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The San Diego Sports Arena not only sports a generic name, but tonight hosted Smackdown (9/26/02) and Velocity (9/28/02). I got there about 15 minutes before the show was supposed to start, and let me tell you, that was a mistake. If you ever have to deal with this venue in the future, try to get there at least 30 minutes early.

After getting to my seat, I was informed by the 3 kids sitting next to me that I missed Al Snow -vs- some new guy, who they said was Corkscrew. I don't know, you got me.

Molly -vs- Ivory. Ivory got big face pops throughout this match. I didn't check my watch on this one, but it seemed like it was about 4-5 minutes long. Molly looks a lot better live - the camera really does add 10 pounds. Ivory won this one, didn't catch the finisher - sorry.

They hit the pyro for the beginning of this next sequence, so it's probably going to lead the show... Billy Kidman -vs- Crash Holly. This was a really entertaining match that went back and forth with a few good spots. Crash won in about 5 minutes with the Styles Crash.

Shannon Moore -vs- Big Valbowski? I think that's what the tron said, but it really looked like Sean O'Haire during the match - so this one might be explained better with commentators. Moore won in about 5. I'd tell the story about how I missed the ending of this match, but it wasn't really that interesting... so...

John Cena -vs- Reverend Devon I have in my notes here that this started at 8:16 and ended at 8:29. Could this really have gone 13 minutes? Right now I'm wishing I had tried to take better notes, but the security guy kept giving me really dirty looks every time I went to go write stuff down. Cena won this with a sunset flip. Post match Devon hit a neckbreaker on Cena, then followed up with a flying headbutt from the top rope.


Michael Cole got a HUGE pop when he came out.

Rikishi and Chavo started off Smackdown. This was a pretty good match. Chavo teased a stinkface on Rikishi in the corner, but he took too long and got pushed off. This match went about 8 minutes, with Rikishi as the victor. Post match Rikishi did his Rikishi dance at the top of the ramp. He is pretty damn over down here.

Tori and Nidia had a bikini contest with Billy and Chuck as the judges. Nidia scored a 6 and 9 from B&C for her 30 second routine, which had some pretty hilarious dancing from her that was apparently missed due to the cuts to B&C (assuming you see the footage that was on the tron). Too bad, because I have a feeling that will make this look lame. Tori got two 10's. Nidia walked off, but as she was just about off of the stage Tajiri and Noble come out and challenge B&C to a match, claiming there is no way that Tori is better looking than Nidia. This fight for Nidias honor went for about 8 minutes, and ended with their Code Red (Devastation Device) from the top rope for Billy and Chuck. Post match, Nidia and Tori went at it, still clad in their bikinis.

Funaki, Smackdown's #1 reporter, asked Brock Lesner if he was going to give the Undertaker a rematch. Lesner comments that Funaki is the only person that has been brave enough to ask him to his face, and that he will give him the answer in the ring. I assume this is a commercial break, because after a few minutes Funaki came out to the ring and Lesnar followed with Heyman. Something went on, couldn't really make it out, and Lesnar started throwing Funaki around like a rag doll. F5 after about a minute of abuse, and then Lesnar held the belt high with Heyman by his side. Then, they repeated Lesnar holding the belt up 30 seconds in the dark - either it was a come from commercial shot or they reshot that part.

Eddy cut a promo on San Diego that I have a feeling won't make it to the air. It felt like the WWE was trying to ensure that Eddy would be a clear heel even though the crowd had a good chance of getting behind him. He basically mentioned that he was the true Latino Heat and that the crowd was all imposters. It was effective, though, because after the time for a commercial was done, Eddy came out to huge boos. Edge got an amazing pop - I don't know if it was the promo from Eddy or if he was just that popular down here. This match was off the charts live. I really hope that the editing and truck work capture how good this match was, because for either 16 or 21 minutes (I can't tell what I wrote for the start time, sorry) the entire crowd was being worked by two masters. This match turned into a ladder match about 8 minutes in, and featured 3 amazing spots at the end with false finishes. I'm not going to spell it all out here, because this was a Match of the Year Candidate - and I'm hoping you will see it at home as well as it came across live. The finisher was a sick Edgecution with Edge on the top of a ladder and Eddy on the top rope. It was brutal - I really thought that Eddy was seriously injured by this move. Edge left to a huge pop, but Eddy got a really great reaction from the crowd about 2 minutes later when he finally got up and walked out. The replay on the screen didn't show the impact of this last move, so hopefully they can find a better shot in the truck to splice back in, but maybe it was just the tron - it looked like it was cutting off part of the picture all night. This match was not going to be topped, and the crowd was spent after it.

Undetaker and Matt Hardy followed this. This was a real quick squash - I'd say it was under 2 minutes total. Matt took the last ride and was pinned as Brock ran in. Post match Brock hit taker with the belt twice, and walked out as Taker bled. Taker staggered out after a few minutes, and after a few minutes the WWE staff pushed the bike up the ramp and out.

Backstage segment after the commercial break had Taker getting medical attention. It was really hard to tell what was going on.

The main event was Rey / Angle / Benoit. This should have been a great match, and it was, but I think the crowd didn't really know how to react. It will be interesting to see how much crowd noise is dubbed in on this one. The crowd was extremely loud every time Rey came out, but he kept getting thrown out of the match. I think the crowd really wanted to see Rey a lot more, but in this 8 minute match it was about 6 minutes Angle and Benoit, which would have been great in any other town on any other night. Rey finally got the pin, but I can't remember who he pinned - I think it was Benoit? The finisher was the West Coast Pop.

The Arena was mostly full, but the top sections on the non camera sides were covered off with tarps. That's all I can think of for now - it's bedtime!

Guru Zim

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