense into these people!

Both men to the center of the ring, Doc bows to Ronin. Ronin returns the favor, only to catch a right hand to the head. Hiptoss by Doc, followed up by a legdrop. Doc covers, but only gets a one count. Doc picks up Ronin, gutbuster. Another! Doc tosses Ronin into the ropes, but gets caught by a clothesline. Ronin with a sweet belly-to-back suplex. Snap-suplex by Ronin, cover 1 - 2 - way too early. Ronin with a series of stiff kicks to Doc's midsection. Whip into the corner, Doc goes down. Ronin covers, 1 - 2 - Doc rolls out of it and covers Ronin! 1 - 2 - kickout. Doc is going for a powerbomb (!), but Ronin slides out. Doc tries it again, HURRICARANA by Ronin! And Doc starts stalling.

Interesting; I'm used to seeing Doc play the good guy, but he is definitely playing the heel here. My colleague JDT informed me that Doc is usually a heel; Doc definitely looks comfortable playing that role. Doc catches Ronin with a knee to the gut. Doc with a HARD Irish whip into the corner. Doc starts choking Ronin! Doc dropping some knees to Ronin's gut. Doc's choking Ronin with the middle rope! Back up, Doc tries to whip Ronin into the ropes, but Ronin comes back with a springboard jawbreaker! (I love that move!) Ronin with more stiff kicks to Doc's body. Hiptoss takes Doc down.

Ronin runs into the ropes, stomping on Doc's belly as he goes by. Again. A third time! Ronin now tangles himself up in the ropes... huh? Oh, Ronin is using the ropes as a bow, and he's the arrow! Ronin shoots off the ropes and spears Doc! Ronin may be the most innovative wrestler in Colorado right now; that was SWEET! Ronin nails a belly-to-back suplex. Cover, 1 - 2 - Doc kicks out. Doc nails Ronin with an inverted atomic drop (OUCH!). Doc off the rope for a splash, but Ronin dropkicks him right out of the air! It's right about here that the crowd should be getting behind Ronin. Instead, the crowd just kinda died through here. This is far too good a match for the crowd to NOT be going nuts over. What's going on here? I am SO confused....

Ronin picks up Doc, neckbreaker! Ronin grabs an armbar on Doc, then tries to do the Undertaker "walk the ropes" spot. Doc ain't having none of that, though; Doc pulls Ronin off and to the mat. Ronin fighting to get back to the top rope, Doc tries to stop him but falls victim to a Tornado DDT! Ronin covers, 1 - 2 - Doc gets his foot on the ropes! SO CLOSE!

Ronin back up to the top rope, what's he going to do this time? Oh, he's not going to get the chance to do anything; Doc runs into the top rope, crotching Ronin on the top turnbuckle. Ronin falls off the turnbuckle and into the ring. Doc heads up top, missile dropkick connects! Doc can probably pin him right here, but since he's the heel, he has the right to inflict just a little more punishment. Doc picks up Ronin, and then nails the Cranium Driver (standing Fame'asser). That's his finisher! Doc covers, 1 - 2 - 3! (11:19)

That match ruled in many various and different ways. Pity the crowd wasn't into it more. What are they waiting for?

Intermission gets interrupted as the IWF's Miss Tamera gets stalked by a strung-out dude in a mental institution pantsuit. Miss Tamera runs around the ring and stands behind a couple of huge Security dudes. The stalker dude tries to get to her, but security is able to get him back towards the lockerroom, though they have a surprisingly difficult time, considering that there are two of them, and both of them outweight him. Apparently, the stalker is the infamous Shock Therapy.

Miss Tamera is rightfully pissed about this treatment. Apparently, this is the second time that Shock has tried to attack her. To make sure Shock pays for these attacks, Miss Tamera has signed a match for tonight. Shock Therapy will wrestle a hardcore match against Beetlejuice!

We are back from intermission, and here comes some dude with a tablecloth wrapped around his head. Ah, this is General Hossein, doing a Middle-Eastern anti-American gimmick. Hossein has a stable of wrestlers who compete in the IWF; tonight we get to see Pepe Escobar Jr. Escobar is a masked wrestler, which is pretty cool in my book.

Hossein asks the Ring Announcer to make an announcement: if the crowd doesn't stop changing "USA," then Hossein and Escobar are going to leave. This has the expected effect. Hossein and Escobar actually do leave, but then come right back (to a chorus of boos). Hossein then tells everyone to SHUT UP so he can sing his national anthem. I have no idea what the national anthem of Iraq is, but I get the feeling that Hossein wasn't actually singing it. It sure sounded like he was just making the song up as he went, anyway.

Finally, here comes Escobar's appointment: Big Bossman Jr. The hell? This is a wrestler who looks sorta like Ray Taylor, and for some reason is playing the Bossman character. And this isn't the sorta-cool SWAT-team Bossman that Traylor played when he came back to the WWF. Bossman Jr. is doing the Cobb County prison guard Bossman, complete with nightstick and the big star on his chest. This is ... weird. And disconcerting.

Anyway, Bossman Jr sneaks in a right hand at the end of the national anthem. Bossman Jr. whips Escobar into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline. Escobar spills out of the ring, Bossman Jr. follows. Bossman Jr didn't see Escobar grab a chair; Escobar nails Bossman Jr. with a big-time chairshot. Again. One more time! Escobar hops into the ring and starts to celebrate. Bossman Jr starts to get to his feet; Escobar takes him down with a baseball slide dropkick to the chin! And now Hossein is choking Bossman Jr with a hanky!

Escobar tosses Bossman Jr back into the ring. And from out of nowhere, a female fan runs up to Hossein and rips the tablecloth and sunglasses off of his head! Hossein is shocked that he can't even defend himself. Security heads over to break this up, but the female fan is already heading back to her seat. You don't see that every day!

Escobar sets up the chair on Bossman's head. Escobar legdrops the chair right into Bossman Jr's head! Escobar covers, 1 - 2 - no. Escobar pulls Bossman Jr back up, Bossman Jr manages a bodyslam. Bossman Jr off the ropes, big splash! Cover only gets two. Escobar hits a low blow, though, and follows it up with a neckbreaker. Hossein distracts the referee, allowing Escobar to choke Bossman Jr with a snotrag. Escobar puts on a camel clutch, using the snotrag to further choke Bossman Jr! Bossman Jr is trying to get up, Hossein starts choking Bossman Jr right in front of the referee. And when the ref dares to call him on it, Hossein asks, "What'd I do?" HA!

Escobar picks up Bossman Jr, then sets him up for a piledriver. Escobar can't get Bossman Jr up, though, and ends up getting back bodydropped. Bossman Jr whips Escobar into the ropes, Sidewalk Slam! Bossman Jr covers, 1 - 2 - and here comes another memeber of Hossein's army! I think this is Super Destroyer, but I cannot say that for sure. But what the hell, I'll go with it. Call that a DQ win for Bossman Jr (5:00).

Super Destroyer bring a chain with him into the ring. Waitaminute, here comes Chan Moody! Chan and Bossman Jr quickly clear the ring. Chan and Bossman Jr grab an American flag and start waving it while the crowd cheers. Ah, that's a classic gimmick that will always work, I think.

It's time for our bonus match, set up mere minutes ago by Miss Tamera. It's pretty probable that we won't be seeing her at ringside during this match. Out comes Shock Therapy, and he is SCARY! Dude really does look like he belongs in an insane asylum. It's the eyes, I think. Shock immediately heads outside of the ring, goes under the apron, and pulls out a cinder block (that looks REAL!), a chair and a rain gutter. Here comes Beetlejuice, entrance sponsored by Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder. Ah, the baby-fresh smell of the graveyard. Beetlejuice brings his trusty aluminum bat and a chair to the ring.

Shock splashes Beetlejuice into the rain gutter to get things going. Shock sets up the chair in the middle of the ring, then drop toe holds Beetlejuice into it, a la Raven. Shock covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. The chair kinda fell apart when Beetlejuice fell into it; now it's mostly just legs sticking up in the air. Shock whips Beetlejuice into the legs of the chair! Damn, that's gotta hurt. And now Shock has the cinderblock! Shock tries to drop it on Beetlejuice's head, but Beetlejuice quickly rolls out of the way. That was scary; Jack, the gentleman sitting next to me, was ready to walk out there. It is possible for a pro wrestling match to be TOO violent, after all.

We get our second wrestling move of the match, as Shock Therapy hits Beetlejuice with a snap suplex. Shock goes after the cinderblock again while Beetlejuice blades. (Oops, I don't think we were supposed to see that.) Shock sets up the cinderblock on Beetlejuice's head, then leg drops the cinderblock. When Shock pulls Beetlejuice up, Beetlejuice is a bloody mess. Shock picks him up, BUBBA BOMB!

Shock is climbing the ropes! That can't be a good idea. Nope, here comes Beetlejuice to knock Shock off the top rope. Beetlejuice with a choke. Beetlejuice pulls Shock to the apron, then heads out to the floor. Beetlejuice finds his bat, and hits Shock right in the forehead with a shot. God, that was SICK! And not in a good way. Jack just about walked out again; I wouldn't have blamed him if he did.

Shock bladed in here somewhere; both wrestlers are now bleeding. Beetlejuice pulls Shock back into the ring. Beetlejuice gets put down with what's left of the rain gutter. Shock then hits a nice butterfly suplex, putting Beetlejuice right through the rain gutter. Chan Moody was nice enough to throw a new chair into the ring. Shock grabs this and sets Beetlejuice's head in it a la Brian Pillman. Stomp on the chair! Shock covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Shock decides that the count was too slow and nails the referee with a right. Fortunately, there's another referee ready to come in.

Beetlejuice is back in, and he suplexes Shock into the rain gutter! Beetlejuice up to the top rope, but Shock crotches him up there! Shock pulls out a bag, it's full of thumbtacks. Thumbtacks all over the ring. Shock backdrops Beetlejuice into the tumbtacks! Jack gets up to leave; I am inclined to join him. But my journalistic instincts kick back in and I stay. Jack decides to stay, too. Shock levels Beetlejuice with a wicked chairshot! Shock lays the chair flat on the mat, then covers it with thumbtacks. Shock picks up Beetlejuice, then piledrives him onto the chair. Cover, 1 - 2 - 3. (10:03)

After the match, Shock leaves the ring. Beetlejuice is helped up, then tries to chase after Shock Therapy. Security manages to hold Beetlejuice back.

That match was simply too brutal. I appreciate the effort that the wrestlers put into it, but that wasn't very enjoyable. I'd expect that type of match from a backyard wrestling group, not from something more legitimate. Anyway, let's move on. Quickly.

It is actually time for our main event. And here are a couple more wrestlers that I am familiar with. The main event tonight pits CWO Champion Corpse (who, for some reason, doesn't wear the CWO title belt to the ring) against Plague in a falls-count-anywhere match. Corpse DOES bring a rubber hose and a rope with him, though.

This is interesting; in the CWO, of course, Corpse is a headliner. It's not suprising to see him in the main event here in the IWF. It is kind of a surprise to see Plague in the main event, though. In the CWO, Plague is a mid-carder. I think that might point to the differences between the various organizations. It would seem that the IWF puts high value on hardcore matches, of which Plague specializes.

Anyway, Plague grabs a headlock, then switches to a hammerlock, then back to a headlock and takes Corpse over. Corpse with a headscissors, break and both men are up. Hmmm... that seems to be the IWF's trademark opening to a match. That sequence has been repeated in at least two other matches tonight. Corpse with an armbar this time, and pulled into a hammerlock. Plague reverses into a headlock. Corpse and Plague then trade hammer and headlocks four more times! Another cool chain-wrestling sequence.

Plague tries to suplex Corpse, but can't get him up. Corpse reverses and suplexes the big man! Plague gets out of the ring, and he is leaving! Plague heads right out the door. Hmmm... Oh, wait, here comes Plague back off of the stage, he has a chain in his hands. Apparently, Plague has decided "to hell with this wrestling crap" and is going to go hardcore. Corpse meets Plague on the stage, and hits him with a Russian legsweep!

Both men out to the floor. Plague is looking under the ring, he comes up with a cheese grater. And that is all that my buddy Jack can take. He packs up and walks out on the show. I think tonight's show probably was a little TOO violent. Corpse is also looking under the ring, and he comes up with a Singapore cane. Corpse over to Plague, cane shot to the head! Again! Third time's the charm! One more time for prosperity! Plague dropped the cheesgrater somewhere between the second and third cane shot, Corpse grabs this and starts grating Plague's head. YUCK! Plague immediately starts gushing blood.

Corpse slams Plague's head into the ringpost. Corpse takes Plague to the next corner, and slams Plague's head into THAT post. Plague retreats through the crowd! Corpse tries to follow, and walks right into a stiff right hand. Plague grabs a chair and starts choking Corpse with it. Corpse and Pain fight all the way back to the concession stand. Unfortunately, I can't see what's happening back there...

Finally, they make their way back to ringside. Plague finds part of Shock Therapy's cinderblock that wasn't removed and smashes this into Corpse's head. Plague grabs a chair and nails Corpse in the back. Again, and Corpse collapses. Plague finds a less manly rope than the one Corpse brought with him; Plague chokes Corpse with it. Corpse manages to get the rain gutter, however, and crushes it over Plague's back. Gutter to the head! Gutter choke! Corpse covers Plague (on the floor), 1 - 2 - kickout.

Corpse has a chair again. Corpse smashes the chair into Plague's stomach, then across his back. Corpse steals a drink from a fan and throws that in Plague's face! Plague scores a knife-edge chop. Another! Corpse fires back. Both men trading chops, Plague gets the upper hand. Corpse is down, Plague covers, 1 - 2 - kickout! Both men back up, Plague gets back in the ring, Corpse follows. Plague traps Corpse in the corner and starts working on him with knife-edge chops. Plague with a BIG uppercut, Corpse goes down in the corner! Plague out to the middle of the ring, HOLY CRAP, Plague just hit his running knee smash! That should do it.

But Plague heads out to the floor instead of covering Corpse. Plague looks under the ring, he finds a table! Corpse still hasn't moved much. Plague tosses the table into the ring and sets it up. Corpse is up, he tries to get Plague up for the Six Feet Under! Plague is too heavy, though, and Corpse drops him. Plague picks Corpse up, POWERSLAM THROUGH THE TABLE! That's gotta do it! Plague covers, 1 - 2 - 3!!! (13:16) Holy crap, Plague just pinned the CWO Champ! I think I understand why Corpse didn't wear the title belt during his introduction now.

That match was pretty awesome. It was a hardcore match done right. Leave out the cheese grater, and it would've been perfect. Plague and Corpse both did an incredible job, and the finish completely took me by surprise. Very well done.

Plague celebrates for the crowd, then heads to the back. Corpse shakes off offers of help by the referee, slams the mat in frustration, then takes an alternate route back to the lockerroom. The Ring Announcer thanks us for coming, and the lights go out. I guess that's our show!

In case you couldn't tell, that was my first IWF show. For the most part, I really enjoyed it. I could've done without the Beetlejuice/Shock Therapy match. I think it was too violent and too bloody. Hardcore matches are much better done in moderation, like the Corpse/Plague match. But I readily admit that I have a bias towards technical wrestling, so maybe it isn't too suprising that I feel this way.

Anyway, this was a great show, well worth the $10 admission (thanks, IWF!). If you are in the Denver area and want to know when the next IWF event will be, check the IWF website at

As for me, my next stop is in Denver to catch Mile High Pro Wrestling's show this Saturday. If you are in Denver, tickets are still available. The show is at the Aztlan Theatre, doors open at 5:00pm. If you see me (I'll be the pudgy dude with a clipboard sitting as close to the ring as possible), feel free to stop by and say hello.

- Miguelito
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