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Miguelito Fierro



July 12, 2002
Aztlan Theater
Denver, CO

Hello again, everyone. 'tis me, Miguelito, ready to take you on another tour through the wilds of Colorado's pro wrestling scene. This week, we are back at the Aztlan theater in Denver. That means that Mile Hi Pro Wrestling - still too cool to have a "gh" in their name - is putting on another show for our viewing pleasure.

If you read my recap of the last MHPW show, then you know I wasn't very pleased with the show last month. I actually walked out of the show, for which I would like to apologize to MHPW for. Walking out was very unprofessional of me; I should have stayed to the end of the show and given the rest of the show and, more importantly, the rest of the wrestlers a chance. So, to MHPW and the wrestlers who work there, please accept my apology.

Having said that, though, I still have a few concerns going into tonight's show. There were two serious injuries on last month's show. Demon Dawg luckily ended up receiving only a concussion after falling head-first to the mat from the top of a tall but unwieldy ladder. Tom Tanaka ended up with bruised ribs after he was put through a table outside of the ring. I don't like watching wrestlers legitimately get hurt, and I don't like watching wrestling organizations put their wrestlers into situations where they may be hurt.

The first thing that I notice as I stake out my seat is that the ring is once again set up on the stage. I can actually see why, though; the floor of the Aztlan slants up. A ring would not be stable on the floor. This is out of MHPW's hands, so I won't gripe about it again. I can say I wish that there were folding chairs set up closer to the ring. The Aztlan was obviously never designed for wrestling, and the first row of seats are very far back. A few rows of folding chairs closer to the stage would be very nice.

We start out this evening with Sweet Daddy Vicious (SDV), owner of MHPW, who apparently has a few words for us. First, he is upset that Funkdelhia managed to sneak out of the last show as MHPW Champion. He is even more upset that Funkdelhia used a stip in her contract to get out of defending the title here tonight. And he was most upset that Dreemer helped Funkdelhia win. Dreemer will pay tonight.

SDV also seruptitiously goes over the injury list from last show, first bringing Tom Tanaka out to the ring. Tanaka suffered bruised ribs last month, and he cannot wrestle again until he gets doctor's clearance. SDV also brings out Demon Dawg. Dawg accuses SDV of trying to end his career by buying such a cheap ladder last month. Dawg - who suffered a concussion as a result of that fall - also cannot wrestle on this show.

Dreemer and Jack Frost are out for their match, and they want to know who their opponents are going to be. SDV introduces The Freak Show!

And that apparently leads us directly into our first match: Dreemer and Jack Frost -vs- The Freak Show (Cesare the Sleepwalker and The Madman). Dreemer and Frost seem pretty upset about this shocking development; perhaps next time they will be sure to grab one of the programs before heading to the ring. The Freak Show decide they've listened to Dreemer and Frost complain long enough and attack. Rights and forearms all around; Dreemer and Frost decide to regroup outside of the ring.

Finally, the referee gets some semblance of order here, and we are off. Frost and Madman square off. Frost throws a right, NO SELL! Frost throws another right, another no sell by Madman. Third time, and Frost decides that he has seen enough. He runs to his corner and tags in Dreemer. (HA!)

Dreemer isn't so certain he wants in, either. Dreemer stalls as long as he can, then points to Cesare and says he wants some of him. This makes sense; Cesare is a good 100 pounds or so lighter than Madman. Madman tags, Cesare comes in and grabs Dreemer in a headlock. Dreemer reverses this into an arm bar, then takes Cesare down with a right. Into the ropes, Dreemer hits a sweet powerslam, then tags in Frost. Into the ropes, double-clothesline by Dreemer and Frost. Into the ropes again, Dreemer with a HIGH flying dropkick. Cesare manages to get to the corner, though, and tag in Madman.

I should note that, right around here, I am wondering whether this is truly MHPW or not. There's already more wrestling action in this match than there was in the entire show (what I saw of it) last month.

Tag to Frost, who hits a standing side kick. Frost covers, 1 - kickout. Frost quickly tags Dreemer. Dreemer tosses Madman into the ropes, but then runs into a big boot. Madman stomps on Dreemer's fingers. Madman picks Dreemer up, BIG bodyslam. Madman nails Dreemer with a full nelson slam. Madman covers, 1 - 2 - Frost breaks up the cover. Dreemer puts Madman in the corner, then nails Madman with shoulder blocks. Dreemer tags Frost. Madman escapes the corner, HOT TAG!

Cesare with a Japanese armdrag. Cesare with a pump-handle slam on Frost. Cesare with a standing leg drop. Cesare covers, 1 - 2 - Dreemer breaks up the cover. Cesare takes him down with a spear! The ref gets Dreemer out of the ring, allowing just enough time for Frost to get over to the corner. Tag to Dreemer, Dreemer and Frost get to double-teaming. Double-suplex by Frost and Dreemer! Dreemer with a Shake, Rattle and Roll neckbreaker.

Dreemer goes up to the top turnbuckle, starts walking the ropes, and hits a SWEET Savage elbowdrop. Dreemer covers, 1 - 2 - Cesare kicks out. Dreemer locks on an abdominal stretch, then slams Cesare out of it! Great move. Into the ropes, Cesare with a Thesz press! Cesare badly needs a tag, but he pauses to stomp on Dreemer's leg. There's the tag.

Double-suplex by the Freak Show. Madman with an armbar on Dreemer. Madman with a surfboard, ref checking to see if Dreemer is going to give it up, but Frost comes off the second rope and nails Madman with an elbow. Dreemer tosses Madman into the ropes, Blockbuster-like neckbreaker by Dreemer! Dreemer tags in Frost.

Cesare is in the ring, however. Cesare hits Frost with a belly to back suplex. Madman is able to get the tag. Cesare heads out to the floor and brings in a chair, because ALL matches are hardcore matches in MHPW. Frost is in the corner. Cesare back in the ring, swings at Frost, but Frost moves. The chair actually rebounds off the ropes and hits Cesare in the head. Very nice touch. Frost rolls up Cesare, 1 - 2 - kickout.

Tag on both sides. Madman meets Dreemer in the middle of the ring and gives him a sitout-chokeslam. Into the ropes, Madman with a big powerslam. Madman tosses Dreemer into the ropes again, knee to the midsection. Madman tosses Dreemer hard into the corner, then follows with a big splash. Madman tags Cesare. Snap suplex by Cesare. Sleeper hold by Cesare, Dreemer backs into the ropes, Cesare pushes off the ropes with his legs and hits a tornado neckbreaker. Cesare with with a stunner! Cover, 1 - 2 - 3!!! (13:44) The winners, and first-ever Mile Hi Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The Freak Show.

After the new champs celebrate and depart, Dreemer has a few words for Jack Frost. Dreemer asks Frost what just happened, and blames the loss on Frost. Frost nails Dreemer with a right hand! Nothing else transpires, however.

Damn... that match ruled! Top to bottom, it was great. Bravo, MHPW! And Bravo to all four men in the match.

SDV channels Vince McMahon this evening; he is out to do some more talking. Buddha went through rehab as a result of last week's loss to the East Coast Connection (aka Romper Room). He has come back a changed man! Buddha declares that Buddha is dead (I hate it when dead men keep talking), and declares that from now on, his name will be Silkie!

SDV sets up a match tonight for Silkie against Stone D. SDV shows an awful lot of consistency - much more than WWE does nowadays - by pointing out that Silkie is responsible for Stone D's arm injury (Silkie burned up Stone D's cannabis crops). That's good enough to set up a grudge match here!

Our second match of the night pits Silkie (the former Buddha) -vs- Stone D. Collar-and-elbow to start, Stone D takes Silkie down. Stone D tries for an Enziguri, but misses. Whip into the corner, Silkie nails Stone D with an elbow. Whip to the other corner, Silkie nails Stone D with a splash. Silkie tries it again, but Stone D gets out of the way of the splash. Superkick by Stone D! Stone D with an Olympic Slam! Stone D covers, 1 - 2 - kickout.

Stone D whips Silkie into the ropes and hits a knee to the midsection. Stone D with a Russian Leg Sweep. Into the ropes, drop toe hold by Stone D. Stone D with a single-leg crab, Silkie gets to the ropes. This match has been all Stone D. Standing rana by Stone D. Gut wrench solto by Stone D, he covers, 1 - 2 - kickout.

Stone D tries to drop a forearm, but Silkie moves out of the way. Silkie with a clothesline. Back up, but Stone D nails Silkie with a German suplex. Stone D tries for it again, but Silkie slides out the back, full nelson slam! Silkie says a few words to the referee, then climbs to the top. Silkie hits a Kane clothesline off the top rope! It looks like Silkie is going to get some offense here after all.

Silkie goes up top again, missile mulekick! Silkie covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Silkie heads up top a third time, Silkie feels Froggy! But Stone D rolls out of the way at the last minute. Stone D rolls outside, pulling Silkie with him. Stone D lovingly applies Silkie's head to the ringpost! Shouldn't that be a DQ? Oh, wait, I forgot, all matches are Hardcore here in MHPW. Stone D drags Silkie to the next ring post, head to the post again!

Stone D tosses Silkie back in the ring, then heads up to the top rope. Stone D connects with a flying crossbody! Cover, 1 - 2 - STONE D PULLS HIM UP! That's never a good idea; take the win when you can get it. Stone D heads up to the top rope, Silkie manages to get up and shake the ropes, crotching Stone D on the top turnbuckle. Silkie up to the second rope, SUPERPLEX! That took its toll on both men, however; Silkie is not able to cover.

Both men up, Silkie is the fresher of the two. Silkie picks up Stone D, backbreaker. Sidebreaker! OVERHEAD GUT BUSTER! That was an awesome trifecta of moves. Silkie picks Stone D back up, he's pressing Stone D over his head. 1! 2! 3! 4 times, and then he drops him, a la Lex Luger. Silkie covers, 1 - 2 - SILKIE PULLS HIM UP! That wasn't a good idea for Stone D, why would it be a good idea for you?

Silkie with a fieldgoal kick to Stone D. Off the ropes, another fieldgoal kick. Silkie picks him up, going for a pumphandle slam, but Stone D floats over. The Stroke! Stone D picks Silkie back up, Fameasser! That's gotta be it... Aw, crap, here comes Dreemer for the DQ (10:25). Dreemer tosses both men.

HOLY CRAP! The CWO champion CORPSE is in the ring behind Dreemer. Dreemer does Kurt Angle's "reach-behind-and-feel-the-person's-face" routine, then turns around and sees Corpse. Dreemer tries to leave, but Corpse is all over him! Punches abound! Corpse tries for the Six Feet Under, but Dreemer slides out. Superkick! Dreemer runs into a big boot from the CWO champ! Corpse picks him up, SIX FEET UNDER!! Dreemer isn't moving! Corpse yells, "You ain't nothing, Dreemer!" as he leaves the ring.

I cannot begin to tell you all the various ways that ruled. I am pissed that the match ended up a DQ, but other than that, that was awesome. Great stuff!

After Corpse leaves, Stone D and Silkie try and go back at it, but security and the referee are able to keep them apart.

It's Romper Room time again, as the East Coast Connection (ECC) comes out to the ring. Matt Wylde has the stick while Serenity bounces around the ring looking cute. The rest of the ECC is in the ring, but we haven't been told who they are (aside from Tanaka), so I'll just ignore them.

Before Wylde can really get into anything, however, SDV offers counterpoint. The rest of the ECC is banned from ringside for this match. (That's good; hopefully it means we won't see any fluorescent light tubes being broken over anyone's head.) Serenity gets to stay, however, 'cuz she's cute. To combat Serenity's threat, however, Billy V gets someone to stay with him at ringside: Vicious Vickie!

And speak of the devil, here is Vicious Vickie! Nice pants, even nicer thong. Billy holds the ropes for Vickie, allowing her to show off her assets for the crowd. Billy V has the stick! He's going to prove tonight that East Coast wrestling SUCKS! Vickie heads out ot ringside, and we are on.

Billy V (with Vickie) -vs- Matt Wylde (with Serenity): Headlock by Billy to start things out. Into the ropes, Billy tries a hiptoss, reversed by Wylde, reversed again by Billy into a slam. Nice round of applause from the crowd. Lockup again, top wrist lock by Wylde, reversed by Billy. Billy turns this into an arm bar, but that is reversed by Wylde, so Billy takes Wylde down with a drop toe hold. Great chain-wrestling sequence there.

Billy whips Wylde into the corner, but eats a boot when he tries to follow Wylde in. Wylde tries to come out of the corner with a clothesline, but Billy turns it into a belly-to-belly suplex. Billy with a rear chinlock, then locks on a surfboard. Both men back up, into the ropes, him toss by Wylde. Nice legdrop by Wylde as he tries to take control. Wylde picks Billy up, VERY nice DDT.

Instead of covering, Wylde decides to argue with Vickie. Billy is able to cover enough to take Wylde down with a single leg. Billy with a leg bar, then drops a few elbows into Wylde's knee. Wow.. Wylde can take more punishment than Kevin Nash! Nash's leg would've been broken into a few dozen pieces by now. Billy with a spinning toe hold on Wylde, but Wylde is able to reverse it. And we get a break.

Wylde again chooses not to go for a pin, this time choosing to argue with the referee. Billy sneaks in a shot. Into the ropes, Wylde takes Billy down with a spinning sidekick. Wylde comes off the ropes, Baldo Bomb by Billy! Billy with a Boston Crab, but Wyle reverses it. Both men up, Billy nails the Razor's Edge on Wylde! Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Now Billy is arguing with the referee!

Billy runs into the ropes, but gets tripped by Serenity! Vickie runs around the ring and takes Serenity down by the hair. CAT FIGHT CAT FIGHT CAT FIGHT!!!! Well, it isn't much of a fight, more like a SQUASH for Vickie. Serenity is getting her ass whupped here.

Back to the men, Billy tries for a hurricarana, but Wylde catches him and hits a powerbomb. Into the ropes, NICE powerslam by Billy V. And now Billy gives the twirly-fingers sign for the moonsault! Billy up top, MOONSAULT HITS! Billy covers, 1 - 2 - Serenity pulls Billy off. Here comes Vickie to lay some more smack down!

In the meanwhile, Billy hooks up Wylde in a tarantula (minus the ropes), then drops Wylde into the Tarantula Driver! That's his finisher. 1 - 2 - 3! (8:07).

Damn! That match was the shortest match so far, but it kicked ALL kinds of ass. I've said before that I consider Billy V to be one of the best technical wrestlers in Colorado, and he proved it tonight. Matt Wylde also did a great job opposite Billy V. Fantastic.

Here comes Dreemer out to the ring again. He is pissed at both SDV and Corpse. He asks if Corpse was SDV's secret weapon to get revenge on Dreemer. SDV confirms that Corpse was brought here to punish Dreemer. Dreemer says that Corpse is nothing, and that Dreemer can beat him in a match in less than 5 minutes. Corpse and SDV laugh this off, but Dreemer insists that five minutes is all he need to take care of Corpse.

And it looks like we have a surprise match tonight, Dreemer -vs- Corpse. This match should be a squash by the CWO champ. Lockup, Corpse tosses Dreemer away like a rag doll. Lockup, Dreemer with a go-behind, into the ropes, Dreemer nails a cheap forearm to the back. Corpse comes back with a BIG knife-edge chop. Into the corner, Corpse follows with a big splash. Off the ropes, Corpse misses a clothesline, Dreemer doesn't miss with a dropkick.

Into the ropes again, Dreemer nails a leg lariat. Into the ropes again, this time Corpse nails Dreemer with the big boot. Corpse covers, 1 - 2, kickout. Off the ropes, Dreemer tries for a cross body but gets caught. Fallaway slam by the big man. Corpse covers, but Dreemer is in the ropes.

Corpse picks Dreemer up, FACEBUSTER! Into the corner, Corpse tries to follow with a splash but nobody's home! Dreemer hits a BIG snap suplex on Corpse! Dreemer going up top, Dreemer Feels Froggy! Dreemer covers, 1 - 2 - 3!!!! (2:45) HOLY SHIT!!!! DREEMER JUST PINNED CORPSE!!! What the hell just happened?

Dreemer plays up to the fans, celebrating his victory. (And well he should; that is a HUGE upset. Imagine D-Lo Brown getting a clean victory over the Undertaker in less than three minutes.) SDV comes into the ring. He declares that, for the next MHPW show, he is signing a rematch between Dreemer and Corpse. This time, the time limit for the match will be 10 minutes.

Ummm.... that doesn't make sense. I don't want to take anything away from this segment. The Dreemer/Corpse match was a great idea, and the Dreemer getting the win was a HUGE surprise. It was compelling stuff, very well done. But there is no logic to the match signing for next week. If Dreemer could beat Corpse in less than 5 minutes this month, then why would things be any different next month just because the match has a 10 minute time limit?

That might make sense if Corpse were the small guy and Dreemer were the behemoth. In that scenario, a longer match favors the smaller wrestler. But that's not the case here. Corpse is the big man here. If he couldn't beat Dreemer in 5 minutes, then you've gotta give me a logical reason to believe that he'll beat Dreemer in 10 minutes at the next show.

But I digress.

As I said, this was a very entertaining segment. Getting to see Corpse in the ring is always a joy. And he and Dreemer had a good little match going, 'til that Frog Splash put an end to it. Corpse being signed for the next MHPW show should also be considered Big News. You can be sure that'll make it into my next Pillar To Post for

Let's move on to our next match: MHPW Cruiserweight Champ Wulf -vs- Champagne Tony Morales. Yes, this is a title match. Ring announce J. Todd introduces Wulf as the challenger. OOPS! Here we go.

Wulf with a hammerlock, he floats over and takes Morales down with a sunset flip for a one count. Arm bar, into the ropes, Wulf catches him with a drop toe hold. Both men back up, Wulf nails a belly-to-belly suplex. Both men back up, Morales hits a hard snap suplex. Morales picks him up and does it again. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Morales whips Wulf into the corner, follows and monkeyflips Wulf out. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout.

Wulf back up, laying stomps in to Morales. Wulf hits a brainbuster on Morales. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Wulf picks up Morales, butterfly suplex! Picking him up, another butterfly suplex! Wulf with a cocky foot-on-chest pin attempt, only gets 2. Both men back up, Morales sneaks in an inverted DDT! To the ropes, Morales is chocking Wulf with the top rope. Into the ropes, Morales hits a Holly-esque dropkick! Morales locks on the STF! Wulf made it to the ropes, though.

Whip into the ropes, Wulf catches Morales with a powerslam. Wulf with a standing rana! Wulf with a running clothesline. Wulf with another foot-on-chest cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Wulf up to the top rope, kneedrop! Wulf picks Morales up, sweet snap suplex. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout, and Wulf is starting to get frustrated. Wulf back up top, Alabalam Jam! Wulf covers, 1 - 2 - NO! Wulf is arguing with the referee; that seemed like a three count to me, too. Wait, Morales is up and sneaks in a schoolboy! 1 - 2 - kickout with authority by Wulf. Wulf's going back up top, WULF FEELS FROGGY! Wulf covers, 1 - 2 - 3! (8:22)

Great match. Unfortunately, the fans weren't into it. I think the fans were still recovering from the Corpse/Dreemer match. Too bad; this match was solid all the way around.

Security guys, referees, J. Todd and SDV hit the ring... oh, I see. They are setting the ring up for tonight's main event. This is a mini-intermission, which gives me time to have a Vanilla Coke.

We are back and ready for Ravage -vs- CWO Hardcore Champion Boogieman in a Four-Corners Table Match for the CWO Hardcore title. There is a table set up in each corner, leaning against the turnbuckles. Ravage looks a whole lot like a shorter Booker T, down to the hair and the gloves! The bell rings, and here we go!

Both men exchange punches, then exchange knifedge chops. I'd call that a draw. Into the ropes, Ravage takes down Boogie and two of the tables with a clothesline. Well, Boogie actually knocked the tables down when he hits the ropes. I think I see a BIG problem already with the concept of this match. Those tables aren't going to sit still while the wrestlers hit the ropes. Ravage nails a vertical suplex, but then walks into a dropkick by the hardcore champ. European uppercut by Boogieman. Off the ropes, Boogie with a scary rana. Boogie pulls a table up off the mat and sets it up.

Ravage is up, but Boogie puts him on the table with a right. Boogieman's climbing the ropes, but Ravage sneaks in a low blow. Both men up top... Ravage with a Book End off the top rope through the table! 1 down, three more to go!

Both men back up, they move towards the one corner that still has a table upright in it. Ravage tries to whip Boogie into the table, but Boogie reverses! Uh-oh, the table didn't break. Looks like the ref is going to count it, though. So now does each man have three tables left?

Boogie sets up another table. Boogie with a right hand, taking down Ravage. Boogie whips Ravage into the ropes, spinebuster through the table! Boogie's got two, Ravage is still with one, but there's only one more table left in the ring. Hmmm... Boogie tries to set up the last table, but it collapses. It must be made by the same company that made Demon Dawg's ladder from last show.

Boogie forgets the table and instead picks up Ravage. TKO! Boogie covers, pinfalls don't count but Ravage kicks out anyway. Boogie whips Ravage into the ropes and takes him down with a drop toe hold. Into the corner, Ravage nails a shoulder to the midsection. Again. And again! Into the ropes, Ravage with a BIG powerslam. Ravage with a nice swinging elbowdrop. And now a legdrop! Whip into the corner, Ravage is going up top and bringing Boogie with him. X-Factor from the top rope! Boogie immediately jumps to his feet, takes three steps, and then does a Flair Flop. HA!

Ravage looks a little confused right now, though. He can't win this patch with a pin, he needs a table. And there aren't any. Oh, no, wait, here comes a ref with another table. This one won't stand up, either. [sigh] Ravage picks up Boogie, then rams him into the corner. Ravage holds on and nails Boogieman with a backbreaker. Ravage is out to get a chair. Back in, BIG chairshot takes Boogieman down. Ravage sets up the chair on Boogie's head, then legdrops the chair. And here comes another table!

Ravage sets up the table, then pulls Boogieman up to the top rope. Ravage tries for a superplex, but Boogie ain't having none of that. Boogieman's trying to get free, but here comes BILLY V! Billy's up to the top rope and pushes BOTH men off and through the table. And the bell rings? (15:12)

Hmmm... Billy is out to celebrate his master plan, but he should be watching Boogieman instead. Boogie whips him around, gutshot, stunner! Boogie picks Billy up, Ravage comes over and they give Billy a double-chokeslam! I don't think you should've gotten involved here, Billy. But why is Ravage helping beat down Billy? I thought they were friends... Ravage offers to shake Boogieman's hand. Boogie takes the hand, Ravage pulls him towards him and nails the Book End! Ah, and now Ravage picks Billy V up on his shoulders and carries him to the back. I appreciate it when loose ends are tied up in a story!

Boogieman finally makes it to his feet. Boogie is still the champ (don't ask me to explain what the decision was), and he celebrates. But now here is one DAMNED HUGE DUDE! Oh, it's Jenocide! Jenocide with a devastating spear on Boogieman. Jenocide with a BIG spinebuster on Boogieman. And now Jenocide is going to talk! He says he is back in MHPW, and there are a few people who are going to pay. First up: Ravage! (Then why did he attack Boogieman?) Jenocide gets in an F-bomb or two before heading back to the lockerroom.

Boogieman manages to get back to his feet one more time. He decks the referee with the hardcore belt before making his way back to the lockerroom.

And that's it for this month! Next month, we'll get to see a rematch between Dreemer and Corpse, and Jenocide will probably say "fuck" a few times.

Wow. WOW! I find it hard to put into words just how improved this month's show was over last month's. I can't believe this show was put on by the same company. This was a great show. A truly great show. The main event got off to a rocky start, and there were some slow points during the last two matches, but those are minor complaints. MHPW surprised me in the most pleasant of pleasant ways. This was a great show, and I am actually looking forward to their next show!

The match of the night definitely goes to Billy V and Matt Wylde. They tore the house down, and really should've gotten another 5 minutes or so for their match. Biggest surprise of the evening was definitely Dreemer getting a pin over Corpse. But, top to bottom, this was a great show. Great job, MHPW! I love when a company proves me wrong!

If you are in the Colorado area, keep an eye on MHPW's website for announcements of the date/time for the next show. And go to that show! If it is half as good as tonight's show, you won't be disappointed. (Just keep your fingers crossed it is nothing like last month's show.)

As for me, at least when I am wrong, I am really wrong!

- Miguelito
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