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/24 August 1999 taping
WWF TV Taping


Guest columnist: Wes Vansandt


Kemper Arena
Kansas City, MO

Here are the results from the Smackdown tapings:

First off, the new set looked awesome. There were ovals over the entranceway, and the TV screen was off to the side of the stage, also an oval. The was also an oval at the top of the ramp, which just had the Smackdown logo going around on it. They still have a ramp like the Raw set. The ropes for Smackdown are BLUE, not red. The fireworks at the begining were cool, they had a series of fireworks go around the lightstand above the ring. Then they had them go along a metal span back to a round lightstand above the entrance. Then there was and explosion. It was pretty cool.

Match 1:
Kurt Angle vs. California Kid
Decent opener, Angle wins with what appeared to be a pump-handle slam.

Match 2:
Matt Hardy w/ Jeff vs. Edge with Christian
Good match. Lots of exciting moves from both teams. Matt threw Edge out of the ring at one point and tried to splash him from the top rope, but missed and hit hard on the guardrail. Lots of double-teaming from the Hardyz, with Christian distracting the ref. Matt went to hit Edge by jumping over the top rope, but hit Jeff instead. Matt got back in the ring, and Edge hit the spear for the pin.

Match 3:
Hardcore Holly with Crash vs. D-Lo Brown
Hard Hitting match, D-lo hit the Sky-high and had Holly pinned, but Crash broke up the count for the DQ. After thye match, the Hollys fought through the crowd.

Match 4:
Mark Henry vs. Val Venis (Non-title)
Before the match, Henry interrupted Val, and Said that sexual chocolate is like M & M's, it melts in your mouth and not in your hand. Val said the Big Valbowski was like Pearl Harbor, and blindsided Henry. Nothing special in the match, Val won with the money shot.

Match 5:
Gangrel vs. Chaz w/ Marianna
Good match, back and forth. Chaz ended up getting whipped into Marianna, and Gangrel hit his Impaler DDT for the pin.

Now it was time for Smackdown to begin. The announcers are JR and The King. JR had a cast on his left arm.

The show started off with HHH and Chyna coming to the ring. HHH talked about he was the game and it was his time and how he beat Austin and Mankind. He made some remarks about The Rock, who came out. The Rock challenged HHH to a title match tonight. The Rock said that he was going to put Icy Hot on the belt, turn it sideways and stick it straight up his candy ass. HHH said Rock wasn't in his league. Rock slowly walked down the ring, telling us what he was going to do tonight, and took his shoe off, which also is going to be turned sideways and stuck up HHH's candy ass. HHH balked at the match, which brought out HBK. HBK confirmed the match for tonight, and appointed himself referee. Shane came out, and said he was going to be the second referee. HBK told him that tonight, Shane had a match, and that match was against Mankind. Mankind came out, and did a parody of the Rock's spiel, asking the dozens, and dozens of his fans to chant his name. Pretty entertaining opening to the show.

Smackdown Match 1:
Mr. Ass vs. Jeff Jarrett w/ Miss Kitty and Debra (Non-Title)
Nothing particularly special here. Debra tried unsuccessfully to distract Billy. Back and forth some, until Miss Kitty tried to get the guitar to Jarrett. Chyna came down, took the guitar from her, and hit Debra with it. A distracted Jarrett got hit by the famouser for the pin. After the match, Chyna hit a low blow on Billy and left. I don't think this was for the title, because Billy left without the belt.

Smackdown Match 2:
X-Pac/Kane vs. Acolytes vs. Undertaker/Big Show (Triple Threat for the tag team titles)
Undertaker wasn't a part of this match as he was at the annoncers' table announcing. Lots of brawling, Kane hit a big clothesline from the top rope on Big Show. Kane ended up outside the ring, fighting the Acolytes. Big Show hit the Chokeslam on X-Pac for the pin.

Boss Man came out and called out Al Snow. Boss Man wanted a title shot, and in return he would give Pepper back. Snow said he would do anything to get Pepper back, so he accepted. After a commercial we get

Smackdown Match 3:
Al Snow vs. Boss Man (Hardcore Title Match)
They fought in and out of the ring. They used a ladder, and Snow hit Boss Man with a cookie sheet. He went outside to get Pepper from The King, but Boss Man hit him with the Nightstick and got the pin to become The WWF Hardcore Champion. Boss Man grabbed Pepper and left quickly. Snow got up and chased him.

Smackdown Match 4:
Road Dogg vs. Jericho (WWF Television Debut)
Road Dogg came out and did his usual Sctick, but on his entrance video, there were clips of Jericho beating on the Road Dogg. Y2J Countdown, and Jericho came out. Solid match, Jericho was impressive. Jericho went under the ring and got a table. He set it up in the ring, but Road Dogg turned the tide. He hit his trademark moves, but Jericho soon came back. He did a powerbomb, held on, and turned the second powerbomb towards the table. This resulted in a DQ win for Road Dogg, but Jericho wasn't finished. He slapped on the liontamer, and even after the refs pulled him off, he went back and did it again.

After the commercial break, Jericho and Fink were in the back, watching the ring announcer stand in the ring and they were making fun of him. Jericho told Fink to go out there and show him who's boss. Fink came out to Warriors music, and shoved Tony, the ring announcer. The Fink celebrated, but Tony came back and proceeded to pummel Fink. This got a huge pop from the crowd. Jericho came down to help the Fink, but on the way up the ramp, Jericho bumped Shamrock, who was coming out for his match. Jericho sent the Fink to yell at Shamrock, and Jericho snuck around the ring and hit Shamrock with a chair. Jericho and the Fink left, with Shamrock chasing behind. Later on in the show, they showed Jericho and Fink leaving, but Jericho locked Fink out, for Shamrock to pummel.

Stephanie McMahon came out, and called for Test to come out. Test came out, and he proposed again. She said YES. Now Shane and the Posse came out. Test speared Rodney, but the others took over. Out comes Mankind, who walloped all three Posse members. Shane is leaving, but Mankind says it's time for their match. Shane doesn't think so, but Mankind lays the chair down for Shane and says he can have one shot.

Smackdown Match 5:
With Mankind's back turned, Shane hit him. Foley was down for a little while, but when Shane celebrated, Foley came back. The Posse was slowly coming around, but so was Test. He put a hurt to all three, and Stephanie jumped on Joey Abs' back and choked at him. Brisco and Patterson came down, and Test and Stephanie left through the crowd. The match was all Mankind. He put Socko on Shane, but then HHH and Chyna came down, and HHH hit Mankind with the chair. Shane got the pin.

Smackdown Match 6:
Tori vs. Ivory (Non-title Evening Gown Match)
Before the commercial, we saw Tori take off her dress backstage, wearing only a thong. She was going to come out in just a thong, but backstage officials didn't let her (BOO) and one of them gave her his shirt. The match was short, and it was all Tori. She quickly ripped off Ivory's dress, and was punching away at her after the match. Luna came down and held Tori back while Ivory quickly got out of Dodge.

They showed an interview with Stone Cold done by Michael Cole. Couldn't understand what he said.

Throughout the show, they showed clips of the Blue Meanie's "Blond Bitch" Project. The last clip came before the main event. Like the Suatin Interview, hard to understand.

Right before the intros for the main event, Test and Stephanie were shown leaving the arena, and Dave Hebner and two others were congratulating them.

Smackdown Main Event:
HHH w/ Chyna vs. The Rock (WWF Title Match, Shawn Michaels Referee)
Both men tried their finishers early, and both failed. They fought outside the ring on the announcers table. Chyna low-blowed The Rock, and Michaels threw Chyna out. While he was doing this, The Rock laid HHH out and had him pinned while Michaels talked with Chyna. He only got a one count. At this point Shane came out, and stood around ringside the rest of the match. While Shane had Shawn distacted, Rock got the pin again, but Michaels only got a one count. HHH got in some offense here and there, but the Rock dominated and got the Rock Bottom. He set up for the people's elbow, went off the ropes twice, but then Shawn hit him with Sweet Chin Music. HHH recovered and got the pedigree for the win. Chyna came down, and her, Shane, Shawn, and HHH celebrated as the Rock lay in the ring. This is where Smackdown went off the air.

The Rock slowly recovered, and then HHH came back to fight some more. The Rock hit the Rock Bottom, followed by the people's elbow. Shane came back, and he followed in the Rock Bottom. HHH got up, Rock Bottom. He landed on Shane, and the Rock got a Double People's Elbow in. He left, and Shane got up and said HHH was still the champ. They left. The Rock came back, and sang us "Smackdown Hotel" That was the show.

Biggest Pops:
1. The Rock (He is Amazing)
2. Test and Stephanie
3. HBK (Pre-main)

Biggest Heat:
1. Shane
2. HHH and Chyna
3. HBK (After Main)
4. Jericho

Wes Vansandt

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