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by: Mr. T


Reunion Arena
Dallas, TX

When I got there, they were showing what I believe was the Heat "Flashback" thing that has been so hot: this week, it was VKM vs SCSA in the steel cage at the February PPV (Massacre). Then they showed a video of Austin destroying various things including the famous Vette concrete spot and the recent HHH ambulance mashing.

Heat???Dark Match -- Matt Hardy w/Jeff Hardy def. Kurt Angle
Not much to speak of here, it was a pretty good match, but bland. Funny Spot: A trend: When the wrestlers blew a big spot, they would try it again, and Angle blew the match ending bump into Jeff, hitting him too low. Good improvision as Angle got a rollup, and then, they REPEATED the spot seconds later, and Angle got it right the second time.

Heat/Dark Match -- ??? vs ???
Sorry, have no idea who those two were. The funny spot in this segment was actually before the match, as Scab Ref Tom Pitchard came out and the place goes nuts ....booing him like crazy. He actually goes to the back and gets another referee.

Heat Match -- Stevie Richards def. Chaz with the StevieKick
Angle Match of the evening. Chaz did good for himself, controlling until Prince Albert and Droz came out, berating him for beating up Marianna. The "distraction" allowed Stevie to set up and hit the kick for the pin. After the match, Chaz gets the triple beatdown. Stevie Richards was dressed like a Posse Member, which lead to the next part of this segment -- the Posse comes out .....they appear to like Stevies choice of clothes ...and they're gonna do the Posse Salute ...but nope, the Posse beats him down, and rips off his Posse-esque shirt.

Smackdown Taping -- Dallas TX 9.21.99 at Reunion Arena
or: Dust off the gimmicks closet, let's see how many we can use in one Smackdown taping!

Interview - Vince McMahon
He calls out HHH almost immediately. The order of the evening is that Vince isn't gonna wait till Sunday, HHH gets to wrestle five matches tonight -- Brahma Bull Strap Match with the Rock, Casket Match with the Undertaker, a Boiler Room Brawl with Mankind, a "Chokeslam" Challenge with the Big Slow, and he's gonna burn in hell ...yep, an Infernal, Inferno Match with Kane. How bout we have one of the matches right now? Oh, he's gotta win 3 of 5 to keep his Six Pack spot on Sunday.

"Chokeslam Challenge" Match - Big Show vs HHH
The heel Big Show gets a BIG face pop here. Slow controls early, and then HHH gets him down and ...mainly kicks him. Knee-to-the-face connects, HHH attempts a chokeslam ...ha ha ha. BS's first try at it is aborted by a low kick, a little more HHH offense, but BS comes back, and hits that chokeslam. HHH is 0 for 1.

Euro Title Match -- Xpac def. Mark Henry via Countout.
Nothing remarkable to speak of here. Dlo does guest commentary, but is not a factor in the match itself. Xpac gets the face treatment here, and even a little offense.
Funny Flub(tm Mr. T): Xpac tries to hit a spinning heel kick to knock Henry to the outside, but it misses, and Henry falls THRU the ropes. The ref counts to seven, Henry gets back in, they REPEAT the spot and Xpac ALMOST hits it ..Henry's oversell is enough to MAYBE make try two believable, but not from MY seat. Anyway, the ref FINISHES counting him out (8, 9, 10) even though he got back in the ring. ??????? Too short, and the hokey ending sequence (which will probably be edited) totally exposed the business. After the match, Henry and DLo brawled for a minute, until Henry tosses him into a ringpost and walks.

Interview: Jeff Jarrett w/Miss Kitty

Women are the weaker, same o same o. He's gonna bitchslap Chyna around, the puppies are at home where they belong. Jarrett (from what I could see) was advised against the use of profanity by ....a audio adviser? Sound monitor ? (a female, what a concidence.) Jarrett gets mad, scatters the lady's papers in the ring, and told her to do a woman's job, and pick up all that crap. Of course, as soon as she starts picking it up, he slaps on the Figure Four. Chyna w/ the save (using the SAME frying pan she was humilated with on Monday), then puts the frying pan in one hand, the soup ladle in the other, the apron on him, and takes off his pants (!!!) and puts them on! She comments on who will be wearing the pants at the PPV, and who will be wearing the IC Title.

Video of Kane walking

Inferno Match: HHH def Kane

HHH is wearing his ring attire (tights, pads, and boots). This match was lacking, for the simple fact that anyone with two brains cells could figure out that HHH was NOT gonna be set on fire.

Angle Time: UT and the Fuglys (Midian & Viscera) appear with a brutally beaten Xpac. Kane to the outside. A brawl with the Fuglys ensues.

Funny Flub: Kane gets knocked onto the Inferno thing, with his hand on there. He lifts his glove covered hand away -- AND IT DIDN'T CATCH ON FIRE! He had to quickly put his hand down a second time and HOLD IT THERE for it to actually catch on fire. Kane takes off up the ramp, and they extinguish him as he makes the save. HHH is 1 for 2.

After the break:

Kane, in a locker room, is very mad (As evidenced by his mistreatment of anything he can pick up and throw.) Xpac is still playing dead and bladed (!) for the attack.

UT Segment -- UT and the Fuglys gloat over getting to Kane. Broken Toothpick =3D Xpac. Don't cross the Taker, man. UT's leaving now that he's had his fun. Lillian Garcia SO helpfully reminds him that he has a casket match with HHH. UT says no way, nobody orders him to fight when he don't wanna. Vince (guess he was walking by) threatens to remove him from the Six Pack match if he refuses to participate. UT says he may not be participating in a lot of things then, and walks away.

Interview -- The Rock

"Finally, the Rock has come back to Dallas.!" He trashes HHH for a while, then locals suckup time. Brett Hull and Mike Montross of the Dallas Stars are here! He asks of Brett a big favor ...can the Rock borrow the Stanley Cup during his Brahma Bull Strap Match to anally entrude HHH? He'll even shine it first! Bigtime pop ...biggest face pop of the night for that one, and it was AWESOME!

Mankind is kind enough to join us, making this a tag team champions interview. He disagrees with Rock on only one thing ...he thinks the fans would rather see a Boiler Room brawl with HHH.


He's back, it's he, the D O G G. Apparently, Mankind and the Rock have the tag team titles belts. The Road Dogg has reservations at the Smackdown Hotel, also. But he hates to sleep alone, and so ...down comes Billy Gunn! The New Age Outlaws are reunited, I guess! Mankind accepts the challenge, and it's on....

The New Age Outlaws def. Rock & Mankind to become the new WWF Tag Team Champions. Good fast paced match, which sees Road Dogg play Ricky Morton for a spell (working in his shake and bake punch sequence) and after the hot tag B.A. hit the Famous Anus on Mick to score the gold. Afterwards, it's the return of the TAAAG TEAM CHAMPIONSOFTHEWORLD!

Vince schemeth with Mideon y Viscera ...we're STILL gonna have a casket match.

Handicap Casket Match: Mideon & Viscera def. HHH

HHH works them over after a Viscera splash misfires and hits Midian. Pedigree for the both of them, and then HHH rolls Midian into the casket. The bell rings, but .....Shane appears, and clarifies for HHH's benefit that in a handicap match, the handicapee must get BOTH of his opponents in the casket AT THE SAME TIME. Uh huh. the match restarts, and the doubleteam eventually leads to three (!!) Viscera splashes and casketing of HHH.

First Blood Match -- Shamrock/Jericho grahpic appears.

Lights go out, and we watch the Boiler Room Brawl on the monitors. Long story short: Mick puts the Socko Claw on HHH ....but instead of LEAVING now, he's gotta splash him from up high. Mick falls a FEW feet short (??) taking a wicked bump thru a stack of tables and HHH crawls out.

Ah, the replay zooms in to show A MYSTERIOUS HAND, (Chyna?) tripping Mick in the background. HHH is 2 for 4 here. He's STILL gotta beat the Rock in the strap Match!

Speaking of World Title People (Mr. Seque), Bulldog asks for (and gets) UT's spot in the six way. He's so thankful to VInce, he's gonna referee the main event (Rock vs HHH, BB Strap) as a favor to Vince! Yay.....

Hardcore Holly (w/ Crash & Scale Holly :-) ) def. Al Snow.

Al Snow is called out by HH. Fairly decent match, even both ways on offense. Crash and a cookie sheet get involved, spelling JOB for Snow. Afterwards, Bossman runs out and force feeds Snow some Alpo.

Shamrock's walking.

Y2J Countdown! Explosion - Pyro, and Jericho is wearing a Sabre's jersey (and a goaltenders mask w/glass faceguard.) Huge heel pop there ... Funny Flub: and suddenly a guy with a headset stops Y2J. He goes BACK to the back (insert 10 minute wait here), and Shammy comes out finally. After all that, Y2J comes BACK out, without the explosion, and to half the reaction of the first time ...DOH!

Anyway, Jericho def. Shamrock in a First Blood Match

Jericho attempts to attack with a hockey stick to start, but no luck. Psychology here (get that DAMN faceguard off, since Jericho SMARTLY covered the rest of his skin with hockey attire) is the theme, and Shammy finally DOES get the helmet off. Cue Curtis Hughes attack. Shammy fends him off, then takes a bunch of hockey stick shots to the stomach. A Hughes-assisted top rope splash causes Shammy to spit up blood, and lose.

Heat match: The Hardys & The Hollys to a Double Count Out.

No idea why they chose to change the banners and tape this match right before the main event.This would turn out to be the best match of the night, wrestling wise The Holly's even take it to the air a few times. Crash and Jeff get into a fight on the outside, and soon the legal men follow them there, to get a DCOR. The Holly's have their usual brawl for laughs afterward.

HHH, Rock ....Walking......

Brahma Bull Strap Match -- HHH def. the Rock

The Bulldog was the guest referee here, and he would turn on the Rock right after a rock bottom. Bulldog heel turn..? Powerslam, Pedigree, Pin. HHH & BB gloat as they walk out ...Rock is still in the ring.

I think this is where it went off the air, as we see Dok & Cole run to the back.

Bullgod and HHH return to beatdown Rock some more, and Mankind makes the save.

The only way the Rock will sing the "Smackdown Hotel" is if Dallas Stars Brett Hull and Mike Montross will join them in the ring! They do, and the Rock & Mankind interviewing made for a hilarious segment, 20 minutes AFTER the show. My favorite part: Rock is fixing to do his "Lalala ..What the Rock" line, and he catches somebody handing Mankind a mic:

Rock: WAIT A MINUTE! Did you just hand Mick Foley a mic?

Rock: Did you just hand Mick Foley a mic? Hah, the bad part is the sumbitch don't work! (laughter, Rock takes it from Mankind)

Rock: Well, guess I could take it ....shine it up real good ....

(Mankind takes the mic, and...)

Mankind: Rock, it does work...I didn't want you to embarass me in front of Dallas!

Rock: Mick, I was talking about sticking it up HIS candyass (pointing at the guy that handed the mic to Mick!)

Later Later.

Mr. T
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