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by: Steven Salami


Albany, NY

i thought it was a fun show. rock/mankind lost the tag belts to show/undertaker in a burie alive match. both show and mankind kept getting tossed into the pit. but it was mankind who eventually lost. as Show was buriying him, HHH came out and hit Show in the head with a shovel, knocking him out. HHH started burying mankind. an ambulance pulled up to take mankind away. HHH went to open the back doors of the ambulance and Stone Cold came out with the doublemiddlefingers. he beat HHH up and thre him in the ambulance. drove it outside in back of the arena and parked it along a dumptser, got in a tractor trailer rig(without the trailor part) and proceeded to drive into and smash the ambulance. stone cold came back in the arena to the ring, shane came out and stone cold stunned shane 3 times, drank like 12 beers and the crowd roared. nice ending to a good, funny show.

jeff jarrett again came out and said women should not wrestle men. The great Mula was in the crowd and he invited her in the ring and asked her her thoughts. she said she couldve kicked any man's ass. when she turned her back, he smashed her over the head with the guitar and then put her friend in a figure four. both ladies were like 60-70 years old. it was hilarious.

Y2J was hilarious too.

Steve Salami

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I'm gonna guess he means Fabulous Moolah - I can't WAIT to see THAT! - CRZ



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