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by: Patrick McNeill


MCI Center
Washington, DC

A Slash Wrestling Exclusive.

Kids in the front passing out flyers for local indy shows. Which reminds me...KYDA Pro Wrestling Saturday night in Manassas, Virginia! ECW's Steve Corino is your headliner! Go to and they'll tell ya all 'bout it.


To save time, you can add the phrase "in a short match" at the end of every sentence until further notice.

The Fink came out and we enjoyed some wonderful dark matches:

Steve Bradley pinned (Silver Spring, Maryland native and former CPW wrestler) Julio Fantastico

Kurt Angle pinned Taka Michinoku with some sort of judo throw suplex

WWF Light Heavyweight Champion GILLBERG (from nearby Baltimore) pinned "Wiseguy" Jimmy Cicero (another former CPW wrestler) when Cicero got a little cocky and fell prey to the spear and the jackhammer.

The crowd was not into this at all, as it inolved, you know, actual wrestling.

The Fink announces that it's time for the WWF Metal/Jakked taping. Michael Cole & Michael Hayes pop out from the back. Lillian Garcia replaces Howard on the stick. ("Stick" means microphone. You're a bunch of sick people!)

British Bulldog defends his European Title against the Godfather and several ho's. New music mix and video for the Godfather! Same old Davey Boy match ending when the nasty old Mean Street Posse distracts Godfather and ref Timmy White so that Bulldog can nail him with the Euro belt for the pin.

LETHAL...WEAPON...STEVE...BLACKMAN forced Sean Stasiak to submit with an armbreaker. Am I the only one who likes Blackman's theme music?

Some college kids in the crowd try to persuade Lillian to favor them with a crotch chop. Yeah, she did it.

The Acolytes (w/ new music & video) face Viscera & Mideon (w/ new video) in tag team action. Great, NOW we get the long match. Viscera, who appears to be wearing a giant Hefty bag, misses the fat-ass splash. Faarroooqq sends him out through the ropes, Bradshaw hits Mideon with the clothesline of extreme humidity, and that double team powerbomb finishes it in about seven and a half minutes.

D-Lo Brown (and his band of renown) versus Sho Funaki. Damn. D-Lo is just crazy over here in the District. Funaki actually gets some offense before missing a splash in the corner and getting hit with the running powerbomb and frog splash. Now we go to RAW.

BTW, I don't know if it came out on TV, but there were four guys in the front with signs that spelled out R-O-C-K. When Lillian did her first match intro on RAW, they flipped their signs around to form a nasty four letter word, beginning with C, which apparently expressed their feelings for Ms. Lillian.

During RAW

Nothing you didn't see on TV.

After Raw goes off the air

Hunter stomps Shane-O-Mac out of the ring. The Stooges come out and collect Vinnie and Shane. And then...the sound of breaking glass.

Austin comes out. Clothesline. Duck under. Kick to the gut. Stunner on Helmsley. Drink a beer or two.

Eventually, Hunter gets to his feet. Austin offers him a beer. Hunter doesn't trust Austin, but is persuaded to stay at a distance and share a cold one with Austin.

Austin calls for the cooler guy to toss him some fresh beers. Austin catches his. Hunter drops his. The crowd laughs. Hunter calls for another one and drops it. Finally, Hunter just opens one of the ones laying around. Austin and Hunter shake hands, drink a toast to the crowd, and then Austin stuns Hunter again.

More beers. Celebration all around. Austin heads for the back, turns around one final time, and sees Hunter shooting him the bird from the canvas. Austin runs back. Stunner. Another stunner. More beers. Goodnight, everybody.

Pat McNeill
Webmaster-CPW Online
"The legends of yesterday, The champions of today, the stars of tomorrow."

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