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Miguelito Fierro



August 17, 2002
Sherman Events Complex
Denver, CO

Hello again, everyone. It is me, Miguelito, once again braving the wilds of Colorado's pro wrestling scene to bring you back this report. On tap today is the Central Wrestling Organization, or CWO. Disclaimer: I write a bi-weekly column for the CWO website. This show is called Under New Management, which highlights the fact that the CWO has undergone a major change in its creative team. 3M (Dan Magnus) is shifting his time towards his own career, and Doc is taking over the head writer position. It'll be interesting to see how drastic the changes are here tonight.

Under New Management also marks a venue change for the CWO. Shows in the past were taking place at the Buffalo Rose, a biker bar in Golden. This month, we move to downtown Denver and a very attractive venue: the Sherman Events Complex. Gone are the low ceilings and cramped quarters of the Rose; in its place is an actual stadium-style area, complete with a central area for the ring, a VERY high ceiling, and spacious stadium-style seating for us fans. This is easily the best local venue I've been in.

Let me quickly recap the events from last month's underwhelming show, Grand Finale, that will effect this month's show. Pain attacked CWO Champion Corpse and got in a couple of blows before the two men were separated. Money Man John Blaze won the CWO Cruiserweight championship from Joe Juvenile. Referee Crazy Nate cost himself a match, and then chokeslammed himself. And that was pretty much it. Aside from that, don't expect very much carryover from last month to this month. Doc gets to start out with a mostly-clean slate.

I should probably also list what has been announced for tonight's show. CWO's premiere women's wrestler, Nikita, will be on the card tonight. There will be a Bra and Panties match between Doc's Naughty Nurse and the lovely Danielle. And the main event will pit CWO Champion Corpse -vs- Pain. (A main event that I dedicated an entire column to.)

Okay, I think all the preliminaries are in order, let's get to the show! Here comes pretty much every male wrestler in the CWO. Wow... Let's see who I can see in there. There's Corpse, Pain, CWO Tag Team Champions the Disciples of Discipline (Ronin and Madd Dogg), the returning C-Blockk, Extreme Machine, Joe Juvenile, Badger, Charles Shipwright, Deuce and Tom Terminator. And here comes CWO Commissioner and the new head man behind the scenes, Doc. He's got the stick! "I know that everyone wants to have the opportunity to referee the bra and panties match."

Out comes... 3M? I didn't know that Magnus was going to be on the show tonight... "You know, Doc. This show is called Under New Management. I want you to know one thing: I still own the CWO. You'd better know it, the guys in the ring had better know it, and the fans had better know it. I built this company to help you guys get to your dreams. Psycho Sarge. Corpse, you know better than anybody. I got you a WWE television taping. I've got Nikita on the verge of a WWE taping. For the past three years, you've been nothing but a pain in my ass. Everybody thinks they know better, they can take over the company, they can do a better job. Now I have you telling me that you can do a better job than I can? I'm off to a bigger, and the baddest company in wrestling. So I'm telling you, I'm telling all these guys in the ring, and all the fans... you can have the CWO!"

Now THAT was cool. One of the problems that I had with Grand Finale is that there wasn't a farewell. The CWO didn't say goodbye to the Buffalo Rose fans, and there was nothing that really gave the impression of power passing to Doc. The CWO has now corrected that in a big way. Having 3M come out and verbally pass the torch was a great idea.

3M shoves the mic to Doc, then leaves the area. And that is the last we see of him tonight. Since Doc has the mic again, he tries to get back to business. "Now, back to where we were: the referee between these two." The lovely Danielle starts advancing on Naughty Nurse; Doc turns to Danielle and says, "Keep your little hussy self back." Oops, music starts to play. That can only mean that someone else is coming out to the ring. And that someone else is... Deacon!

Deacon's going to add something to the conversation here... "Doc, you know, everybody here knows there's no love lost between us. Everybody knows that there's nothing but animosity between you and me. But now that you own the CWO, let me tell you that I forgive you. Who better than this wrestler to ref the match than a man who can call it right down the middle, a man of the cloth." Doc invites Deacon to get into the ring. Doc then says that the winner of the battle royale will be the referee. The battle royale starts... NOW!

Doc jumps into the ring and we are off. It is impossible for me to recap a battle royale, so I'll just give the order of elimination, and note anything that was noteworthy:

1 - Pain, which doesn't exactly make Pain look any stronger a challenger to Corpse. At this point, the Looney Bin (Billy V and Ravage) make their return to the CWO. They jump into the ring and immediately attack the Disciples of Discipline.
2 - Billy V
3 - Ronin
4 - C-Blockk. Somewhere in here, Deacon and Doc fight their way to the back. Deacon returns, but Doc does not
5 - Extreme Machine
6 - Corpse, who isn't very happy. C-Blockk, who has been pissed off since being eliminated, tracks down referee Crazy Nate and powerbombs him through a table at ringside!
7 - Joe Juvenile
8 - Badger
9 - Charles Shipwright, who then proceeds to eliminate
10 - Deuce.
11 - Tom Terminator comes over to attack Shipwright. Deacon comes behind Terminator and tosses him over.

The winner (thanks to significant interference by Charles Shipwright) and the referee for tonight's Bra and Panties match: Deacon!

After the ring clears, Phobia comes down to share a few words about... ME! Seriously, I am not joking here. For the past two CWO show recaps, I've called Phobia "Foley" for some reason. I didn't mean any slight to Phobia; I think she is awesome. But for some reason, when I write about her, I write her name as Foley. And apparently, Phobia has some issues with this: "I have a couple of things I'd like to talk about tonight. As some of you may know, CWO does in fact have a website. Some dumbass writes recaps of the show on the website. And I'd like that person to know, my name is not Foley. It is Phobia! That's spelled P-H-O-B-I-A. Although Mick Foley is god, and I am certainly a goddess, we are not the same person. And if you do it again, I will go to the effort of finding out who you are so I can kick your ass. Second of all, I'd like to talk about the sorry state of women's wrestling here in the CWO. We have evidence of that with this whole bra and panties match. And I am sure that, when you guys see this, you will realize this spectacle is much closer to stripping than it is to wrestling. I am sure that these girls are hoping that some of you folks, like maybe this guy right here, might come and stick money up their G-strings that they be able to afford to take wrestling lessons. Some of you may be wondering what I think of Nikita. And Nikita has been shirking matches with me for the last year-and-a-half now. Every reason in the world why she can't get in the ring with me. She's like, "Hey, I want to fight guys! I beat Sarge." And everyone knows that the most frightening thing about Sarge is his bad odor. ...another extremely short man to kick his ass. Now, everyone here would acknowledge that there's not a woman in the back who would step in the ring with me..."

Open challenges don't stay open here in the CWO. Music hits and here comes CWO newcomer Emma. The second Emma steps into the ring, it is obvious that she is going to have problems. Phobia stands at least six inches taller than Emma, possibly more. Headlock by Phobia, into a hammerlock by Emma, which Phobia then reverses. Phobia with a snap suplex, followed up by a nice legdrop. Phobia covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Phobia whips Emma into the corner, then clotheslines Emma out of it. Phobia with a bulldog! Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Into the ropes, shoulderblock by Phobia. Into the ropes again, Emma takes Phobia down with a drop toe hold. Emma with a flurry of forearms. Some idiot in the crowd proves Phobia's point about women's wrestling in the CWO by screaming, "NICE VIEW!" Into the ropes, nice headscissors by Emma. Emma with a neckbreaker! Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout by Phobia. Off the ropes, Emma with a nice armdrag. Up, repeat that spot, knocking Phobia out of the ring. Phobia back in, she takes Emma down with a vicious clothesline. Just like that Phobia is firmly in control of the match again. Phobia with a big bodyslam. Phobia sets Emma up, Bubba Bomb! That's her finisher. 1 - 2 -3! (4:01)

Foley is truly awesome. I would actually quite like to see a match between her and Nikita. Maybe in September?

Some familiar music hits, and here comes Deacon once again! "Ladies and Gentlemen of the CWO congregation, welcome to your salvation. There are rumors that are going around saying that I am going to quite the CWO. Those rumors were true. I came into the CWO to get rid of sin, to get rid of evil, to get rid of the problems. However, not much seems to have changed since I got here. And now there's this bra and panties match? Well, let me tell you something. It ain't a bra and panties match anymore, because I'm the ref! It's a wrestling match. There will be no skin seen in this match. Because I won the battle royale, it was obviously due to my excessive physical strength. I have one person to thank: my personal trainer, Charles Shipwright." Out comes Shipwright! Deacon still has the stick: "I know that you have something to say. I just want to say: thank you. And I think the lord every day that you came to the CWO."

Deacon hands Shipwright the microphone "There's a reason we won the battle royale. We think alike." Unfortunately, most of what Shipwright said after this was unintelligible. The sound system definitely had some problems. The gist of Shipwright's promo was that CWO fans need to stop drinking beer and eating hot dogs and get into shape.

Former CWO tag-team champions The Excellences are out to offer counterpoint. Deuce and Tom Terminator feel that Deacon should be ashamed of how he won the battle royale. They point out that Shipwright cheated them out of the opportunity to referee the Bra and Panties match (we're having one of those tonight? I wish someone had pointed that out...). The Excellences want revenge, and challenge Deacon and Shipwright to a match later in the evening. The challenge is accepted, naturally.

Machine comes out to the ring next, and calls out Doc. Maybe he wants to know where Doc disappeared to during the battle royale? Oh, no, Machine demands a match with Shipwright, who dared to attack Machine last month at Grand Finale. Doc explains that Shipwright is already busy tonight, which leaves Machine without a match. Machine isn't happy about this, so he challenges Doc to a match. Doc is obviously not happy at all that Machine dared challenge him. Doc begs off, but then attacks Machine when Machine turns his back! Are we seeing the CWO Commissioner turn heel?

Apparently, we have a match here! Machine nails a back elbow to take Doc down. Into the ropes, clothesline by Machine. Machine whips Doc into the corner and follows with an elbow to the chest. Machine bodyslams Doc. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout by Doc. Doc again attacks Machine from behind, this time taking Machine down with a series of kicks. Doc whips Machine into the corner. Snap mare by Doc. (I love that move!) Sitting drop kick to the back of Machine's head by Doc! Cover, 1 - 2 - Machine kicks out. Both men up, Machine takes Doc down with a clothesline. Machine drops the elbow on Doc and covers, 1 - 2 - kickout!

Machine tossed into the ropes, Doc takes him down with a leg lariat. Doc with a nice sunset flip, 1 - 2 - kickout. Doc nails Machine with a high knee to the forehead. Doc's trying to stomp a mudhole. Machine up and catches a kick by Doc, but Doc takes Machine down with an Enziguiri. Doc covers, 1 - 2 - NO! Off the ropes, Doc hits a SWEET springboard dropkick, but comes up favoring his shoulder. (Doc had to sit out Grand Finale due to torn ligaments in his shoulder. This looks like the same shoulder that was hurt before.) Machine with a couple of shots to the injured shoulder. Machine with a revolving sidewalk slam! Machine setting up Doc, there's the Machine Stunner (three stunners in a row without letting go of the opponent). That's his finisher. 1 - 2 - 3. (4:33) Doc heads back to the lockerroom, favoring his shoulder the whole way. I hope this isn't serious!

CWO referee Crazy Nate is out next. Amazingly, Nate has the microphone. This ought to be pretty funny. Nate says that he is tired of a certain referee always interfering in his matches, always causing him to lose. Nate then calls out this referee. Both of the other CWO referees are making their way out, both obviously unsure if they are who Nate is talking about. Nate backs away from both, and then hops into the ring. Nate then proceeds to cute a promo on HIMSELF!

Nate asks why he is always costing himself a match. Nate turns around, then asks himself why he chokeslammed himself at Grand Finale. Nate tries to attack himself, but fortunately the other referees are able to hold him back. (HA!) Nate then says he wants to prove himself by wrestling the man who powerbombed him through a table earlier in the night, C-Blockk! Hmmm... that was pretty unexpected. C-Blockk is going to destroy Nate!

Here comes the big man himself! C-Blockk is a former CWO champion, who is making his return tonight. C-Blockk gets into the ring and Nate attacks. Right by Nate, NO SALE! Right again, C-Blockk no sells it again. C-Blockk just about clotheslines Nate out of Nate's boots! C-Blockk tosses Nate into the corner, then starts laying in the rights. Nate stumbles out of the corner, so C-Blockk clotheslines line from behind. C-Blockk covers, Nate counts on himself, 1 - 2 - Nate gets his feet on the ropes. Both men back up, C-Blockk nails Crazy Nate with a big boot. C-Blockk tries to follow up, but Nate tosses him to the floor.

Nate out onto the ring apron, double-axe handle onto C-Blockk on the floor! Nate rams C-Blockk's head into the ring post. Back in the ring, Nate hits a legdrop. Again! Nate covers, 1 - 2 - kickout by C-Blockk. Nate sets him up, jumping DDT by Nate. HOLY CRAP! Nate covers, 1 - 2 - kickout! Nate doesn't look happy about his count... Nate tosses C-Blockk into the corner. Nate headbutts C-Blockk; the headbutt doesn't phase C-Blockk but it puts Nate on the mat. C-Blockk picking Nate up, Nate sneaks in a belly-to-belly suplex! Nate covers, 1 - 2 - kickout with authority by C-Blockk. Nate picks up C-Blockk, short-arm clothesline! Nate covers, 1 - 2 - kickout by C-Blockk.

And now Nate is arguing the count with himself. Nate yells at himself that that should've been a three-count. Unfortunately, he doesn't see C-Blockk standing behind him. C-Blockk with a series of rights to Nate. C-Blockk with an elbow, and he's now setting Nate up... there's the Jailbreak Powerbomb! That's his finisher! C-Blockk covers, but Nate is unconscious and is not able to count a pinfall. OOPS! Maybe C-Blockk should've thought of that before powerbombing Nate. C-Blockk pulls Nate up and drapes him over the second rope. Bossman straddle seems to wake Nate up. C-Blockk tries it again, but Nate moves out of the way. Nate with a schoolboy, with his feet on the ropes for leverage: 1 - 2 - 3!! (5:35) C-Blockk is not happy, but Nate doesn't care. Nate's celebration is cut short, however, as C-Blockk found a chair and applied it liberally to Nate's back. Play C-Blockk's music!

Some music that I don't recognize starts to play, and out comes two wrestlers that I do: Billy V and Ravage. These two gentlemen make up the Looney Bin, former CWO Tag-Team champions! Billy V has the stick! "There's a rumor running around the CWO [I didn't start it] that not only did the Excellences beat us for our tag titles, but they ran us out of the CWO. I'm here to tell you: we didn't kick your ass once, not even twice, we beat you three times in the ring." The rest of Billy and Ravage's interview is lost, but basically they said they deserve a tag team title shot, and want that shot tonight.

Out comes the sultry Miss Fortune, leading out her men, Ronin and Madd Dogg. Ronin has a fortune cookie for the Looney Bin! "Your fortune says, "The violence that is done to us by others is often less painful than the violence we do to ourselves. Your lucky numbers are 45, 48, 1, 17, 3 and 42." This appears to tick Ravage off. He grabs a microphone, "I don't play lotto!" Ronin is quickly turning into one of the most entertaining wrestlers on the mic in the CWO!

The bell rings, and we do have a match here. Billy V and Ronin start. I should disclose here that I am biased when it comes to these two wrestlers. I consider Ronin one of the most innovative wrestlers in Colorado, and Billy V may be the best technical wrestler in the area right now. This oughta be a treat! Billy with an armbar, Ronin reverses it, Billy reverses it back. Ronin hiptosses his way out of this. Ronin takes Billy V down with a Rana, then tags in Madd Dogg. Dogg backed into the corner. Knife-edge chop. Whipped into the other corner, Mad Dogg with a clothesline. Belly to belly suplex by Mad Dogg gets a two count. Mad Dogg tries a vertical suplex, but Billy V counters. Billy tags Ravage. Billy takes Mad Dogg down with a drop toehold, Ravage follows up with an elbow to the back of Dogg's head. Into the ropes, Ravage with a sweet spinkick. Ravage scales the ropes, SAVAGE ELBOW! Ravage covers, 1 - 2 - kickout

Ravage slams Madd Dogg. Ravage with a HIGH leg drop. He covers, 1 - 2 - kickout! Mad Dogg backed into the corner, and now Ravage is choking him! Mad Dogg shoves Ravage away, then clotheslines his way out of the corner. Mad Dogg tags to Ronin. Ravage grabs Ronin... half-hour suplex! Ravage covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Billy V argues the count with the referee. Ravage picks up Ronin, EMPLANT DDT! Ravage covers, 1 - 2 - Mad Dogg breaks up the count. Ravage tags in Billy.

Billy low blows Ronin (!). Billy and Ravage hit Ronin with a double-belly-to-back suplex. Billy whips Ronin into the ropes, but then gets caught with a leg lariat. Ronin stands on Billy's chest, then jumps up and into a leg drop on Billy. SWEET spot; I love that move. Ronin covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Ronin tags in the big man, and the Disciples hit a Total Elimination on Billy. Mad Dogg follows this up with a spinebuster. Dogg covers, 1 - 2 - Ravage in to make the save. Mad Dogg tags in Ronin. Ronin grabs Billy while Mad Dogg goes up to the top rope. Ronin whips Billy into a clothesline off the top rope by Mad Dogg! The Disciples are looking more and more polished every month; they are turning into a great tag team.

Into the ropes, Billy catches Ronin with a powerslam! Billy should tag out here, but instead he signals for a moonsault. Billy climbing up the ropes, but Ronin meets him there. Ronin crotches Billy on the top rope. Ronin up to the second rope... HOLY SHIT!!! Ronin just DDT'd Billy from the top rope! That was amazing! Ronin covers, 1 - 2 - Billy gets a foot on the ropes! Into the ropes, Billy again sneaks in a powerslam on Ronin. This time Billy tags in Ravage. They both grab Ronin, High Times! Ravage covers, 1 - 2 - kickout! That was a VERY slow count; both Billy and Ravage argue.

Ravage picks up Ronin and ties him to the Tree of Woe! Ravage climbs the Tree and stands on Ronin's testicles. OUCH! Ravage covers, 1 - 2 - another kickout, another slow count. Ravage turns to argue with the referee, allowing Ronin to roll him up in a schoolboy. Cover, 1 - 2 - Billy V makes the save. Mad Dogg comes in, big elbow for Ravage. Mad Dogg with a snap suplex. There was no tag made by the champs, but apparently the referee is going to allow Mad Dogg to stay in. Mad Dogg covers Ravage, 1 - 2 - kickout. Mad Dogg with a nice Side Russian Legsweep. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Madd Dogg now tags Ronin (who had never tagged out). Ronin and Mad Dogg make a wish! Ronin with a blatant low blow, which gets a high-pitched scream from Ravage. (HA!)

Ronin tosses Ravage into the ropes, Ravage grabs Ronin and hits a Flapjack! Ravage is able to make the hot tag to Billy V. Billy nails Ronin with a sit-out powerslam. Cover, 1 - 2 - Ronin reaches the ropes. Billy tosses Ronin into the ropes, Ronin hits his patented springboard jawbreaker! Both men are down, slowly getting to their feet. Billy is setting up Ronin for a Razor's Edge, but Ronin low-blows Billy! That's not right! Ronin tries to whip Billy into the corner, but Billy reverses and follows him in with a splash. Billy tags in Ravage, who hits the Book End! Mad Dogg is in, though, and he tosses Ravage out to the floor. Billy tries a Thesz press on Mad Dogg; Dogg catches Billy V and holds him up high. Ronin comes running, jumps up, and he bulldogs Billy V off of Mad Dogg. Ronin covers, 1 - 2 - 3!!! (14:15) The tag champs retain their titles, and these four men just put on the match of the night. That match RULED!

Out next comes the former CWO Cruiserweight champion, Joe Juvenile. Joe demands that the new champ, Money Man John Blaze, come out and defend the title. Blaze does make his way to ringside, but he is limping. Blaze explains that he hurt his knee while skiing in Europe, but that his contract states he can have an "Associate" defend the cruiserweight title for him. Juvenile says, "Bring him out, I'll fight anybody!" Some familiar music starts up; that ain't a "him"! It is CWO's progeny Nikita! Joe ain't having none of this, "Like I said, I'm a role model. What would these kids think of me if I beat a woman?"

Nikita has the stick! "What's wrong, Joe Juvenile? Scared to get beat up by a girl? What's wrong, you little red [slap] headed [slap] stepchild [slap]?" Three slaps are probably two more than Joe would've taken anyway. He attacks Nikita, and we apparently have a match for the cruiserweight championship here. Now, before you scoff, let me just point out that Nikita's match against Sarge was the best match from Grand Finale. This match has a good chance at being good. Seriously! Stop rolling your eyes!

Into the ropes, Joe takes Nikita down with a drop toehold. Joe with a headlock, he takes Nikita down with it. Nikita with a head scissors to break this up. Both wrestlers back up, Nikita locks on the headlock, and takes Joe down with it. Joe escapes with a head scissors to bring us full circle. Off the ropes, Joe takes Nikita down with a clothesline. Joe with a hiptoss. Into the ropes, Joe with a back elbow. Joe with a bodyslam, and Nikita is starting to look a little outmatched. Joe stands on Nikita's hair, then tries to pick her up. OUCH! Joe whips Nikita hard into the corner. And now the other corner. Nikita falls to the mat, fieldgoal kick by Joe. Again. Joe picks up Nikita, then snap mares her down. (My favorite move!) Joe with a half-surfboard, and he's just taunting Nikita now. Joe locks on the camel clutch!

Both wrestlers back up, but not for long. Joe takes Nikita down with a sidewalk slam. And now Joe is pantomiming a hurt back. HA! Into the ropes, leg lariat by Joe. Joe heads up to the top rope, but the Money Man distracts him. By the time that Joe gets up to the top rope, Nikita is waiting for him. Nikita presses Joe off the top rope! Nikita covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Nikita with her own fieldgoal kicks. Into the ropes, Nikita nails Joe with a wicked side crescent kick. Nikita covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Nikita sneakily drapes her leg across Joe's throat, choking him, then starts arguing the count with the referee. Classic! Nikita with a rear chinlock, Joe tries to reverse this into a snap mare, but Nikita reverses that. Nikita covers, 1 - 2 - kickout by Juvenile. Nikita tosses Juvenile outside the ring right in front of the Money Man, then uses her feminine wiles to distract the referee.

Money Man's knee doesn't seem to be giving him any more problems now; he is all over Joe. Blaze delivers a solid beatdown, then tosses Joe back in to Nikita. Blaze then heads to the announcers table, grabs the Cruiserweight title belt, and puts this into a corner of the ring. In the mean time, Nikita nails Juvenile with a dropkick. Nikita covers, 1 - 2 - Joe gets his foot on the ropes for the break. Joe hooks Nikita for a DDT, but Nikita takes him down with a contortionist back heel kick. Nikita hits her finisher, she covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. That was a pretty slow count; Nikita argues with the referee. Bad move, Juvenile is back up. Juvenile takes Nikita down with the Garbage Dump. That's his finisher! Joe covers, 1 - 2 - Money Man pulls the referee out! Blaze and the referee argue. Joe is over to try and get Blaze out of the ring. All of this is more than enough distraction for Nikita to slip over into the corner and grab the cruiserweight title belt. Joe turns around and catches the belt right between his eyes! Nikita drops the belt, and it ends up right between the referee's feet! God bless him, though; he complete ignores the fact that he just got hit in the leg by 10 pounds of gold! Nikita covers, 1 - 2 - 3! (11:32). Great match. Not as good as Sarge -vs- Nikita, but very few matches are. Joe and Nikita did a great job here.

It's the Deacon show here tonight (and I am not complaining one bit); he makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Charles Shipwright. This oughta be an interesting matchup. "Pretty Fly For a White Guy" starts playing, and here come the former CWO tag champs, the Excellences. Tom Terminator and Deacon start off. Into the ropes, Deacon takes Terminator down. Into the ropes again, Terminator hits a nice dropkick. Terminator tags in Deuce. Deacon whips Deuce into the corner, then follows it in with a splash. Deacon nails Deuce with a DDT! Deuce covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Deacon tags in Shipwright, and these four guys are definitely cranking the speed up a notch here.

This is the first time we've seen Shipwright actually wrestling a match in the CWO. Shipwright with a clothesline to take Deuce down. Deuce whips Shipwright into the corner, then follows him with a cross-body in the corner. Deuce with a bulldog; Deuce was in the air almost the entire length of the ring! I've never seen a bulldog that travelled that far. Deuce tags in Tom Terminator, the Excellences punish Shipwright with a double-knife edge chop. Terminator takes Shipwright down with a dropkick. Shipwright manages to sneak in a low blow, however, and pulls Terminator into the corner. Deacon and Shipwright double-team Terminator. Shipwright tags in Deacon, who nails Terminator with a sweet belly to back suplex. Deacon covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Deacon tags Shipwright back in. Into the ropes, YOU ARE HEALED! Shipwright covers, 1 - 2 - Terminator kicks out. Shipwright takes Terminator down with a clothesline, then nails a hard belly to belly suplex. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout.

Deacon is tagged back in, he snapmares Terminator. (What a move!) Deacon tries to suplex Terminator, but Terminator reverses it into a snap suplex! Deacon manages to keep Terminator from making the tag, however. Deacon pulls Terminator into the heel's corner for a double-team. Tag to Shipwright. Double flapjack by Deacon and Shipwright! Shipwright coves, 1 - 2 - Deuce makes the save. Deuce tosses Deacon outside the ring (HEY!), but get caught by a clothesline from Shipwright. Shipwright hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Shipwright pulls Terminator into their corner, and he and Deacon once again put on the double team. Deacon is tagged in, Deuce also came into the ring. Deuce spears Shipwright! Terminator with a Lou Thesz press on Deacon, and here it comes... WET WILLY! Terminator slams Deacon, and then covers, 1 - 2 - Shipwright makes the save.

Deacon head back out of the ring, grabs a chair, and brings it into the ring with him. Deacon tries to hit Terminator, but Tom moves. The chair hits the ropes and then bounces back and hits Deacon in the head. Deuce up top, Molly-Go-Round on Deacon! Deuce with a pumphandle slam on Deacon, Terminator adds a stunner as Deacon is falling to the ground. Terminator covers, 1 - 2 - 3!!! (9:00)

We need some time to recover from that match, and Deacon needs some time to get himself ready to referee the next match, so we take an intermission. Coming up next: Bra and Panties!

While I have the time, allow me to mention that our ring announcers are J. Todd and "The Fabulous One" Vince Vaughan. Our referees tonight are Crazy Nate, JDT, and some dude whose name I still don't know. Third referee, please email me with your name! My email address is at the bottom of this recap.

"Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank starts playing again, that can only mean that Deacon is on his way back out. It's time for the Bra and Panties match. Hey, Naughty Nurse has the stick! "I'm in this match for one reason, and one reason only. So each and every one of you can see what Danielle did to the CWO. I don't hurt people. I help people, I heal people. Danielle, on the other hand, takes up any excuse that'll bring her fame and fortune. And she interferes in every single match. That's why I am going to strip her down to her bra and underwear." I would just like to know why Danielle accompanied both Corpse and 3M. I should probably point out that Corpse accompanied Danielle to the ring here.

Anyway, Danielle attacks the Nurse from behind. Danielle immediately tries to pull Nurse's pants off, but Deacon puts a stop to that. He pulls Danielle away and keeps the two separate. You can guess that this did not go over very well with the fans. Nurse takes Danielle down, then stands on her throat (OUCH!). Fieldgoal kick! Nurse with a pair of forearms. Nurse is trying to pull of Danielle's shirt, but Deacon once again interferes. And the fans are all over Deacon! Danielle sneaks in a couple of rights to take the Nurse back down. Danielle straddles the nurse, and it's a CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT! CATFIGHT! Nurse puts an end to that with a kick to the gut. Nurse then pulls Danielle's shirt off. Deacon steps right back in, and is trying to help Danielle cover up.

Some strangely familiar music starts to play, however, and here comes C-Blockk! C-Blockk grabs a chair, gets into the ring, and destroys Deacon with a chairshot! Deacon crumples and slides out of the ring. He isn't moving! C-Blockk declares himself the referee for the rest of the match, and takes Danielle's shirt. Danielle takes advantage of the confusion, however, and nails Nurse with a jawbreaker. Nurse is down, and Danielle strips off Nurse's shirt. (THANK YOU!)

Nurse tries to low-blow Danielle, but the low blow has no effect. Danielle simply pushes Nurse back to the mat and quickly rips off Nurse's shorts for the win. (4:56). Naughty Nurse streaks back to the lockerroom; Danielle climbs the ropes to celebrate. She faces the crowd, so she doesn't see C-Blockk sneaking up behind her. C-Blockk pulls Danielle's pants down. C-Blockk gets a hero's celebration. And this match got Deacon over as the most hated man in the CWO.

It's time for our main event! Pain -vs- Corpse for the CWO Championship. Both men lock up. Into the ropes. Ref calls for a break, Pain nails Corpse with a cheap shot. Lockup again, into the corner, Corpse with a clean break, so Pain nails him with more rights. Pain with a clothesline off the ropes. And another. Pain whips Corpse into the corner, then follows him in with a splash. Pain clotheslines Corpse out of the ring. Corpse comes back in and nails Pain with an axehandle. Corpse with a knife-edge chop. Corpse with a hiptoss. Corpse covers, 1 - 2 - kickout!

Corpse tosses Pain out of the ring, then nails him with a double-axehandle off the ring apron. Corpse finds a trashcan and crushes Pain with it. And doesn't get disqualified? What, is this MHPW? We weren't told that this was a hardcore match. Corpse is looking for more plundah, he probably should've been watching Pain. Pain runs Corpse into the ringpost, and then into the stairs. Corpse with a low blow to slow down Pain. Corpse looking for plunder again, this time he finds a Kendo Stick. Corpse turns around and eats a trashcan shot by Pain. Pain picks up the Kendo stick and hits Corpse in the head. Again. Third time's the charm. Four for the gore!

Corpse tries to fight back. A handy steel chair helps, as he nails Pain in the back. Corpse looking under the ring, he's found the dreaded Purple Cord! (It looks like a hose to me.) Pain trying to back away, but Corpse whips him with the hose. Back into the ring, Corpse has the Kendo stick now. Corpse is beating Pain like a pinata with that kendo stick. Pain grabs ahold of Corpse, and manages to powerslam him! Pain covers, 1 - 2 - kickout. Into the ropes, Pain with a BIG spinebuster. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout, and now Pain is going to argue the count with the referee. Pain tries to DDT Corpse, but Corpse hits a low blow. Corpse with a snap suplex. Cover, 1 - 2 - kickout. Into the ropes, Corpse with the Big Boot, followed by the Leg Drop O' Doom. Cover, 1 - 2 - that move never works! Corpse picks Pain up, SIX FEET UNDER! That's his finisher. 1 - 2 - 3! (7:54) Corpse celebrates in the ring as Pain makes his way to the back. And that's all for this month!

This was a very good show all around. There were a few places where the crowd started to get restless, but I can't blame that on anyone but the crowd. The action through the night was solid and entertaining. I am sure we'll see more sophisticated storylines in the future as Doc starts getting into high gear. Under New Management was an excellent start.

- Miguelito
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