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/10 August 1999 taping
WWF TV Taping


Guest columnist: Phil Zeman


From Milwaukee, WI

[Note: All transcripts are paraphrased and not word for word. The general meaning stays intact, however. The sound system was not optimal for major portions of the night, at least where I was sitting, high above the ring.]

Last time the WWF RAW came to Milwaukee, three things happened:

1) Debra debuted
2) Stone Cold hunted Vince McMahon, causing him to wet himself in the ring
3) The first "Asshole" chant was started. Ah, our claim to fame.

Let's see what this TV Taping brings us.

DARK MATCH #1: Kurt Angle vs. The Skull Crusher

The night begins at 7:30pm CDT with a dark match between Kurt Angle and the Skull Crusher. The Skull Crusher is an independent worker with Mid-America Wrestling. Nice match between the two, with an especially devestating pile driver by Skull Crusher on Angle. Angle wins, however, with a flying leg... something.

WINNER: Kurt Angle

"Welcome to the Jungle" fills the air as Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly make their way to the announcers' table. The Heat tapings begin.


Opens with Chyna coming out, announced as the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jim Ross is in the ring ready for an interview.

JR: "Congratulations on being the number one contender." Chyna: "You can take your congratulations and stick them where the sun don't shine.... You're a male chauvinist, a pig."

Chyna then goes on to make sure everyone knows who's hand was raised at the end of last week's RAW, and that Stone Cold Steve Ausin has no chance at SummerSlam.

Teddy Long comes out to ref the first match, and the only reason I mention that is I yell out a "Peanut Head" reference that nobody but the people in my section probably hear.

HEAT MATCH #1: Blue Meanie vs. Al Snow

Al Snow gives Pepper to the announcers, runs in, and immediately ducks a lariat from the Meanie. It's mostly an Al Snow affair, with the crowd chanting "We Want Head!" at appropriate spots. Snow wins with a Sharpshooter.


After the bell, STEVE RICHARDS attacks Snow, and he and the Blue Meanie doubleteam Al.

HEAT MATCH #2: The Big Show vs. Kane

"Rocky" chants start from the moment TBS enters the arena, and a few front row people do their impressions of Scott Hall doing his Giant impression.

The Big Show is not impressed.

In a funny bit, TBS gives Kane a back body drop, then yells at the crowd when they do a "Big Show Sucks" chant. Soon after, Kane returns the favor and gives TBS a back body drop as well.

Hardcore Holly ends up running in, causing a DQ.

WINNER: Kane by Disqualification

TBS chokeslams Holly and leaves. After Holly rolls out, Kane holds the tag team belt up high to a big pop.

The Acolytes come out to be guest commentators for the next match.

HEAT MATCH #3: Undertaker vs. X-Pac

X-Pac clearly does not have a size advantage. In a nice spot, X-Pac leaps from the top turnbuckle into the Undertaker's waiting arms, and 'Taker gives X-Pac a tombstone piledriver for the win.

WINER: The Undertaker

Afterwards, The Big Show and Kane come in, and before you know it, the Acolytes come in and run Kane from behind, causing the crowd to boo loudly. X-Pac eventually gets to his feet, and he and the big red machine make their way out of the ring.

Shane comes out to a large "A$$hole" chant. My brother commented that he thought Vince had shown up again.

In this promo, Shane proposes a "Love Her or Leave Her" match between himself and Test at Summerslam. If Test wins, Shane will back out and leave Test and Stephanie alone. If Shane wins, Test has to step out of Stephanie's life. Test comes out. "Shane-O, Shane-O... as much as I'd like to squeeze your pencil neck..." he won't do it tonight. He accepts the match and says Shane has not a snowball's chance in hell.

Shane promises that SummerSlam will be Test's "final fight."

HEAT MATCH #4: Edge and Christian vs. the Hulos
(or something like that. Could not hear the announcer very well.)

Members of Kaientei vs former Brood members. It starts on the entrance ramp with a brawl. As they make their way down the ramp, the Hardy Boyz and Gangrel attack from under the stage. Edge is the victim of a Gangrel DDT, and the Hardy Boyz' frogsplash and leg drop.

WINNER: No contest

HEAT MATCH #5: Jeff Jarrett with Debra vs. Meat with Terri Runnels

Of course, there's a large "We Want Puppies" chant. Back and forth, with a missed Meat splash form the top, and Double J after the ref. After Jarrett press slams Meat, he calls Debra up to the ring apron. Terri will have none of this, and the two women fighting distracts Jarrett. Meat takes advantage of this and gives JJ a DDT for the win.


Afterwards, Jeff gets mad at Debra, and he looms over her cowering in the corner. Then, D-Lo Brown comes out and chases Jarrett away, and he steps on the ropes to allow Debra the chance to leave.

The Heat Tapings End, and it's time for either Dark Matches (possibly Shotgun tapings, although there were no announcers) or BRBs.

What are BRBs? BathRoom Breaks.

DARK MATCH #2: Darren Dukes vs. Prince Albert with Droz

Darren Dukes is a former AWA wrestler and boxer, apparently.

Highlights include Droz nailing Darren on the outside, and Darren missing an off the top rope splash. Prince Albert gets the win, predictably.

WINNER: Prince Albert

DARK MATCH #3: Thanks to poor audio, this is between Scotty something and Steam or King or somebody.... it's the guy all in white you've seen the past few weeks. The Guy In White gets a nice flying arm bar off the top rope, stand on Scotty for the 2 count. But not even an 8-count punch could get the crowd to stop chanting "Boring". Guy In White splashes from the top rope for the win.

WINNER: The Guy In White.

DARK MATCH #4: Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian

The former Brooders rush the ring before the announcer can finish the intros. A really nice spot had Edge kick Jeff Hardy so hard he bounces up onto the turnbuckle. Edge then kicks him again, and Jeff is hanging in the Tree of Woe position. Edge then tries to slide kick, but Jeff sits up, and Edge slides out. Jeff then leaps from the top turnbuckle outside after Edge, but he misses and lands on the protective rails. Very nice.

However, the action leaves the ring, and the ref calls for a double count out. (When was the last time that happened?)

WINNER: No contest.

DARK MATCH #5: Midean vs. Stevie Richards

This was all Midean all the way. A small "Boring" chant was heard, but I think most people were getting refreshments. However, even with it being all Midean, Stevie picked up the win, in a rather cheesy fashion: Midean ran towards Stevie in the corner, Stevie moves, Midean hits the turnbuckle, falls down, and Steve quickly rolls him up for the pin.

WINNER: Stevie Richards

Finally, at 9:00pm CDT, it's time for RAW IS WAR!

Jim Ross comes out to some... I don't know what music it is. Reminds me of Roman soldier music or something. Jerry "The King" Lawler comes out to royal music, brandishing what appears to be a Cheese-Crown. When in Wisconsin, appeal to the Cheeseheads, I guess.

The pyro is lit and we are ready!

Triple H starts this RAW off by coming out and saying, "Let's all focus on one thing -- the number one contender -- Chyna." Well, he tries to say that. He stumbles a bit, and who knows if it'll be edited or not.

Chyna comes out to Triple H's music to boos. Hunter says, "Bask in your booing. It's a sign you've made it. This is your moment of glory." He then starts talking about their relationship, everything they've been through, such as when she made it to the Royal Rumble, he gave her a limo filled with flowers. And he talks about the time he gave her a big ring.

"Well, it goes both ways, Chyna. You give to me, and I give to you. I've never asked for anything. Until now. I'm asking you to give me the number one contender's spot. We'll have a little match right now."

Chyna replies, "Let me think about it," and pauses for a few seconds. After gauging the crowd's response, she says, "No."

This irritates Triple H. "I made you! I you know God damn well I can break you!" He goes on, "You bite the hand that feeds you? You screw me? To hell with that. You ungrateful bitch!"

The crowd is firmly behind Chyna as she says, "You don't have the balls to beat me!"

RAW MATCH #1: Road Dogg vs. Al Snow

Earlier today, on a local radio station, Road Dogg said this would be a Hardcore match. Well... it's not. It's standard Road Dogg affair, including his trademark Dancing Punches. However, his final punch nails the ref, and when he's gone, here comes the Big Bossman. As Al puts the Dogg in the Sharpshooter, the Bossman nails Al with the nightstick. Then Road Dogg tastes the stick as well. Road Dogg falls on Al Snow, the ref comes to, and counts to three.

WINNER: Road Dogg

During the break, Al leaves without Pepper, who was with the King. A ring girl had to get it.

Also, there were a few spots in this match that took a long time to set up, way too long, and it ruined the feel of the match.

In-Ring Interview with The Big Show, the Undertaker, and Paul Bearer. In a move I can't understand, 'Taker did not use his normal 'Taker voice. You could definitely hear a Southern drawl in his voice. Maybe it'll be dubbed over before Monday.

"Y'all need to sit down and shut up."


"Tonight there will be a tag match between the Acolytes and Kane. However, the winner of that match will face us at Summer Slam." He then goes on to tell this ludicrous story of how The Big Show survived two days in Death Valley eating snakes and carrying a Harley on his shoulder.

Then, suddenly, the "Countdown to the Millenium" graphic appeared, with ten seconds left. In the same way as last RAW, Jericho appeared.

"Welcome to RAW IS JERICHO!"

Big pop.

"For the past three minutes, you've been talking... and these people have been so bored the've drifted off into their own little world."

Big pop -- it was true.

"I have come to save this segment! You call yourselves the personification of evil -- the personification of boredome is more like it. Every week you cause people to change the channel looking for a hero!"

Slightly less of a pop, but still big.

"Chris Jericho has come to save the WWF!" Then his spiel about the WWF losing money, etc., drew smaller and smaller pops as time passed.

The segment ended with Undertaker saying, "I don't know who you are or who you think you are... but if you interrupt me again, it'll be your last time."

Cue Jericho pout.

Y2J rules.

RAW MATCH #2: Triple H vs. Chyna for the Number One Contender's Spot

Chyna starts the match strong with right hands and kicks Hunter into the corner. A suplex reversal turns into a strong DDT by Chyna. Chyna also chops HHH with the crowd doing the obligatory Ric Flair "Whooo!".

The match ends when HHH runs towards Chyna. She lowers her shoulder, flipping HHH out of the ring, when MANKIND runs out with a chair. Triple H takes a shot to the head, Mankind rolls him back in, and Chyna gets the pin!


Afterwards, Foley (to a huge pop, I might add) gets on the mic.

"I know there's been some vague sexual tension between us.... You keep wearing those little sexy outfits.... Now, if you have the testic -- " huge laugh -- " -- er, ovariological fortitude to give *me* a shot for the number one contender's spot..."

Chyna gives him a low blow. "In case you don't get it, that means no." She walks up the ramp -- when

HBK's music plays, and out comes Commissioner Shawn Michaels.

"Chyna, sweetie.... The last thing I want to do is piss you off. It seems that every man who does so gets his balls shoved so far up his throat that he starts to choke. However, ol' Mick has a special place in my heart." Large pop. "And the best thing about being commissioner is I don't have to make any sense in any decision I make. I could decide to head down to the local pub -- " pop "-- down a bottle of Jack Daniels -- " pop "-- and make shit up for my own personal amusement!" Pop. "Mick, you want, you shall receive. You, my little buttercup, will wrestle Mankind for the number one contender's spot." He then jump runs up the ramp, and everyone is cheering "Foley".

RAW MATCH #3: Test vs. Steve Blackman

Steve brings his bag o' tricks to the ring with him, of course.

In a horrible missed spot, Steve tries to suplex Test from the ring apron back into the ring, but Test lands halfway on the ropes. The second try, he almost doesn't get in again, but lands on his side. Horrible spot, which is followed by a very weak closeline.

In a nice spot, though, Test jumps from the top rope, Steve moves, but Test lands on his feet and quickly gives Steve a DDT.

Shane McMahon appears on the ramp, and the "Asshole" chant starts again. Shane distracts Test long enough for Steve to kick him in the throat. Shane brings in a Kendo stick, and the ref calls for the bell.

WINNER: Test via Disqualification

Blackman goes to town, Ken Shamrock runs in, takes down both Steve and Shane, Blackman recovers enough to give Ken several stiff stick shots to the body, and so does Shane.

During the break, Shamrock snaps, takes out both sets of steps, pounds on the announcers' table, and runs up the ramp.

RAW MATCH #4: X-Pac and Kane (with new merged entrance theme) vs the Acolytes

All four combatants don't wait for the bell, they all hook up, and action moves to the outside of the ring. During this match, The Big Show, the Undertaker, and Paul Bearer watch and wait.

Highlights include Kane readying Bradshaw for a chokeslam, Farooq making the save, and then a double clothesline on Kane. Another nice spot is Kane leaping from the top rope and landing a fist on one of the Acolytes. Farooq makes a nice power slam after throwing X-Pac into the ropes, but later X-Pac returns the favor with a spinning heel kick.

In the "X-Pac has to make a tag NOW" department, Kane cleans house nicely, X-Pac is able to give a Bronco Buster, and Kane chokeslams and pins Bradshaw.

WINNER: X-Pac and Kane

After the bell, the Acolytes recover and demolish the champs.

During the break, a large "Rocky" starts.

Hardcore Holly has the mic for the next segment. It was a bit on the "Huh?" side, but basically the WWF is now responsible for all of Holly's actions. He considers himself a super heavyweight, and he brought in another super heavyweight -- his cousin, Crash Holly. Crash, however, dismisses Holly inadvertantly, and the two go at each other, into the crowds, and out of camera range.

Gee. That was fun.

During the break, Gumby attacked and defeated Spider-Man in the stands.

Er, yeah.

HBK comes out to be a guest commentator.

RAW MATCH #5: Mankind vs. Chyna, for the Number One Contender's Slot

Mankind seems to initially not want to hit a lady, but Chyna's attacks soon allow him to overcome that. A nice headdrag toss by Chyna is followed by a low blow, and then a DDT gets her a two count.

HHH appears at the entrance way, but he is detained by Sgt. Slaughter and a bunch of refs. Chyna is so distracted that she walks into the MANDIBLE SOCKO and a pin!

WINNER: Mankind

HHH finally is let loose, and he attacks Mankind, causing Slaughter and six referees to try to contain the brawl.

Shane comes out ("Asshole" is heard again) talking about needing to solve another personal problem. "There is a conspiracy against Triple H! As owner of the WWF, I say that there will be a match of Mankind vs. Triple H. And I'll be the special referee!

HBK has something to say about that. "Hold on there, Boy Wonder.... As Commissioner, a person with as much stroke as you, I grant you this match. But it will be No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anwhere. And Shane, just so you don't get lonely, the Heartbreak Kid will be the second referee!"

During the break, Mankind limps out, possibly real, possibly a work. And another "Rocky" chant is heard. Surprisingly, there has been no "Austin" chant.

RAW MATCH #6: Val Venis and the Godfather with four hos vs. The Big Show and the Undertaker with Paul Bearer

Val Venis is out, and surprisingly, he does NOT make a bratwurst reference. "Hello, ladies! You know, the Big Valbowski and the new video game WWF Attitude have a lot in common. We are the hottest products on the market, and once you play with our joysticks, you'll never want to put us down. The only way we are different is that WWF Attitude must be removed from the box, while the Big Valbowski must be inserted into the box."

And of course, the Godfather comes out to boos but only until four hos make their presence known.

The Big Show and 'Taker come down with no incident.

It's the Undertaker with the early offense against Val, as X-Pac and Kane now are the watchers and waiters. The Big Show gets off a chokeslam on each of his opponents, and the Undertaker gets a tombstone on the Godfather to win.

WINNER: The Big Show and the Undertaker

Hardcore and Crash Holly have apparently made up and rush the ring... and get manhandled by the Evil Ones. The Acolytes rush the ring... and get manhandled by the same people. X-Pac and Kane do *not* rush the ring, but there is a long staredown that commences.

On the way back to the dressing room, The Big Show beats up one of the Hollys again. Not sure which one; they look alike.

Mr. Ass comes out for an interview segment. "There has been a great tragedy. My ass will never be the same again. I have had an allergic reactoin to that herbal ass treatment."

"Rocky!" chant starts.

"Now my ass is scarred. I am handicapped and imperfect. However, I will be at SummerSlam, and Rock -- your face will look worse than my ass."

"Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?"

The crowd pops HUGE -- loudest pop all night. And I'm enjoying it so much, my notes on his promo are sketchy at best. Here goes:

"Finally... the Rock has come back to Milwaukee!... There are two things you need to know. Number one. you're going to get a large case of diahrea, because you are just a bunch of chicken shit! Number two, you come out here to your song, 'Well, I'm an asshole.'"

The Rock then brings out the massager from last RAW, talking about how she massaged his ass with the People's Poison Ivy.

"Wait, before you go, tell me something darling. Do you like pancakes?"


"Where are you from?"


Boos from the Milwaukee crowd.

"Well, then, pancake your ass back to Chicago."

Huge pop.

He then describes what's going to happen at SummerSlam ("I'll walk down the People's Ramp"), makes fun of a camera man, then enters the ring -- and is ambushed by Mr. Ass, who finds a Kendo stick under the ring and gives the Rock solid shots to the body and the head.

Mr. Ass ends it this way: "If you smell... what Mr. Ass -- " sticks Rocky's head next to his posterior " -- is cooking."

During the break, the first Austin chant is heard.

There is a backstage Rock interview where the Rock finally gives his trademark phrase, not Mr. Ass's version.

Second Austin chant starts -- and finally, out comes the champ to ref. Then Shane comes out as the first referee, HBK as the second.

RAW MATCH #7: Mankind vs. Triple H for the Number One Contender's Slot

It's not just Mankind vs. Triple H, as Shane and HBK have words. This being a No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere match, the action moves outside the ring where HHH meets the steps, and Mankind chokes him with camera cable.

To the ramp we go, where Mankind reverses a Pedigree attempt into a near fall. HHH blocks a Mandible claw, and then Chyna comes out and forearms Mick into the ramp.

It's a brawl on the ramp, and Mick is thrown into the steps. HHH drags him into the ring, and works on the knee a lot, with a Figure Four for good measure.

After breaking it up, it's back into the crowd, into the ring posts, etc. HHH picks up a chair, it's taken by HBK. Shane and HBK argue while HHH DDTs Mankind. Both are out while the refs still argue. Mick pulls out the sock and it's Mandible Socko time! HHH gives him a back body drop to break it, and each of them lands on their backs, one arm of each draped over the other. Both refs make the three count. Shane says HHH won, but HBK says Mick one. Both hands are raised.

After a little confusion, it is announced that both have one, so therefore it will be a Triple Threat Match at Summerslam between Austin, Triple H, and Mankind.

Austin then takes out Shane, walks up the ramp, and gives a double bird to everyone but Mankind. Mankind eventually clears the ring of HHH and Chyna, and that is pretty much where it ends.

The crowd was PUMPED for this night. "Raucous" comes to mind. Except for some idiots who decided turning signs into paper airplanes was a good idea, it was a relatively problem free night.

Biggest Pops:

1) The Rock
2) Stone Cold Steve Austin
3) Mick Foley

The WWF is coming back to Milwaukee on March 21, 2000... which by my calculations should be a Smackdown taping. Can't wait.

Phil Zeman

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I bet a lot of those "Dark Matches" are for Shotgun - we'll see - CRZ



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